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FM and Digital repeaters

This forum area is for discussion and Q&A related to the use of FM and digital repeaters within Amateur Radio. Discussion about other digital operation of VHF weak-signal operation will be moved to the appropriate discussion area by the moderator.

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Open Durability of Handheld antenna SMA sockets 2E0ECN Sep 29th 2015, 11:25 3 4,397 on 29/9/15
by 2E0ECN
Open HTs with direct frequency entry KD2ADL Sep 2nd 2013, 17:28 3 4,525 on 21/1/15
by KC6N
Open Cell Phone Site and Repeater Site K7IHI Jun 25th 2016, 04:06 4 4,553 on 30/4/18
Open TP Link and SharkRF Openspot AF5SX Oct 30th 2017, 13:38 2 4,664 on 7/2/18
by 0001490519H80
Open Can I work wires-x with an analog vx-6r HT? 0001490519H80 May 18th 2017, 12:59 3 5,240 on 29/7/18
Open Repeater Link via ROIP over HSMM-Mesh WB0GXD Feb 7th 2015, 20:24 2 5,259 on 14/9/15
Open What is a DMR bridge? 0001490519H80 Oct 14th 2016, 21:48 4 5,901 on 14/5/17
by N2ICV
Open access codes WD1H Feb 7th 2016, 17:02 3 9,179 on 13/2/16
by WD1H
Open Yaesu's new digital hand held 0001567416H80 Oct 27th 2012, 07:07 9 13,159 on 16/11/15
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