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Logs Received

The following is the list of Logs Received for the 2009 ARRL 160 Meter Contest.

This list includes all receipted electronic submissions and is automatically updated several times during the day. It is not "instantaneous" so it may be several hours before the list is next updated.

If you submitted your entry electronically and do not find your log listed, first please check to see that you received back a numbered receipt from the ARRL Contest Robot. If you have a numbered receipt and your log does not appear within several hours, please contact with your receipt number and they will look into the matter during regular ARRL business hours.

If you received a message with a subject line beginning "UNABLE TO PROCESS LOG SUBMISSION" there was a problem with your entry. Please refer to the text of that email and correct the problems found by the robot. Until you receive a numbered receipt, you do not have an entry in the contest log queue.

Please check your information carefully after it is posted on the Logs Received list. If you have received a numbered receipt, the robot is satisfied that all of the information you submitted is acceptable. The robot has no way of knowing if all of the information is correct, however. For example, you may have indicated a category the robot recognizes, but it may not be the category in which you participated. If you discover an error in your category or Section information after it is posted, you may simply correct your Cabrillo file header and re-submit the entry.

PAPER LOGS will only be added to the queue after the submission deadline has passed and they have been initialized into the database. This could be up to 4-6 weeks after the contest submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at 860-594-0232. Thanks and 73.

