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rf filters from RadioShack any good? Apr 25th 2012, 14:43 2 1,798 on 26/4/12
wanna get a beam antenna for hf work Dec 24th 2011, 17:30 3 1,520 on 3/1/12

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rf filters from RadioShack any good? k7gav on 25/4/12
hi guy's. morning everyone i have a question about rf filters from RadioShack selling price is 8.99 i'm not getting into other residents tv sets. Should i buy these filters to prevent rf scatter from my ts2000. hf rig there are three floors full of residents hear where i live no one is complaining at all when i use 10 meters ssb should i talk with W7RVC about it to see what he has to say. I want to prevent rf scatter just thought i would ask you guy's this question please pm me if you think i'am right 73 de K7GAV
wanna get a beam antenna for hf work k7gav on 25/12/11
update message

I decided to purchase a Yagi 4 element beam antenna that will cover 20,17,15,10 meters i mainly use 10 right now i wanna get out farther i do not use those other hf bands cuz i'm still a tech class all i'm doing is swapping out my r8 hf vertical and put a Yagi beam antenna in its place Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all 73 Greg
wanna get a beam antenna for hf work k7gav on 24/12/11
hi guy's i need some shopping advice for a 3 element beam antenna
i have a kenwood ts2000 would like to purchase a beam antenna system for hf work on 10 meters replacing my r8 hf cushcraft vertical to get out farther then the us state oh i can get out but would love contacting other countrys on 10 i live next door to Swedish hospital do you think they would mind me replacing my r8 with a low power beam only using 100 watts to transmit now will that be okay to use with a beam antenna system 73 Greg
TS-2000 and DP9 or USB computer hook up WB7UZO on 24/12/11
VAN, Hello i can help you with your problem i to have a new pc with USB only if you goto to this site called http:\\ they have what your looking for the right cat interface called USB63B it is USB serial port converter that will windows 7 will love it is for the kenwood ts-2000 also get a usb hub called belkin 4 port allowing more usb devices to be connected to windows 7 after u get the cat interface must install drivers from the cd-rom that comes with it first then attach usb cable computer after drivers are loaded it has a usb plug in on one side for computer and a db9 female connector for the kenwood ts2000 73 Greg

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