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No rules when contesting???????? w3jkc on 10/2/12
I participate with many of the different 'camps' on HF: worked-all-states type nets, DX, contesting, etc. and what I find funny is that during a contest, when it's possible to work all states in a single day or night, there will be a small group on the net frequency struggling to make a few contacts all the while having to defend the frequency from the many who do ask "is the frequency in use?" Why not spin the dial and give out a few Qs in the contest?

There are of course some that don’t ask and times when the person calling CQ test can’t be heard but those working them can but I’ve worked stations that were only 500 hertz apart during (SSB) contests, it isn’t armchair copy but with practice it isn’t hard. As for the old timers who run power and camp on the same frequency every night, who am I to judge how much power they need to hear each other? When you get older your hearing fades fast and even 30 over is sometimes barely over the noise on 75 meters.

Finally, during contests we actually use our bands and they are empty too often. The park analogy fits, if the park doesn’t get used it will soon be made into something else that does.

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