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

1336 logs received

Call SignSectionCategoryClubDate ReceivedClaimed Score
4O3ADXSingle Operator, High PowerSKY CC8080
5J1ADXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterDXARC12502
6Y7JDXSingle Operator, High PowerBlack Sea Contest Club208560
9A2DQDXSingle Operator, High PowerCROATIAN CONTEST CLUB11374
9H1XTDXSingle Operator, High Power50
AA0AWMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn23548
AA0CXNDSingle Operator, Low Power8652
AA1CANHSingle Operator, QRPYankee Clipper Contest Club55440
AA1KDESingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club533520
AA1SBNHSingle Operator, Low Power15350
AA1VTVTMulti-operator, Single Transmitter37229
AA3BEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club198455
AA4CFGAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter107914
AA4LRGASingle Operator, Low PowerSouth East Contest Club14715
AA4NTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group15072
AA4NCNCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club182104
AA4NUTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group35136
AA4VSCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterLow Country Contest Club105051
AA4XXNCSingle Operator, QRPPotomac Valley Radio Club37352
AA5AMNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNORTH TEXAS CONTEST CLUB118846
AA5JGOKSingle Operator, Low Power9288
AA5TBNTXSingle Operator, Low Power84
AA5VUSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club9635
AA7IHORSingle Operator, Low Power
AA8BVOHSingle Operator, Low Power13815
AA8LLOHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouthwest Ohio DX Association26792
AA9DYEMASingle Operator, Low Power23997
AA9RRWISingle Operator, Low Power9063
AB2ZINLISingle Operator, QRPGreat South Bay Amateur Radio Club960
AB3CXWNYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers88312
AB4GGTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group23142
AB4IQKYSingle Operator, High PowerPaducah Amateur Radio Association46620
AB5IOKSingle Operator, High Power47804
AB7EAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club117216
AB8FJOHSingle Operator, QRP616
AB9VINSingle Operator, High Power56625
AC0DSCOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado144503
AC0WMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless ASSN70551
AC1OMESingle Operator, Low Power40257
AC2NNFLSingle Operator, QRP
AC3PMDCSingle Operator, Low Power1120
AC5KSTXSingle Operator, Low Power62790
AC6DDSBSingle Operator, High Power149815
AC6SLSCVSingle Operator, Low Power84
AC7AAZSingle Operator, Low Power62410
AC7MAWWASingle Operator, Low Power9200
AC8EOHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club41616
AD4EBTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group76296
AD4JGASingle Operator, Low PowerSECC33299
AD5ASTXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club58934
AD5WIARSingle Operator, Low Power31744
AD6ZJSDGChecklogSouthern California Contest Club5
AD7AFWWAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter160342
AD8JWPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterAllegheny Valley Radio Association56166
AD8POHMulti-operator, Single Transmitter140080
AE1TNHSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club18
AE3JDESingle Operator, QRPMobile Sixers5642
AE4OGASingle Operator, Low PowerSouth East Contest Club8750
AE5MMOKSingle Operator, Low Power2346
AE5PWARSingle Operator, Low Power9828
AE5TLASingle Operator, Low Power13185
AE6RFSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club9438
AF6SYSCSingle Operator, Low Power4656
AF8COHSingle Operator, Low PowerWEST PARK RADIOPS15688
AF9JWISingle Operator, QRPSociety of Midwest Contesters11398
AG0ACOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado1804
AG4WALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group23896
AI0QMNSingle Operator, Low Power22692
AI2NWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn65895
AI4GRNCSingle Operator, Low Power9810
AI7HIDSingle Operator, Low PowerN/A64080
AJ1EEMASingle Operator, Low Power12036
AJ3GVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club235290
AJ4FSTXSingle Operator, Low Power52779
AJ4FMVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club5236
AJ4MWNFLSingle Operator, High PowerOARC39712
AJ6TSCVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club36072
AJ9CINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters7600
AK7SWWAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterWestern Washington DX Club1280
AL9AAKMulti-operator, Single Transmitter16695
C6AKQDXSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group189384
CT1JLZDXSingle Operator, High Power54400
DF2PYDXSingle Operator, High Power16016
DF8BBDXSingle Operator, High Power3420
DJ0MDRDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club15072
DJ3RADXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter2112
DJ4KWDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterBAVARIAN CONTEST CLUB84
DK0IWDXSingle Operator, High PowerDARC912
DK2FGDXSingle Operator, High PowerRhein Ruhr DX Association
DL3KUMDXSingle Operator, High Power330
DL4CFDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club5328
DL4MCFDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club2496
DL5ANDXSingle Operator, Low PowerRhein Ruhr DX Association112
DL5MEVDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club2808
DL5MXDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club1794
DL7UMKDXSingle Operator, Low PowerY0770
DL8QSDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter7200
DL8SCGDXSingle Operator, High PowerRhein Ruhr DX Association2900
E77DXDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterBHCC18228
EA1DRDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterKR DX GROUP - KINGS OF RADIO
EA1NEDXSingle Operator, Low Power144
EA1WXDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter7178
EA2AZDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter84
EA2IFDXSingle Operator, Low Power960
EA3CECDXSingle Operator, High Power588
EA3ORDXSingle Operator, High Power32
EI2CNDXSingle Operator, High Power15840
EI4CFDXSingle Operator, Low Power6916
ES2DJDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter1638
ES5RYDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterTartu Contest Team17034
EU2EUDXSingle Operator, Low PowerBFRR112
EU3ARDXSingle Operator, High Power1470
F1UVNDXSingle Operator, Low Power1178
F5INDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter32890
F5VHYDXSingle Operator, High Power13680
F6IRADXSingle Operator, High PowerAOMPT1520
F8BBLDXSingle Operator, Low Power360
F8BPNDXSingle Operator, High Power14006
FO8RZDXSingle Operator, Low Power8
G3LETDXSingle Operator, High PowerHARC34700
G3SJXDXSingle Operator, High Power2236
G3UFYDXSingle Operator, High Power736
G3VYIDXSingle Operator, Low Power630
G3ZSSDXSingle Operator, High PowerChiltern DX Club5412
G4AFSDXSingle Operator, Low Power3422
G4BJMDXSingle Operator, High Power3192
G4BUODXSingle Operator, High Power1512
G5WDXSingle Operator, High Power50958
GM3YEHDXSingle Operator, Low PowerKilmarnock & Loudoun ARC1188
GW3JXNDXSingle Operator, High Power8360
HA5JIDXSingle Operator, High PowerHA-DX23616
HC2SLDXSingle Operator, High PowerHUANCAVILCA DX RADIO CLUB45844
HC8GRDXSingle Operator, High Power168270
HI3TEJDXChecklogpup contest group43848
IK2HDFDXSingle Operator, High Power7560
JA1XMSDXSingle Operator, Low Power2
JA3YBKDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMt. RF11280
JA7BMEDXSingle Operator, High Power950
JE1SPYDXSingle Operator, Low Power1320
JH3PRRDXSingle Operator, High PowerMt. RF532
JH4UYBDXSingle Operator, QRP3
JH7XMODXSingle Operator, High Power884
JI3KDHDXSingle Operator, High Power
JT1CODXSingle Operator, High Powerjt1kaa MARS360
K0ADMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn90364
K0BJKSSingle Operator, Low Power103667
K0CDWISingle Operator, QRP31388
K0CNMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn73100
K0DEQMOSingle Operator, Low PowerMISSOURI DX/CONTEST CLUB60800
K0DINESingle Operator, Low Power161670
K0EAMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMN.WIRELESS ASSN.65142
K0EUCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado46739
K0EWSIASingle Operator, Low Power4290
K0IOIASingle Operator, High PowerNewton ARA166272
K0JJRMNSingle Operator, High PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN42364
K0KLMOSingle Operator, High Power40204
K0KPMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn17556
K0KTIASingle Operator, High PowerIowa DX and Contest Club206747
K0KXMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn194916
K0LIRMOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSt Louis Amateur Radio Club180000
K0MPHMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn37824
K0NENESingle Operator, Low Power62196
K0NWORGSingle Operator, Low Power20604
K0NYMNSingle Operator, Low Power
K0OBMNSingle Operator, High PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2600
K0OUMOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterKansas City DX Club28341
K0PCMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn153495
K0PIRSDSingle Operator, Low Power2700
K0PJWWASingle Operator, High Power32538
K0PKMNSingle Operator, QRPMinnesota Wireless Assn90720
K0PPMTSingle Operator, Low Power133025
K0RCMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn182776
K0RFCOSingle Operator, High Power355235
K0SWNESingle Operator, Low PowerFremont Area Radio Transmitting Society29673
K0TIMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn130872
K0TKMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn5700
K0TOIDSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Association84864
K0TQINMulti-operator, Single Transmitter25959
K0TVNHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club299403
K0UDNDSingle Operator, Low Power126
K0UKCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado80095
K0VXUKSSingle Operator, High PowerKansas City DX Club131385
K0WAKSSingle Operator, High Power128576
K0XBMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn28644
K0YQCOSingle Operator, Low Power22656
K0YRMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn12000
K1ARNHSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club272580
K1BGWMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB28671
K1DCEMASingle Operator, Low Powernone91964
K1DGMESingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club329344
K1DMCTSingle Operator, Low Power89391
K1EPEMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club195525
K1ESEMEMulti-operator, Single TransmitterWhite Mountain ARC12549
K1GUTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group202909
K1HINHSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club6322
K1HTVVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club206910
K1JBMESingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club131037
K1KDMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn37740
