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Open Electrical Quarter and Half Wave coax length? Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners AC7LX Jul 26th, 17:11 6 645 on 29/7/19
by W1VT
Open What to do with an old CB Rig? AM operating and techniques WB5EMX Jul 27th, 17:05 1 734 on 27/7/19
Open $300 HackRF dongle vs. $41 Ham it up? Software Defined Radio and DSP KJ6BQM Aug 4th 2017, 13:25 4 4,061 on 26/7/19
Open Buoy components Exploration of Wireless Technologies KE0SGU Jul 24th, 13:55 1 636 on 24/7/19
Open BackPack frame mounted 2m/70cm antenna question Construction and homebrewing KN6CSQ Jul 21st, 12:35 2 614 on 22/7/19
by W1VT
Open Restoring Henry Radio 2k2 amp Vintage Gear - Restoring and Operating KE6SUT Jul 22nd, 11:34 1 581 on 22/7/19
Open A strain-based antenna paves the way for portable long-range transmitters Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners W0UHU Jul 20th, 19:52 1 570 on 20/7/19
by W0UHU
Open No RTTY modulation with fldigi General Technical Q & A K6MUG Jul 18th, 18:41 2 581 on 18/7/19
by W1VT
Open TLW Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners W0QQG May 14th 2014, 22:30 9 4,862 on 18/7/19
by W1VT
Open duplex vs diplex Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners KM4EON Jul 17th, 06:06 3 593 on 17/7/19
Open Is there a list of who got the first VUCC on each bnand? VUCC WA3MEJ Jul 10th, 11:31 6 779 on 10/7/19
by W1VT
Open License Privilege Question General Technical Q & A n8pu Jul 8th, 16:29 2 699 on 10/7/19
by W1VT
Open FT8 issues Digital modes and operation N1IPU Jul 2nd, 08:47 5 769 on 2/7/19
by W1VT
Open Which Forum for discussing ARRL policy? General discussion about technology and policy W5INC Aug 4th 2018, 16:05 4 1,830 on 1/7/19
Open DMR ID Registration Digital modes and operation palzetta Jun 24th, 15:03 2 781 on 30/6/19
by N9KFW
Open Allowing eQSL in ARRL Awards DXCC k4srq Jun 6th, 01:47 2 874 on 27/6/19
Open Do the Section Managers of ARRL Have a Code of Ethics Welcome to the ARRL Forums AA4EZ Feb 27th, 00:15 4 1,262 on 27/6/19
Open Baluns, ununs and transformers Beginner's Corner KE8MDJ Jun 22nd, 21:16 2 743 on 24/6/19
by W1VT
Open How close is too close? Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners WA6FYV Jun 22nd, 08:26 1 836 on 22/6/19
Open My Inverted V's PLASTIC COATING has all peeled off. Is this a problem? General Technical Q & A K6PAA Jun 19th, 12:23 4 730 on 21/6/19
by K6PAA

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