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Tektronix 2711 spectrum analyzer Feb 21st 2016, 22:54 1 564 on 21/2/16
ABRACON crystal oscillator Oct 30th 2015, 22:36 2 700 on 31/10/15
Tuska 224 Apr 30th 2014, 18:07 2 1,604 on 1/5/14

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Tektronix 2711 spectrum analyzer KW4YW on 21/2/16
I am looking for Option 02 (counter) and Option 04 (tracking generator) for this unit. I appreciate any help or suggestions on locating them.

ABRACON crystal oscillator KW4YW on 30/10/15
I was given two crystal oscillators and I need info on them. The package is marked ABRACON/22.000MHz-C/ACH/ K9606. Can anyone direct me to a datasheet for this item.
Tuska 224 KW4YW on 30/4/14
I have recently acquired a Tuska 224 receiving radio, which may or may not work. Can anyone supply me with a schematic for this radio? Does anyone have any experience using this radio, what bands it receives.

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