K1KICTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club83864
K1KOVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club35490
K1LIVTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club180477
K1LOGMESingle Operator, Low Power12996
K1LTOHSingle Operator, High PowerMad River Radio Club522112
K1LZEMAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter600471
K1MIJNCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCarolina DX Association7396
K1NKNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerNone111884
K1NSSENYSingle Operator, Low Power3510
K1NTREMASingle Operator, Low Power39845
K1PUCTSingle Operator, Low PowerMeriden ARC11232
K1RQWCFMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFlorida Contest Group10736
K1RZMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club30876
K1SNDWMASingle Operator, High Power48778
K1THEMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club4530
K1TNSNJSingle Operator, Low Powernone20072
K1VVEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club39960
K1VWCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club220398
K1ZECTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club143055
K1ZZIGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouth East Contest Club279562
K2AXXWNYSingle Operator, High PowerRochester DX Association45632
K2CDJWNYSingle Operator, Low Power61908
K2DBKNNJSingle Operator, Low Power10-70 Repeater Assn24816
K2EPENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterHUDSON VALLEY CONTESTERS AND DXERS45057
K2FUWNYSingle Operator, High Power86814
K2GNSNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club7518
K2IYNLISingle Operator, Low PowerWantagh Amateur Radio Club12285
K2MKSNJMulti-operator, Single Transmitter61155
K2NVWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerWestern New York DX Association33420
K2QMFNLIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterOrder of Boiled Owls of New York49771
K2SQSSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club6820
K2SXSCSingle Operator, Low PowercAROLINA dx aSSOCIATION68328
K2TTTNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB60180
K2TVNLISingle Operator, Low PowerGreat South Bay ARC13440
K2UFENYSingle Operator, Low Power104058
K2XTNNJSingle Operator, High Power54936
K2YRENYSingle Operator, High Power63325
K2ZCNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerBergen ARA12474
K2ZJWNYSingle Operator, High PowerSalt City DX Assn132145
K2ZRWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerWestern New York DX Association115498
K3ANSCSingle Operator, Low PowerSOUTH EAST CONTEST CLUB77964
K3ATOEPASingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club128628
K3DMGOHSingle Operator, Low Power58575
K3IURISingle Operator, High PowerCTRI Contest Group14608
K3JRRMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPVRC14896
K3JTWVSingle Operator, High Power58720
K3KONCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club60286
K3KUMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club11359
K3MDEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club42636
K3MMMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club191186
K3OOEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club68016
K3OQFEPASingle Operator, Low Power32513
K3PGMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club10621
K3QIAEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterColumbia-Montour ARC51430
K3RWNWPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSKYVIEW RADIO SOCIETY3720
K3SVEPASingle Operator, High PowerMHDXA207662
K3SWZEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club131037
K3TCMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club172300
K3TDSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club29097
K3TNMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club91630
K3TUFEPASingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club23800
K3UAWPASingle Operator, Low Power18
K3WIMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club150512
K3WWEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club510840
K3YDXMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club20160
K3ZMVASingle Operator, High Power669300
K3ZOMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club353882
K4ABALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group10368
K4AMCTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group39040
K4AVXKYSingle Operator, High PowerKentucky Contest Group40920
K4BAIGASingle Operator, Low PowerSouth East Contest Club29400
K4BPTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group19855
K4BXTNSingle Operator, Low Power20450
K4CNWSCSingle Operator, QRP82871
K4CWWALSingle Operator, Low PowerNo85941
K4DJNCSingle Operator, Low Power31641
K4DLIGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouth East Contest Club19251
K4DZRTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group76648
K4EDITNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterTennessee Contest Group42711
K4EORGASingle Operator, Low Power1890
K4FJVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club177870
K4FPFVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club20792
K4FTKYSingle Operator, Low PowerKENTUCKY CONTEST GROUP203300
K4FTOVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club16031
K4GKDWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group10434
K4HALALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group49170
K4IQJ/4ALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group24567
K4IUMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn78894
K4JAFNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group9120
K4JCSFLSingle Operator, QRP161
K4LRPSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group5874
K4MFSFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group22272
K4ODLGASingle Operator, High PowerSEDXC1944
K4ORDVASingle Operator, QRP35934
K4PBSFLMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFlorida Contest Group84075
K4PGSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group138
K4RDUVASingle Operator, High Power40870
K4RSTTNSingle Operator, QRPTennessee Contest Group19411
K4RTVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club4420
K4SVNCSingle Operator, High Power156765
K4SXMOSingle Operator, High PowerMissouri DX/Contest Club36288
K4TDALMulti-operator, Single TransmitterAlabama Contest Group401310
K4UKVASingle Operator, Low PowerFranklin County ARC30888
K4UWHNCSingle Operator, Low PowerAzalea Coast Amateur Radio Club17545
K4WIALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group210181
K4WWKYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterKentucky Contest Group78386
K4XDNCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club72495
K4YKZNCSingle Operator, High PowerNCDXCC37260
K4YRKTNSingle Operator, Low Power20577
K4ZGBALSingle Operator, High Poweralabama contest group158555
K4ZMVGASingle Operator, High Power58480
K4ZRJGASingle Operator, High PowerMissouri DX/Contest Club56015
K4ZWVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club116590
K5BGNTXSingle Operator, High Power117348
K5EHNFLSingle Operator, Low Power96
K5EKNCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCarolina DX Association103831
K5EWJSTXSingle Operator, High PowerTexas DX Society11118
K5GZRSTXSingle Operator, High Power45552
K5KGWCFMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFlorida Contest Group54589
K5LGARSingle Operator, Low PowerEverton Am Radio Club122894
K5LHNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerHeart of Texas DX Society41370
K5LJSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerBVARC58884
K5MVSTXSingle Operator, Low Power28764
K5NASTXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club524030
K5OAIWTXSingle Operator, QRP8018
K5RXNTXSingle Operator, High PowerNorth Texas Contest Club130200
K5SEESTXSingle Operator, High Power34845
K5UOSTXSingle Operator, High PowerTDXS35188
K5WONMSingle Operator, Low Power89744
K5ZDWMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club131274
K6CSLSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club3344
K6DGWSVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club9520
K6EIEBSingle Operator, QRP45240
K6EMORGSingle Operator, Low PowerAssociated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach15606
K6EMIORGMulti-operator, Single TransmitterDNB AMATEUR RADIO CLUB29940
K6GEPORGSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern California Contest Club2180
K6HRTORGSingle Operator, High PowerNorthrop Grumman Radio Club3750
K6IIISVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club44025
K6IPEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club736
K6JEBEBMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club5338
K6KQVSCVSingle Operator, QRPNorthern California Contest Club2
K6LGORGSingle Operator, Low Power11395
K6LPOLAXSingle Operator, High Power25974
K6NASDGSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club704
K6NDWMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYCCC428148
K6NVSVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club79351
K6OILAXSingle Operator, High Power6364
K6QLFEBMulti-operator, Single TransmitterAmateur Radio Club of ALameda2112
K6RBSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club60079
K6SRZSFMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club140448
K6TUSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club25560
K6XMSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club52096
K6XTCOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado133332
K6ZBSBSingle Operator, High Power37375
K7ARJIDSingle Operator, Low Power16907
K7BGMTSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern Rockies DX17784
K7CSVASingle Operator, High PowerSterling Park ARC138859
K7EKMEWASingle Operator, Low PowerSpokane DX Association6290
K7FAAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterArizona Outlaws Contest Club22464
K7HPAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club59213
K7IANMSingle Operator, Low Power54900
K7JEAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club5699
K7OAUTMulti-operator, Single Transmitter67716
K7OVGIDSingle Operator, Low Power2880
K7OXEWAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSPOKANE DX ASSOCIATION170640
K7RATORSingle Operator, High Power353160
K7RESDSingle Operator, Low Power156570
K7RLWWAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterWestern Washington DX Club164444
K7RSMAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB36577
K7RXWWASingle Operator, High PowerWestern Washington DX Club11660
K7SFNNVSingle Operator, High Power25623
K7SJWWASingle Operator, High Power61586
K7SSWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Washington DX Club39528
K7TQIDSingle Operator, Low PowerSPOKANE DX ASSOCIATION25144
K7XCNVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club78080
K8AJSOHSingle Operator, High Power176035
K8AJXALSingle Operator, Low Power14688
