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Finally a member K8CPA on 30/12/12
Thanks for the welcome, guys.

My problem is the other way around. My LoTW id is my call sign, my ARRL id is not. I would like to change my ARRL ID to my call sign to make them the same.

Finally a member K8CPA on 28/12/12
I'm finally a member too. Well, I'm really a member again. I was originally licensed back in '65 and was a member for 10 years or more then I dropped out of the hobby. I got back on the air about two years ago and finaly got around to joined ARRL once again.

I hava a question regarding my logon. I have a logon for LoTW and a different logon id for this site. Is it possible to merge the two, so that I have only a single logon ID for all of ARRL?

Bill - NG2D

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