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ARRL EFHW Kit build issues Jun 14th 2022, 14:12 2 3,489 on 15/6/22

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ARRL EFHW Kit build issues MMcFarlen on 14/6/22
I'm new to Ham Radio.

I purchased the ARRL EFHW antenna kit and assembled it but am having issues.

It's mounted to the corner of my house at about seventeen and a half feet in height and runs out in the yard to a twenty foot flag pole.

This is my first build and I followed the directions as well as I could but am not saying I did it right.

Receive is good. I have heard the west coast as well as Germany.

I have not been able to contact anyone as of yet. My radio is a IC 7300. When I run an SWR check it comes back high on any frequency I try. It's reading at least 3 everywhere I check.

Please make your answers as simple as you can. I'm not an engineer but do have some knowledge in radio.

The only test equipment I have is a multimeter. I confirmed continuity to all points I could but can't check resistance.

Here are my questions:

1. At the house, it is hanging from the siding using an eye bolt. Could this be a connection that is allowing the siding to become a part of the antenna?

2. Is there something I can use the multimeter for to check resistance or continuity to see if I can identify the problem?

3. Any other suggestions to help find the issue?

Thanks in advance.

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