K8BLOHSingle Operator, Low PowerNORTH COAST CONTESTERS102858
K8DDMISingle Operator, Low PowerMAD RIVER RADIO CLUB33536
K8EGOHSingle Operator, Low Power
K8FHOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMedina 2 Meter Group253470
K8FLOHSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthwest OHIO DX Association72618
K8GTMIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club26220
K8IAAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club11577
K8JAMISingle Operator, Low Power46860
K8JQWVSingle Operator, High Power111034
K8KUMISingle Operator, Low Power11440
K8MPOHSingle Operator, Low PowerDelaware Amateur Radio Assn135332
K8OQLWVSingle Operator, High PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB95274
K8POMESingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club618112
K8QKYMIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMRRC396552
K8VUSOHSingle Operator, Low PowerWest Park Radiops28954
K8YNOHSingle Operator, Low PowerWest Park Radiops8712
K8ZTOHSingle Operator, QRP34534
K9AUWISingle Operator, Low Power23424
K9AYWISingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters460284
K9CCILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters52647
K9CTILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters350560
K9CWILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters32142
K9DUMNSingle Operator, High PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN242496
K9DURINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters8880
K9DXILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters687150
K9FOILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters122496
K9GSWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters462
K9GYILSingle Operator, QRPSociety of Midwest Contesters480
K9IGINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters262398
K9IJILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters37876
K9IMMWIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters33456
K9JHSCSingle Operator, QRP915
K9JMSVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club32025
K9JUILSingle Operator, Low Power30552
K9JWIINSingle Operator, Low Power16850
K9MAWISingle Operator, High Power84882
K9MDOILSingle Operator, Low PowerMetro DX Club19584
K9MIINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters11972
K9MMSILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters145029
K9MOTILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters26078
K9NWINSingle Operator, High PowerMad River Radio Club121348
K9OMNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group120998
K9ORILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters42306
K9OZILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters92625
K9SDILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters25681
K9SEILMulti-operator, Single Transmitter45084
K9TYWIMulti-operator, Single Transmitter23836
K9VISILSingle Operator, Low Power75010
K9VVSFLMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFlorida Contest Group89180
K9WJUINSingle Operator, Low Power155643
K9WWTINSingle Operator, High Power207240
K9WXINMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters22515
K9XRILSingle Operator, Low Power35774
K9YCSCVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club143985
K9ZUMDCSingle Operator, High Power24894
KA0PMOSingle Operator, Low Power208
KA2DNLIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterOrder of Boiled Owls of New York86040
KA3EHLVASingle Operator, Low PowerWOODBRIDGE ARC3248
KA3QLFEPASingle Operator, Low Power75336
KA4OTBTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group2575
KA8HOKOHSingle Operator, High Power58443
KA9FOXWIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters36570
KB0LIASingle Operator, High Power7084
KB0SKIASingle Operator, Low Power24168
KB1NRBCTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB21804
KB1WWMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club17289
KB3LIXWPASingle Operator, Low PowerAllegheny Valley Radio Association10500
KB5OSILSingle Operator, Low Power18424
KB7QMTSingle Operator, Low Power211876
KB8NNUMISingle Operator, High Power40176
KB8NUFMDCSingle Operator, Low Power2736
KB9AMGWISingle Operator, Low Power450
KB9QWISingle Operator, Low PowerBadger Contesters16124
KB9SWISingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn43296
KB9ZUVINSingle Operator, QRP9282
KC0RETMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn5152
KC0VCOSingle Operator, Low Power58064
KC1XXNHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club645270
KC2FOLENYSingle Operator, Low PowerTroy Amateur Radio Association288
KC2RXSENYSingle Operator, Low Power
KC4DVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club254082
KC5NTNTXSingle Operator, QRP2592
KC7VAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club11567
KC8LTLMISingle Operator, QRP3596
KC9ELUINSingle Operator, Low Power2350
KC9ILILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety Of Midwest Contesters4590
KD0SSDMulti-operator, Single Transmitternone233091
KD2JCNNJSingle Operator, Low Power23664
KD2MXNNJSingle Operator, Low Power11951
KD5JARSingle Operator, Low Power3172
KD5MNFLMulti-operator, Single TransmitterAlabama Contest Group30525
KD5MMMSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerHays/ Caldwell ARC2970
KD6WKYEBChecklogNorthern California Contest Club2496
KE0GMNSingle Operator, QRP42800
KE0LMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn40576
KE1FOVTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club1056
KE5AKLNMSingle Operator, Low Power5624
KE6QREBMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club23177
KE7NOMTSingle Operator, Low Power420
KE7YFAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club90
KF0XVKSSingle Operator, QRPN/A600
KF6IORGMulti-operator, Single Transmitter50
KF7HBORSingle Operator, Low Power140
KF7PGWWASingle Operator, High PowerMt Baker Amateur Radio Club55575
KG4CUYALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group16640
KG4WVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCENTRAL VIRGINIA CONTEST CLUB201180
KG5VKLAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterLouisiana Contest Club22425
KG6DSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club12549
KG7HIDSingle Operator, High PowerPVRC163658
KG9NILSingle Operator, High Powersociety of midwest contesters41265
KG9ZOHSingle Operator, High Power4050
KH6LCPACMulti-operator, Single Transmitter104580
KH6ZMPACSingle Operator, High Power125388
KH7YPACSingle Operator, High Power46350
KI0FMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn75366
KI0IICOSingle Operator, QRP21450
KI0JCOSingle Operator, Low Power6437
KI3OVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club4526
KI4FWVASingle Operator, QRP13524
KI5TLASingle Operator, Low Power846
KI7NORSingle Operator, Low Power11484
KJ0GCOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGRAND MESA CONTESTERS OF COLORADO98112
KJ4BIWTNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterTennessee Contest Group40800
KJ4WDNCSingle Operator, Low Power4216
KJ9CINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters169344
KK1LVTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club28830
KL7OOWWASingle Operator, High Power41250
KM4DSCSingle Operator, High PowerSouth East Contest Club247184
KM5PSARSingle Operator, Low Power9880
KM9MILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters28731
KN0VMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn51657
KN1HNHSingle Operator, QRP6264
KN4YNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFLORIDA CONTEST GROUP14664
KN5HAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club21648
KN8KAZSTXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter36883
KP2DXVISingle Operator, Low PowerDX4LIFE CONTEST CLUB2208
KQ1XOHSingle Operator, Low Power7622
KR2DNNJSingle Operator, Low Power9408
KR2QNNJSingle Operator, QRP42624
KR4FALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group171856
KR5NOHSingle Operator, Low Power14288
KR7RKAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterArizona Outlaws Contest Club23112
KS0TMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn56892
KS1JRISingle Operator, Low PowerCTRI Contest Group33099
KS4LALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group15604
KS4SNCSingle Operator, Low PowerCarolina DX Association10440
KS5AAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club20160
KS7TMTSingle Operator, High Power34125
KS9WILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters143416
KT1BEMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club56092
KT5ECOSingle Operator, QRP44162
KT8XMIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club23010
KU4AKYSingle Operator, Low PowerKentucky Contest Group4176
KU4BLALSingle Operator, Low Power12341
KU4PYALSingle Operator, Low Power418
KU8TINSingle Operator, Low PowerFort Wayne Radio Club4176
KV1JEMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club9620
KV2XWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn5412
KV4FZVISingle Operator, High Power403104
KV8QOHSingle Operator, Low Power137680
KW4JSTNSingle Operator, QRPNone13640
KX7LWWASingle Operator, QRPWestern Washington DX Club9408
KX9DXILSingle Operator, QRPSociety Of Midwest Contesters32832
KY4PNCSingle Operator, High PowerCarolina DX Association57934
KZ5JSTXSingle Operator, High Power26040
LU5OMDXSingle Operator, High PowerRadio Club Salta312
LY2IJDXSingle Operator, High PowerLithuanian Contest Group11004
LY2OUDXSingle Operator, High PowerKaunas University of Technology Radio Club312
LY7MDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterKaunas University of technology radio club598
LZ3FNDXSingle Operator, High Power40
MD0CCEDXSingle Operator, High Power4964
N0ATMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn135720
N0BKMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn8580
N0BUIMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn26156
N0DETCOSingle Operator, QRP5576
N0HFCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of CO17955
N0IJWISingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn209605
N0IMMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn146688
N0JKKSSingle Operator, QRP216
N0KBDMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn29169
N0KKMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn35328
N0KMCOSingle Operator, Low Power10920
N0KQCOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado62253
N0NBKSSingle Operator, Low Power3432
N0NIIAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter504226
N0RNCOMulti-operator, Single Transmitter49140
N0RUCOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado16131
N0SMIASingle Operator, High Power217080
N0TKCOSingle Operator, Low Power63612
N0TTMOSingle Operator, High PowerKANSAS CITY DX CLUB247845
N0UDNDSingle Operator, Low PowerPrairie Contesters46046
N0URMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN138566
N0UVMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn16170
