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Jul 9th 2021, 12:55


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I have purchased the 8 element Hex beam antenna
I am having difficulty tuning 30m and 40m on this 8 band antenna
MFJ admitted finally, that they sent the elements out intentionally long.
My original mindset was that the wires would be right on frequency when I assembled out of the box.
That said, I found a document that told me that the 30 M element was 52 ft long (26ft x 2)
My calculations indicate that 10.100 MHZ should be 23 ft 2.75 in and the upper end of the band 10.150 mhz should be 23 ft 1.34 inches vs the 26 feet that I currently have.
My thought is to cut the wires to the longest resonant length, and go with that.
I should mention that I used a comet antenna analyzer and even though I folded 27 inches of wire back on each side, the antenna remained resonant at 9.700mhz and did not change,

Can I follow the same advise for 40 M?
that band is different, the lowest SWR is 2.0 at 7.1 MHZ. I am thinking I need to make that band longer???
This is my last ditch effort to tune this thing, I am in hopes that I can get some guidance before I decide to cut it up into tiny pieces. Thanks
Larry KC4JPD

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