Generic Certificate Request

Use these detailed illustrated instructions to upgrade your TQSL software and request a new certificate.  The instructions are very detailed however the process is very quick and simple.  We have provided a lot of detail to avoid confusion or guess work.
•    You may want to print the instructions and review the them before you begin. 
•    You may find it easier to check off each step as you complete it.
•    You will not be asked to perform surgery in your computer.
•    You will use your mouse to click on selections.
•    You will only be asked to enter basic information such as your name, address and call sign.  (Private key passwords are not recommended.)
•    You will not have to search for files.  TQSL 2.0 will upload these for you.
•    Postcards for US stations or license documents for DX stations are not required if you are an existing LoTW user.
•    Your new certificate request will be processed the same business day or the next business day if this was done on a weekend or holiday.

Download Instructions here.