N0UYMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN50175
N0XMKSSingle Operator, High PowerSHARCS21286
N1AWWMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club8250
N1BUGMESingle Operator, High Power570830
N1DCEMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club22883
N1EUENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club236509
N1IBMSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club29707
N1IMWNHSingle Operator, Low PowerGranite State Amateur Radio Association9880
N1IXNHSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club87472
N1JDMESingle Operator, Low Power34733
N1LNNCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club529158
N1LUNHSingle Operator, Low Power18450
N1QVEMASingle Operator, QRP1428
N1QYEMASingle Operator, Low Power18870
N1RKSNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club13296
N1RXNHSingle Operator, QRP6412
N1SVEMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club93400
N1SZMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club2200
N1TMCTSingle Operator, QRPYankee Clipper Contest Club9345
N1WRMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club46620
N1ZZCTSingle Operator, High PowerCCC333234
N2BANNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club222251
N2BJILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS160820
N2CGNNJSingle Operator, High Power4454
N2CUWNYSingle Operator, High PowerWestern New York DX Assn412242
N2EDNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club151900
N2EIKENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterHudson Valley Contesters and DXers960
N2FFNLISingle Operator, Low PowerOrder of Boiled Owls New York10370
N2GANLISingle Operator, Low PowerOrder of Boiled Owls of New York20070
N2ICNMSingle Operator, High Power184546
N2KPBNNJMulti-operator, Single Transmitter32802
N2KWWMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club412800
N2LKNNJSingle Operator, Low Power6912
N2LQWNYSingle Operator, Low Power91086
N2MFWNYSingle Operator, High PowerSalt City DX Association20340
N2MMSNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford radio Club260064
N2NCNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB81012
N2NIENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club48600
N2NSSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club10998
N2QTVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club140812
N2RINLISingle Operator, Low Power44718
N2SQWENYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers7980
N2UMWNYSingle Operator, Low Power7136
N2WKWNYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterRochester (NY) DX Association87044
N2WKSNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club115090
N2WNTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group267544
N2YBBNLISingle Operator, Low PowerOrder of Boiled Owls of New York12450
N2ZNWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn126197
N3AOVASingle Operator, Low Power4046
N3BMVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club19872
N3BNAEPASingle Operator, QRPFRC29646
N3COMISingle Operator, Low Power133176
N3CZNCSingle Operator, Low PowerNCDXCC112332
N3GJWPASingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Coast Contesters10260
N3JBVASingle Operator, High Power--61336
N3KNVASingle Operator, High Power15456
N3KREPASingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club23275
N3RCSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club2040
N3RDEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club300074
N3RNEPASingle Operator, Low PowerMURGAS ARC9842
N3STEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club269618
N3TGVASingle Operator, Low PowerSterling Park Amateur Radio Club19431
N3UAVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Virginia Contest Club394250
N3UMMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club151311
N3WZRMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club14214
N3XLMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club7648
N3ZAEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club22875
N4AAITNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group90390
N4AFNCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club191100
N4AROTNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterTennessee Contest Group ARRL Section : TN61500
N4AUALSingle Operator, Low Power6300
N4AXALSingle Operator, QRP24084
N4BCCVAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter167424
N4DENCSingle Operator, Low Power12848
N4DWKVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Virginia Contest Club15222
N4DXINFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group7998
N4FXVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB57190
N4GGGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouth East Contest Club130720
N4IJOKSingle Operator, QRP29808
N4IRTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group143564
N4KGALMulti-operator, Single TransmitterAlabama Contest Group114751
N4KZKYSingle Operator, High Power18144
N4NMALMulti-operator, Single TransmitterAlabama Contest Group5250
N4NXGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOUTH EAST CONTEST CLUB85262
N4OGWMSSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group152818
N4PNGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOUTH EAST CONTEST CLUB340692
N4RAVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club39493
N4TBWCFSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group222453
N4TOLGASingle Operator, Low PowerSouth East Contest Club4080
N4TZINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters32913
N4UAVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club225108
N4UCALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group28544
N4VVTNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterTennessee Contest Group150255
N4WDGASingle Operator, Low Power31950
N4WONFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group696
N4WWNFLMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFlorida Contest Group100266
N4XUEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club42222
N4YDUNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club17088
N4ZITNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group91352
N4ZZTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group93450
N5DOWTXSingle Operator, Low Power52745
N5DRBARSingle Operator, Low Power6068
N5DYOKSingle Operator, High Power33234
N5IANMSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club313018
N5JBNTXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNORTH TEXAS CONTEST CLUB106600
N5KOSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club25908
N5NAWTXSingle Operator, High PowerMidland ARC9614
N5WRTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group11730
N6AJREBMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club10215
N6ARNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group73010
N6CKSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club4416
N6GLLAXSingle Operator, Low Power6496
N6HCORGSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club37230
N6IESFSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club10080
N6IVSJVSingle Operator, Low Power6048
N6JVSVSingle Operator, High PowerMother Lode DX/Contest Club85360
N6KWWWASingle Operator, High Power6840
N6LLLAXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouthern California Contest Club2880
N6MAAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern Arizona DX Assn89544
N6MWSCVMulti-operator, Single Transmitter22336
N6NDSDGSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club92880
N6NFSCVSingle Operator, High Power73075
N6PEORGMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouthern California Contest Club37596
N6PNEBMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club5611
N6QQLAXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB66000
N6RKSVSingle Operator, Low PowerMother Lode DX/Contest Club125200
N6RVLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern California Contest Club26102
N6TWORSingle Operator, High PowerBoring Amateur Radio Club39274
N6VRAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterArizona Outlaw Contest Club6804
N6WGEBSingle Operator, QRPNorthern California Contest Club18142
N7EPDWWASingle Operator, Low PowerPacific Northwest VHF Society2064
N7IRAZSingle Operator, QRPArizona Outlaws Contest Club83830
N7IVNDSingle Operator, Low PowerSouris Valley ARC105452
N7KANMSingle Operator, High PowerNew Mexico Big River Contesters28490
N7LBIDSingle Operator, Low PowerPocatello Amateur Radio Club2496
N7LOXWWASingle Operator, Low Powerwwdxc26944
N7MALAZSingle Operator, QRPArizona Outlaws Contest Club2530
N7ONNVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club26334
N7QSWWASingle Operator, Low Power7160
N7RKAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterArizona Outlaws Contest Club60560
N7TPNVSingle Operator, Low Power7738
N7USILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters57720
N7VMUTSingle Operator, Low PowerUtah DX Association600
N7VSORSingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club1620
N8AAOHSingle Operator, High PowerMad River Radio Club84455
N8AGUOHMulti-operator, Single Transmitter67680
N8BBMISingle Operator, QRP101251
N8DEMISingle Operator, QRPMad River Radio Club
N8EAMISingle Operator, High Powermad river radio club202125
N8ECIOHSingle Operator, Low Power19580
N8HPOHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterDial Amateur Radio Club53280
N8IIWVSingle Operator, Low PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB167028
N8IWOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club19008
N8LJMISingle Operator, QRPThumb Area Contesters36400
N8MRMISingle Operator, Low PowerLivonia Amateur Radio Club133392
N8OOLASingle Operator, High Powerbcc466578
N8PRSFLMulti-operator, Single Transmitter82824
N8SSMISingle Operator, High PowerMad River Radio Club11067
N8TDOHSingle Operator, Low Power38998
N8TROHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club150150
N8VVOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club86472
N8XEOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club28000
N8XIMISingle Operator, High Power56498
N9ADGWWASingle Operator, QRPWestern Washington DX Club Inc.9504
N9AXINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters95400
N9BTILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters1596
N9CKWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety Of Midwest Contesters184146
N9COILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters26416
N9DDINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters44160
N9GCMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn1462
N9GHILSingle Operator, High Powersociety of midwest contesters26220
N9IJILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters20808
N9IOILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS30954
N9LFINChecklogSociety of Midwest Contesters17264
N9LYEILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters29750
