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Ham Radio's High Horse ralphm on 23/6/17
Just as every CQ deserves an answer, every post deserves at least one comment - either in support, or in opposition. This reply narrowly addresses your last two paragraphs. I agree that last decade - or even older - amateur technology won't save the world, but we should not surrender so easily. The public service and emergency aspect of our unique and privileged hobby is worth saving. In light of the current FirstNet initiative, we have our job cut out for us. We have to find our singularity that earns us a chair in the EMCOMM bunker. I may even have to stop saying "A radio, an automotive battery, and a piece of wire - and we are in business." We need to honestly assess what we are - and that starts with assessing what we are not. If we do not find ourselves still at the table when the dust settles on FirstNet, we may indeed be relegated to "just a hobby". And, guess what - hobbies don't get the measure of regulatory protection and privilege we have enjoyed all these year.

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