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Logs Received

The following is the list of Logs Received for the 2010 ARRL August UHF Contest.

This list includes all receipted electronic submissions and is automatically updated several times during the day. It is not "instantaneous" so it may be several hours before the list is next updated.

If you submitted your entry electronically and do not find your log listed, first please check to see that you received back a numbered receipt from the ARRL Contest Robot. If you have a numbered receipt and your log does not appear within several hours, please contact with your receipt number and they will look into the matter during regular ARRL business hours.

If you received a message with a subject line beginning "UNABLE TO PROCESS LOG SUBMISSION" there was a problem with your entry. Please refer to the text of that email and correct the problems found by the robot. Until you receive a numbered receipt, you do not have an entry in the contest log queue.

Please check your information carefully after it is posted on the Logs Received list. If you have received a numbered receipt, the robot is satisfied that all of the information you submitted is acceptable. The robot has no way of knowing if all of the information is correct, however. For example, you may have indicated a category the robot recognizes, but it may not be the category in which you participated. If you discover an error in your category or Section information after it is posted, you may simply correct your Cabrillo file header and re-submit the entry.

PAPER LOGS will only be added to the queue after the submission deadline has passed and they have been initialized into the database. This could be up to 4-6 weeks after the contest submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at 860-594-0232. Thanks and 73.