N9MSGILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters21012
N9NEWISingle Operator, QRP76886
N9RCOHSingle Operator, High Power22753
N9TFILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters81525
N9TTXWISingle Operator, QRPMinnesota Wireless Assn15052
N9UAWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters120786
N9VNILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters750
N9WKWIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMetro DX Club3120
N9WKWINSingle Operator, Low PowerSMC44756
N9XOINMulti-operator, Single Transmitter15963
NA2MENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterOrder of Boiled Owls of New York66066
NA3FWPASingle Operator, Low Power37765
NA4KTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group204300
NA5DXMSSingle Operator, Low PowerMagnolia DX Association39760
NB0ZKSSingle Operator, Low Power13724
NB4MTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group33344
NC0BCOSingle Operator, High Power73386
ND4VGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSoutheastern Contesting Club12138
NE0UMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn243474
NE1BNHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club68796
NE4SGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouth Ease Contest Club105327
NE7DORSingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club11679
NE9UWISingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn167167
NG0KNESingle Operator, Low Power7474
NI5FMSSingle Operator, High Power56744
NI6PSVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club17629
NI6WLAXSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club47736
NI9HILSingle Operator, Low Powersociety of midwest contesters16184
NJ1FENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club110095
NK5ZSTXSingle Operator, High Power3630
NK8QEPASingle Operator, QRPQCWA Chapter 1765076
NL7ZAKSingle Operator, High Power23188
NN1NCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club51590
NN2LNNYSingle Operator, High Power108900
NN3WVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Vallet Radio Club64740
NN7ACOSingle Operator, Low Power31027
NN7ZZUTSingle Operator, High PowerUtah DX Association214830
NO2DCOSingle Operator, Low Power22597
NO3MOHSingle Operator, High Power332667
NO9ZILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters103530
NQ4IGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouth East Contest Club102300
NQ7RAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club7137
NR0EIASingle Operator, High PowerOttumwa Amatuer Radio Club3944
NR0TMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn15072
NR5MSTXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Texas Dx and Contest Club78684
NR6OEBMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club222912
NS3TMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club5580
NS9IWISingle Operator, High Power110888
NT4DNCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club26100
NT6XLAXSingle Operator, High PowerCaltech Radio Club20237
NU4IVASingle Operator, Low Power32823
NU7TNVSingle Operator, QRP3108
NV0PMNSingle Operator, Low Power14014
NW4TKYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterKY Indiana DX Association46355
NX0IMOSingle Operator, Low PowerKANSAS CITY DX CLUB27450
NX1QCTSingle Operator, Low Power2576
NX5MSTXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Texas DX and Contest Club351645
NX9TNCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club10492
NY0OIASingle Operator, QRP1248
NY3AEPASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club423243
NY3CDESingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club1332
NZ3MEPASingle Operator, High Power44100
NZ4LKYSingle Operator, High Power81270
NZ9RINMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety Of Midwest Contesters109962
OE3GCUDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterACC9040
OG4TDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterContest Club Finland6734
OH2BODXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter1470
OH3WDDXSingle Operator, High Power1408
OK1DTCDXSingle Operator, High PowerOL4A4480
OK1MCWDXSingle Operator, High Power1218
OK1TNDXSingle Operator, High Power8610
OK2BFNDXSingle Operator, Low Power1080
OK2BMUDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter3540
OK2SARDXSingle Operator, High Power456
OK2ZIDXSingle Operator, High Power12314
OK6YDXSingle Operator, Low Power1512
OL5RDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter22644
OM2VLDXSingle Operator, High Power66588
OM4EXDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterOM3KHO10922
OM7YCDXSingle Operator, Low Power2
ON4UNDXSingle Operator, High PowerRRDXA64976
P43JBDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club7216
PA0LOUDXSingle Operator, High Power1968
PA0ODXSingle Operator, High PowerVERON5320
PA0WRSDXSingle Operator, High PowerVeron6240
PA2ADXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPI4CC7140
PA3AAVDXSingle Operator, High PowerBeemster Contest Club5440
PA3GCVDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club5056
PA5KTDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter5100
PE5TDXSingle Operator, High Power9202
PI4RCKDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterLOW LAND CRAZY CONTESTERS2550
PI4WLDDXSingle Operator, High PowerBeemster Contest Club3192
PJ2TDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCCC205440
PY0FFDXChecklogAraucaria Dx Group330
RA0ALMDXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Siberia DX Club152
RA3ZCDXSingle Operator, Low PowerATCC32
RA4LWDXSingle Operator, High Power2700
RA6XBDXSingle Operator, Low Power0
RA9FTMDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPerm regional radioclub308
RF4MDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter374
RK9UEDXSingle Operator, High Power1826
RL3FODXSingle Operator, Low PowerSpektr2
RL3FTDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter5110
RU0LLDXSingle Operator, High Power260
RU3DXDXSingle Operator, High Power4260
RU3ZXDXSingle Operator, Low Power
RU6CQDXSingle Operator, Low PowerSHAKHAN CONTEST CLUB850
RV1CCDXSingle Operator, High PowerA.L.R.S.(St.Petersburg)280
RX0AEDXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Siberia DX Club1159
RZ3AULDXSingle Operator, Low Power12
SE0XDXSingle Operator, High PowerPolar DX16200
SM2MDXSingle Operator, High PowerTop of Europe Contesters3036
SM5GMZDXChecklogLake Malaren DX Group0
SM5MXDXSingle Operator, Low PowerTop of Europe Contesters396
SM6CNNDXSingle Operator, High Power1716
SM7NDXSingle Operator, High PowerSK6M Contest Team120
SP5CJYDXSingle Operator, Low Power2024
SV3RFDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter6642
TF3DX/MDXSingle Operator, Low Power
UA0DCDXSingle Operator, High PowerRussian Contest Club532
UA2FLDXSingle Operator, Low PowerUA2 Contest Club1140
UA3AGWDXChecklogRussian Contest Club144
UA3LARDXSingle Operator, High Power1254
UA6LVDXSingle Operator, High Power2856
UA9KAADXSingle Operator, High Power168
UR0IQDXSingle Operator, High PowerRadioAmator32
UR5AKUDXSingle Operator, High Power782
UR8RFDXSingle Operator, High PowerUkrainian Contest Club72
US0SYDXSingle Operator, Low PowerCHECK
UT1DXDXSingle Operator, Low Power1320
UT7LCTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterUkrainian Contest Club720
UT7UWDXSingle Operator, Low PowerBlack Sea Contest Club2496
UT8IMDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterUkrainian Contest Club3422
UV5UDXSingle Operator, High PowerKiev Contest Group2880
UW2MDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterUkrainian Contest Club17954
UX2XDXSingle Operator, High PowerBlack Sea Contest Club11610
UX3IVDXSingle Operator, High PowerRadioAmator2
UX5NQDXSingle Operator, Low Power12
UZ0UDXSingle Operator, High PowerUkrainian Contest Club3472
VA1MMMARSingle Operator, High PowerMaritime Contest Club25256
VA2EWQCSingle Operator, High PowerContest Group du Quebec470144
VA2WDQQCSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Group du Quebec72900
VA3DXONMulti-operator, Single TransmitterContest Club Ontario320620
VA3ECONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario42780
VA3HJONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario10959
VA3KAIONSingle Operator, Low Power10955
VA3RKMONSingle Operator, QRPContest Club Ontario6660
VA3WRONSingle Operator, QRPContest Club Ontario12470
VA3YPONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario27342
VA5SAMSKSingle Operator, Low Power5400
VA7DXBCSingle Operator, High PowerCoquitlam Amateur Radio Club123564
VA7MMBCSingle Operator, Low Power
VA7RNBCSingle Operator, High PowerThe British Columbia DX Club18290
VA7STBCSingle Operator, Low PowerBritish Columbia DX Club16377
VE1JFMARMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMaritime Contest Club561
VE1OPMARMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMaritime Contest Club97380
VE1ZAMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMARITIME Contest Club63080
VE1ZACMARSingle Operator, Low Power18603
VE2AWRQCSingle Operator, Low Power20655
VE2DCQCSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Group du Quebec28635
VE2DWAQCSingle Operator, High PowerContest Group du Quebec57433
VE2OJQCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterOutouais Contest Club224200
VE2XAAQCSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Group du Quebec46920
VE3ADQONSingle Operator, Low PowerAlgoma31980
VE3CFKONMulti-operator, Single Transmitter16848
VE3CUIONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario74536
VE3CXONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario40917
VE3DZONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario31374
VE3EJONSingle Operator, High PowerCCO627734
VE3FHONSingle Operator, Low PowerCONTEST CLUB ONTARIO54312
VE3GFNONSingle Operator, Low Power31860
VE3HGONMulti-operator, Single TransmitterContest Club Ontario3080
VE3JIONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario20550
VE3JMONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario65481
VE3KAOONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario48085
VE3KFONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario159848
VE3KQNONSingle Operator, QRP9472
VE3LRONSingle Operator, Low Power3016
VE3MGYONMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCONTEST CLUB ONTARIO132750
VE3MMONMulti-operator, Single TransmitterContest Club Ontario15752
VE3NEONMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCCO147400
VE3OBUONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario78128
VE3OIONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario280476
VE3OSZONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario111962
VE3OXONSingle Operator, Low Power31080
VE3PNONSingle Operator, High PowerCONTEST CLUB ONTARIO119610
VE3RCNONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario31378
VE3RERONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario51340
VE3RZONMulti-operator, Single TransmitterContest Club Ontario308430
