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Tuska 224

Apr 30th 2014, 18:07


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I have recently acquired a Tuska 224 receiving radio, which may or may not work. Can anyone supply me with a schematic for this radio? Does anyone have any experience using this radio, what bands it receives.
May 1st 2014, 14:34


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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This is a single tube, AM Broadcast Band Receiver. You will need a six volt battery (or 6 V dc power supply) and 22 to 27 V dc to power the plate. The 9 volt batteries in series works good for that.

You will also need high impedance headphones (2K-3K Ohms), a good antenna and an good ground to make it work.

It uses a four pin 200 type tube, though a 201 type tube can also be used.

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