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

222 logs received

Call SignSectionCategoryTypeTransmittersClubDate ReceivedClaimed Score
AA1IWMASingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONENorth East Weak Signal Group2652
AA3GMWPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE126
AA4HTNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE
AA5TBNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE36
AB2YI/RWNYLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONERochester VHF Group264
AC1JNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE7719
AD1DXEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE210
AE4TCVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE6
AF1TNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE40176
AF6RRSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEStanford University ARC3024
AG4VTNMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED10350
AI4GRNCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE216
AJ4GCSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society1008
K0AWUMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society5655
K0CQIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE3
K0PFXMOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE40824
K0PGILSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDBadger Contesters8510
K0SIXMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society900
K0VXMSFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society98175
K0YBCOMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado360
K1DSEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club360
K1GXCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE64602
K1IMCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club23256
K1KGEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE24336
K1MAPWMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group
K1RZMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club24048
K1TEOCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group179124
K1TRNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club12960
K1WHSMEMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDNorth East Weak Signal Group112491
K2DRHILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters
K2KIBNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE34968
K2YAZMISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters39639
K3CBMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDPotomac Valley Radio Club104967
K3TUFEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club4830
K4CWATNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC6
K4EJQVAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDBristol (TN) ARC21573
K4FJWVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC7650
K4QINCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE38868
K4QXXWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society4725
K4YRKTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE819
K5EJLSCVMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONE36
K6B/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club349098
K6TSKORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE14280
K7AWBEWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEpacific northwest vhf society288
K7HPT/REWARoverROVERONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2880
K7NDWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society3234
K8CCMISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMad River Radio Club4785
K8JAMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE3519
K8MDMISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE29640
K8SIXMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2736
K8TQKOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE63600
K9EA/VE3ONSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE3
K9JK/RILLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDLIMITEDBadger Contesters20424
KA1REMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club378
KA2LIMWNYMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEUnlimitedROCHESTER VHF GROUP23247
KA2OONNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERaritan Bay Radio Amateurs9579
KB0HHOKMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED34626
KC0P/RMNRoverROVERONENorthern Lights Radio Society3762
KC5MVZWTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE486
KC6SEHAZSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE147
KC6ZWTSVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE7533
KC8KSKNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE105
KC9BQAWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2268
KD5TDPSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFixedONE3
KD7UOWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society270
KE5AIISTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE3
KE6GFFORGSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONEDowney ARC1824
KE6GFIORGSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONEDowneyARC4
KE7SWWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDpacific northwest vhf society1755
KE7UQLNVSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONEnone252
KF8QLMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters0
KG5MDARSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE
KG7PWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific northwest VHF society714
KI4NPVNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDflorida weak signal society600
KI7JAORSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2040
KJ1KWMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group5796
KJ6CNO/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club378072
KK0QCOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE156
KK6MC/RNMLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDLIMITEDNew Mexico Big River Contesters0
KT8XMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMad River Radio Club576
KV2XWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONERochester VHF Group3
N0AKCWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society16896
N0TTWIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE3612
N0YECOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE4617
N1IBMSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFRC
N1JHJNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContoocook Valley Radio Club2091
N1KATMEMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEUNLIMITED7098
N1LFALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEAlabama Contest Group12
N1ZNCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMeriden ARC40
N2DCHWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE84
N2GKMENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE
N2GZCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group972
N2SLNWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE
N3EMFEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE18348
N4AKSCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE132
N4QWZTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEtennessee contest group14040
N5QYCARSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE45
N6AJREBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEnorthern california contest club150
N6AYPSVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEGolden Empire Radio Society12
N6EQORGSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE5694
N6HC/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club377910
N6LBWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society216
N6NB/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club517500
N6TCZLAXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE1728
N6UWW/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club
N6VI/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club384213
N6ZE/RWWALimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society936
N7EPDWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society6420
N8PVTMISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE60
N9LBWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters4524
N9TFILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters1344
NJ7AUTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE90
VA3STONSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEcontest club ontario10962
VE3CRU/RONRoverROVERONEContest Club Ontario11868
VE3OILONSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario3465
VE3SMA/RONRoverROVERONEContest Club Ontario36288
VE3ZVONSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario42210
W0GHZ/RMNRoverROVERONENorthern Lights Radio Society72
W0GHZMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society24435
W0KTNESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE32
W0LGQIASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE42816
W0OHUMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society60
W0RTKSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE1173
W0UCWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society32970
W0VANIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE36
W0ZQ/RMNRoverROVERONENorthern Lights Radio Society5814
W0ZQMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society37788
W1AUV/RWMARoverROVERONENorth East Weak Signal Group24231
W1FKFEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENoth East Weak Signal Group4818
W1JHR/RWMARoverROVERONENorth East Weak Signal Group19458
W1LVLNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society18
W1PMEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group20100
W1TRCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group806
W1ZCNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group4623
W2BZYNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society29952
W2CNSWNYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONERochester VHF Group351
W2CVWNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE36
W2SJSNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club49680
W3HHNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE336
W3KWHWPAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDSteel City ARC10560
W3PAWWPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEpotomac valley radio club59670
W3SZEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club51684
W3TMZNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society1080
W3TWXVTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE495
W3ZZMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club17802
W4AMPGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE72
W4BCUTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE620
W4ENNALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE1152
W4ZRZALSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE61479
W5AACSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONETexas DX Society324
W5VHFOKSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2652
W6DQORGMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED1794
W6OALCOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2340
W6TAI/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club487746
W6TE/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club
W6VNQSVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE1209
W6XD/RLAXRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club394224
W6YLZ/RSJVLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONESouthern California Contest Club94905
W7AITSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDUNLIMITED927
W7GLFWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society648
W7MEMIDSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE495
W7RVAZSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEArizona Outlaws Contest Club
W8FRMSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE612
W8IJEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE18
W8RUMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMad River Radio Club2322
W9BNOCOSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE192
W9FZ/RWIRoverROVERONEBadger Contesters74496
W9GAWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters15408
W9IIXILSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEsociety of midwest contesters627
W9RMILMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEMt Frank Contesters11178
W9RVGILSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters330
W9SNR/RILRoverROVERONEBadger Contesters62424
W9SZILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters29016
WA0ARMKSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE459
WA0VPJMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society858
WA1FVJCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE72
WA1GTPCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE324
WA2FGKEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMURGAS ARC169344
WA2NXKNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERaritan Bay Radio Amateurs2400
WA2VOI/RMNRoverROVERONENorthern Lights Radio Society
WA4QYKTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC4686
WA5LFDNTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE273
WA6ZTYSVMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEONENorthern California Contest Club3510
WA8RJFOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE1053
WB0LJC/RMNRoverROVERONENorthern Lights Radio Society4386
WB0ULXSDSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE144
WB1GQRVTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERadio Amateurs of Northern Vermont25530
WB2RVXSNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club13095
WB2SIHENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE21462
WB2WIKORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESouthern California Contest Club180540
WB3IGRMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club19656
WB4IXUTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE1056
WB4OMGWCFSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society783
WB4SLMGASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE28800
WB8BZK/RILRoverROVERONEBadger Contesters18480
WJ9BNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society90000
WO9SILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters9720
WQ0PKSSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE1632
WS3CEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2016
WW1ZNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group720

Field Day Submissions Received

  • 2017 ARRL Field Day -

    This is a list of Field Day participant summaries received BY ALL METHODS (web app, email and mail) - for 2017 Field Day - as of the date and time indicated in the link name below:


    2017 Field Day summaries--as of  9am EDT August 28


    Several lines in the Summaries List have this statement in YELLOW highlight and we have assembled this list of Call-Signs at the bottom of the file:

    "Checklog - Contact ARRL Contest Branch - Email:"


    If your listing has this statement, we will have emailed you a request for missing documents (usually a missing 2-Page Summary Sheet). Be sure to follow up with us if your listing is so notated.


    DX stations (outside Region 2 {the Americas}) will not be included in the final published results (for Field Day, DX stations are categorized as checklogs).


    Only Class A and Class F club names will be published (names are matched against call sign data bases or the ARRL Club Affiliations Database, and/or are abbreviated to conserve space).


    The Field Day web app has been turned off for 2017 - contact the ARRL Contest Branch at  ASAP about any problems with an entry (as all published deadlines have now passed).