VE3TAONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario438400
VE3TWONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario36176
VE3UZONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario27279
VE3XATONMulti-operator, Single TransmitterContest Club Ontario11500
VE3XBONSingle Operator, High PowerCONTEST CLUB ONTARIO126197
VE3XDONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario73512
VE4EARMBSingle Operator, Low Power60753
VE5CPUSKSingle Operator, Low PowerSaskatchewan Contest Club1820
VE5ZXSKSingle Operator, Low PowerSaskatchewan Contest Club47783
VE6BBPABSingle Operator, High Power86994
VE6JYABMulti-operator, Single Transmitter81136
VE6TLABSingle Operator, High PowerALBERTA CLIPPERS50719
VE7BGPBCSingle Operator, Low PowerNanaimo Amateur Radio Association4658
VE7CABCSingle Operator, Low Power31682
VE7CCBCSingle Operator, High PowerBC DX Club176272
VE7JKZBCSingle Operator, Low Power26015
VE7NSBCSingle Operator, Low PowerBC DX Club38766
VE7SQBCSingle Operator, Low Powermira15846
VE7VVBCSingle Operator, QRP40176
VE7WUBCSingle Operator, High Power18270
VE9HFMARMulti-operator, Single Transmitter15708
VE9QRPMARSingle Operator, QRP5365
VO1TANLSingle Operator, High PowerEast Coast Canada Contest Club63200
VP5CMDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterOKDXA169176
VY2LIMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club1140
VY2SSMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club104468
W0ADMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn49580
W0BHKSSingle Operator, High Power142760
W0BMMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN53850
W0BREPASingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club25960
W0CZNDSingle Operator, Low Power1491
W0DDMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn29575
W0EBKSSingle Operator, Low Power3808
W0ELTMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn21600
W0EPMSSingle Operator, Low Power
W0ETTCOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado58911
W0GGCOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado274114
W0GJMNSingle Operator, QRPMinnesota Wireless Assn150480
W0GSQCOSingle Operator, Low Power1512
W0HBHMOSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters2544
W0HTMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn86668
W0ISMNSingle Operator, Low Power
W0KITCOSingle Operator, High Power
W0KTNESingle Operator, Low Power21590
W0LBKSMulti-operator, Single TransmitterJayhawk Amateur Radio Society60970
W0NVORGSingle Operator, QRPKansas City DX Club7904
W0ORMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn132260
W0PCMOSingle Operator, Low Power9471
W0PIMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn63000
W0PRMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Association151211
W0PVWCFSingle Operator, Low Power30426
W0RTKSSingle Operator, Low Power6840
W0RUMNSingle Operator, QRPMinnesota Wireless Assn6512
W0TYMOSingle Operator, Low Power21924
W0UONTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Texas Contest Club190575
W0UYKSSingle Operator, High Power36639
W0YHEAZSingle Operator, Low Powerna10396
W0YZZMOSingle Operator, Low Power14308
W0ZACOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado45795
W0ZQMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn34974
W0ZWNMSingle Operator, High Power21873
W1AJTNCSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario17328
W1CCEEMASingle Operator, Low Power85050
W1CSMWMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club65286
W1ENDNHSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club14680
W1EQCTSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club87264
W1FJEMASingle Operator, High PowerYCCC44749
W1FMEMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club12960
W1FPVTSingle Operator, Low Power17556
W1HISEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club128160
W1IGCTSingle Operator, QRPCTRI Contest Group8224
W1JNCTSingle Operator, Low Power11470
W1MJEMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club952
W1MKEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club331462
W1OPRIMulti-operator, Single Transmitter303518
W1PIDNHSingle Operator, Low Power3150
W1QAWMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club187919
W1QKCTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club235764
W1RMCTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club6751
W1SJVTSingle Operator, High PowerRadio Amateurs of Northern Vermont298551
W1TJLCTSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club55553
W1TOWMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club112406
W1TRCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club292105
W1TWEMASingle Operator, QRP15453
W1UJWMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club236196
W1WBBRISingle Operator, Low PowerCTRI Contest Group109564
W1WVENYSingle Operator, Low Power16985
W1XXRISingle Operator, High PowerCTRI Contest Group143424
W1ZAVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Virginia Contest Club168632
W2BCWNYSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club
W2CCCWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester DX Association93093
W2DPTNNJSingle Operator, QRP14061
W2FUWNYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterRochester (NY) DX Assoc580450
W2GDSNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club611568
W2GDJENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters and Dxers27120
W2JEKNNJSingle Operator, QRPBergen A. R. A.6975
W2JUCTSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club7490
W2LCWNYSingle Operator, Low Power45765
W2LENNJSingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club32000
W2LKENYSingle Operator, High PowerOrder of Boiled Owls of New York44429
W2OIBNNJSingle Operator, High Powergarden State ARA90545
W2OOTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group4692
W2PAENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterHudson Valley Contesters and DXers13629
W2TXSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group70434
W2TZWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn127803
W2UQWNYMulti-operator, Single Transmitter87120
W2XLENYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers246776
W2YCSNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB175126
W2YEVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSterling Park ARC37999
W3AGWPASingle Operator, QRPAllegheny Valley Radio Association14703
W3AMBMOSingle Operator, Low Power82000
W3BBOWPASingle Operator, Low Power23052
W3BGNEPASingle Operator, High PowerFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB404586
W3CPORSingle Operator, Low PowerWILLAMETTE VALLEY DX CLUB10353
W3EKTMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club116790
W3GHWPASingle Operator, High PowerSkyview Radio Society263181
W3IPVASingle Operator, Low Power28084
W3KLMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPVRC48818
W3KMEPASingle Operator, Low Power13072
W3MFEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club118422
W3OUMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club47120
W3PNWPASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club58022
W3TDFEPASingle Operator, High PowerQCWA-Ch.17177555
W3TMZNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group35492
W3TSEPASingle Operator, QRP104880
W3ULMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club30132
W3WHWPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterWireless Association of South Hills61831
W3WNWPASingle Operator, Low PowerWireless Association of South Hills17885
W4AANFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group (FCG)4712
W4BABGASingle Operator, High Power12500
W4BKTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group9415
W4EEHTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group20882
W4HJVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club2565
W4ITSCSingle Operator, Low Power56516
W4KAZNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club22825
W4KLYGASingle Operator, High PowerGARS (Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society)25986
W4LSCAZSingle Operator, Low Power
W4MELSCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterLow Country Contest Club15686
W4MYAVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club489039
W4PJWVASingle Operator, Low Power53802
W4PKVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB232832
W4PMVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Virginia Contest Club130741
W4RYWALSingle Operator, High Power54300
W4TMONCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club25380
W4TVGVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club17752
W4VGVASingle Operator, Low Power11592
W4WNTNCSingle Operator, Low PowerCarolina DX Association588
W4XQVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club37960
W4YEVASingle Operator, Low PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB78052
W5AJWTXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMidland ARC80278
W5ESESTXSingle Operator, QRPHays Caldwell ARC16128
W5GZNMSingle Operator, QRP12642
W5JAWSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club64032
W5JMWWTXSingle Operator, High Power25986
W5KDJSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerTEXAS DX SOCIETY46926
W5KIARSingle Operator, High Power135516
W5MTNTXSingle Operator, Low Power30464
W5MXKYSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group490875
W5PFSTXSingle Operator, High PowerTexas DX Society33434
W5QLFSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerW5QLF10248
W5RYANTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Texas Contest Club119952
W5TMOKSingle Operator, High PowerOklahoma DX Association369018
W5ZGSTXSingle Operator, High Power48160
W5ZNARSingle Operator, High Power347072
W6AYCSBSingle Operator, Low Power16380
W6BXQSFLSingle Operator, Low Power2376
W6DRSCVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club32704
W6GLSBSingle Operator, QRP288
W6JKLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern California Contest Club4278
W6JTISFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club109395
W6NFNVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club24111
W6OATSVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club169832
W6OFMSFMulti-operator, Single Transmitter23180
W6PHORGSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club37158
W6RAORSingle Operator, Low Power15070
W6RFFSVSingle Operator, Low PowerMother Lode DX/Contest Club3000
W6RKCSVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMother Lode DX/Contest Club33984
W6RLLAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club41736
W6RQRSVSingle Operator, Low Power22156
W6SRSVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMother Lode DX/Contest Club47286
W6SXSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club71102
W6UBTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group105198
W6XRWNYSingle Operator, High PowerFRC , Frankford Radio Club98910
