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Open Using TH-D72A software on a Mac Software in Amateur Radio N6XVT Oct 17th, 13:30 4 192 on 21/10/17
by N6XVT
Open Ooops I used the wrong year HF Contesting N7YQ Nov 5th, 20:38 2 194 on 8/11/17
by AI4BJ
Open Two-tone Transmit IMD Test Procedure Equipment Testing and QST Product Review N7WS Oct 21st, 17:56 2 196 on 23/10/17
by W1VT
Open i want to learn c w CW operating and technical techniques KD4KPR Oct 30th, 19:19 3 197 on 31/10/17
Open BiCone Antenna Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners WB2LYL Nov 3rd, 09:27 6 198 on 5/11/17
by W1VT
Open IP TV Set Top Box RFI - Discussion and Q&A K6IUZ Oct 23rd, 12:14 3 201 on 23/10/17
by K6IUZ
Open Mobile whip used as base station antenna Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners K8OUA Oct 17th, 01:49 1 206 on 17/10/17
by K8OUA
Open AM broadcast on 80 meters? RFI - Discussion and Q&A KO0Y Oct 12th, 09:18 2 209 on 12/10/17
by W1VT
Open Output power General Technical Q & A SM5KI Oct 18th, 04:41 2 216 on 18/10/17
by W1VT
Open How do I get my md-2017 dmr to do APRS? Digital modes and operation KJ6BQM Oct 17th, 16:49 3 218 on 17/10/17
Open Field Grounding Beginner's Corner Darin Oct 19th, 18:07 3 224 on 23/10/17
by W1VT
Open How I got my dmr MD-2017 to do APRS Digital modes and operation KJ6BQM Oct 20th, 04:19 1 231 on 20/10/17
Open How to ground a Mac General Technical Q & A KY1RK Sep 29th, 17:47 2 235 on 29/9/17
by W1VT
Open Gain of a Quarter Wave Ground Plane Antenna? Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners WA6EJO Oct 9th, 10:39 2 237 on 11/10/17
by W1VT
Open Repeater Question Welcome to the ARRL Forums Scott860 Oct 8th, 11:34 2 244 on 8/10/17
Open New to Ham Radio FM and Digital repeaters WoodguyCO Oct 14th, 16:50 3 247 on 17/10/17
by AI4BJ
Open ARES weekend General discussion about technology and policy KD7PJD Oct 1st, 14:16 3 250 on 4/10/17
Open HT Antenna Reviews/Comparison Equipment Testing and QST Product Review KM6AVH Oct 28th, 19:31 2 255 on 29/10/17
by W1VT
Open TP Link and SharkRF Openspot FM and Digital repeaters AF5SX Oct 30th, 13:38 1 260 on 30/10/17
by AF5SX
Open Copperweld antenna wire General Technical Q & A tallroger Sep 22nd, 14:27 3 266 on 24/9/17
by tallroger

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