W7CBSBSingle Operator, High PowerSCCC39300
W7CTORMulti-operator, Single TransmitterWillamette Valley DX Club236098
W7GKFWWASingle Operator, High PowerRedmond Top Key Contest Club118938
W7GTUTSingle Operator, Low PowerUtah DX Association1008
W7IMPNFLSingle Operator, High Power16848
W7IZLNEMulti-operator, Single Transmitter28342
W7KUMOSingle Operator, Low PowerKansas City DX Club15660
W7LDWWASingle Operator, High Power
W7MEMIDSingle Operator, High Power53130
W7RFCOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGRAND MESA CONTESTERS OF COLORADO201782
W7RHAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club163856
W7RNNVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club269064
W7VOORSingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club4375
W7WRWWASingle Operator, High Power8100
W7YAQORSingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club63460
W7ZACNVSingle Operator, Low Power7668
W8AKSWVSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac River Radio Club42084
W8DCQMISingle Operator, High Power53509
W8DHGOHSingle Operator, Low PowerVan Wert Amateur Radio Club61985
W8EHOHSingle Operator, Low Power41880
W8FJEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club214813
W8GGOHSingle Operator, High PowerWest Virginia DX Assc.59792
W8GPMISingle Operator, QRP30392
W8IDMOHSingle Operator, Low PowerWest Park Radiops45640
W8IQOHSingle Operator, Low Power12000
W8JIGASingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group700618
W8KENOHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club60286
W8KTQOHSingle Operator, Low PowerDelaware County Amateur Radio Association50592
W8MJMIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club409248
W8OHTWVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club45630
W8OPWVSingle Operator, Low Power48944
W8PENOHSingle Operator, Low Power74606
W8PNOHSingle Operator, High PowerWest Park Radiops19096
W8RUMISingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club8484
W8TEMIMulti-operator, Single Transmitter150183
W8VEOHSingle Operator, QRPNorth Coast Contesters17850
W8WTSOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMAD RIVER RADIO CLUB4148
W8ZHOMIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMuskegon Area Amateur Radio Council95394
W9AZILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters441892
W9CFAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest CLub20100
W9DKBWISingle Operator, Low Power6580
W9FHAINSingle Operator, Low Power14674
W9ILYILSingle Operator, Low PowerMetro DX Club6440
W9IUINMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters304251
W9LHGWISingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn42060
W9LIZILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters10206
W9LOWISingle Operator, QRPSociety of Midwest Contesters26182
W9OA/9WISingle Operator, Low PowerMETRO DX CLUB21870
W9OPWISingle Operator, High PowerNorth East Wisconsin DX Association122019
W9PNWISingle Operator, Low Power60918
W9REINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters176800
W9SEILSingle Operator, Low Powersociety of midwest contesters135344
W9SNINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters75486
W9THDINSingle Operator, Low Power20750
W9TNINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters31680
W9WITNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group62784
W9XTWISingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters118080
W9YKILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contestors8550
WA0MHJMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn48150
WA0RBWMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn43344
WA0WWWEWASingle Operator, Low PowerSpokane DX Association16377
WA1ESORISingle Operator, Low PowerSEMARA16769
WA1UJUMISingle Operator, Low Power79307
WA2JQKENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters60720
WA2MCRENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers17442
WA3IIAEPASingle Operator, High PowerCOLUMBIA-MONTOUR ARC25056
WA4EULVASingle Operator, Low PowerP.V.R.C.1140
WA4FFWNCSingle Operator, Low Powernone67144
WA4JUKVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club67965
WA4PGMVASingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Virginia Contest Club183117
WA4WLIALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group9456
WA4ZXVGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGwinnett Amateur Radio Society10693
WA5IYXSTXSingle Operator, Low Power3392
WA5PFJWTXSingle Operator, Low PowerMidland ARC3120
WA7LNWUTSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Arizona DX Association183092
WA7LTEWASingle Operator, High PowerSpokane DX Association135405
WA7NCLWWASingle Operator, Low Power11092
WA7NWLAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest club70
WA7YAZUTSingle Operator, Low Power4402
WA8NVWOHSingle Operator, Low PowerWest Park Radiops Club4930
WA8OJRSCSingle Operator, Low Power21854
WA8ZBTNTXSingle Operator, Low Power25724
WA9VEEWISingle Operator, Low Power10400
WB0CFFMNSingle Operator, Low PowerNONE51903
WB0GAGIASingle Operator, Low Power24
WB0NMNSingle Operator, High PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN35340
WB0PYFMOSingle Operator, Low Power12992
WB0QLUMOSingle Operator, Low PowerBoeing Employees Amateur Radio Society St. Louis (BEARS-STL)24539
WB0TEVNTXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter1682
WB2ABDWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerWestern New York Dx Assn.66642
WB4MAKGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouth East Contest Club60040
WB5NMZALSingle Operator, QRP15729
WB6JJJSVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club32
WB7FJGWWASingle Operator, Low Power8463
WB8BPUMDCSingle Operator, High Power30060
WB8BZKILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters8228
WB8JAYOHSingle Operator, Low Power986
WB8JUIOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club201216
WB8TNNMISingle Operator, Low Power27671
WB8VNVOHSingle Operator, Low PowerNONE2106
WB8WKQMISingle Operator, Low Power43010
WB8YYYMDCSingle Operator, Low Power42042
WB8ZRLIAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterEastern Iowa DX Association1005
WB9LPWILSingle Operator, Low PowerFox River Radio League3654
WB9ZILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters572135
WC3OWPASingle Operator, Low PowerSkyview Radio Society3672
WC6HSJVSingle Operator, High PowerMother Lode Dx/Contest Club31720
WC9CINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters10692
WD4LURTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group2820
WD5ABCSTXSingle Operator, Low Power10710
WD5BJTMSSingle Operator, Low PowerMagnolia DX Association11172
WD5COVNMSingle Operator, High Power318298
WD5KNTXSingle Operator, High PowerNorth Texas Contest Club133084
WD5TCTSingle Operator, High Power54115
WD8RIFOHSingle Operator, QRP924
WD8RYCTNSingle Operator, Low Power5292
WE1HVTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCTRI Contest Group40920
WE3CEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club527212
WE6ZSVSingle Operator, QRPNorthern California Contest Club108
WE9VWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters218976
WF2WWNYSingle Operator, High Power427425
WF4UUTSingle Operator, QRPUtah DX Association9768
WG0MMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN28090
WI2EEPASingle Operator, Low Power22880
WJ1REMASingle Operator, High Power11362
WK4PNCSingle Operator, QRPAppalachian Contesters3042
WK4YVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCerntral Virginia Contest Club280784
WK5XVAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter40716
WM0FCOSingle Operator, Low Power18469
WM3OMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club101556
WM5RSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club32
WO1NEMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club5307
WO2NNLISingle Operator, QRP15800
WO4OTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group234630
WO9SILSingle Operator, QRPSociety of Midwest Contesters50960
WQ5LMSSingle Operator, Low PowerMagnolia DX Association17284
WQ9TILSingle Operator, Low Power25992
WT0ANESingle Operator, QRP19520
WT0DIASingle Operator, Low Power25480
WT4QENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterHudson Valley Contesters and DXers49200
WT6GSVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club52220
WT6KEBMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club14076
WV1MCTMulti-operator, Single Transmitter3360
WW0ALCOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGrand Mesa Contest Club14784
WW2YNESingle Operator, High Power133152
WW3AGASingle Operator, Low Power7714
WW3DEDESingle Operator, Low Power57821
WW3SWPASingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Coast Contesters98568
WW6DSFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club1105
WW9RWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters29862
WX3BMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club275425
WX4MLBSFLMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFlorida Contest Group3616
WX4TMALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group23896
WX5ISTXSingle Operator, Low Power675
WX7GUTSingle Operator, QRP39547
WX9UILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters109382
WY1HENYSingle Operator, Low Power1024
WY3AEPASingle Operator, Low Power169765
WY7FDWYSingle Operator, High Power27588
WY7ICOSingle Operator, High Power92323
WZ8POHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club56240
XE2SDXSingle Operator, High Powergrupo dxxe79920
XE2YWHDXSingle Operator, Low PowerFMRE3968
YL2SMDXSingle Operator, High PowerLatvian Contest Club4992
YL7XDXSingle Operator, High PowerLatvian Contest club2580
YO2ISDXSingle Operator, Low PowerC.S.M. Timisoara96
YO5AJRDXSingle Operator, High PowerCSM ARMATURA ZALAU216
YO9OCDXSingle Operator, Low PowerCSTA BUCURESTI48
YQ6ADXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter1044
YT2TDXSingle Operator, High PowerYU Contest Club476
YT3MDXSingle Operator, High PowerSKY CC1188
ZF2AHDXSingle Operator, High Power154440

Field Day Submissions Received

  • 2018 ARRL Field Day -

    This is a list of Field Day participant summaries received BY ALL METHODS (web app, email and mail) - for 2018 Field Day - as of the date and time indicated in the link name below:


    [Pending Event Completion - June 23-24, 2018]


    "Checklog - Contact ARRL Contest Branch - Email:"


    If your listing has this statement, we will have emailed you a request for missing documents (usually a missing 2-Page Summary Sheet). Be sure to follow up with us if your listing is so notated.


    DX stations (outside Region 2 {the Americas}) will not be included in the final published results (for Field Day, DX stations are categorized as checklogs).

    Only Class A and Class F club names will be published (names are matched against call sign data bases or the ARRL Club Affiliations Database, and/or are abbreviated to conserve space).