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Logs Received

The following is the list of Logs Received for the 2010 ARRL November Sweepstakes (Phone).

This list includes all receipted electronic submissions and is automatically updated several times during the day. It is not "instantaneous" so it may be several hours before the list is next updated.

If you submitted your entry electronically and do not find your log listed, first please check to see that you received back a numbered receipt from the ARRL Contest Robot. If you have a numbered receipt and your log does not appear within several hours, please contact with your receipt number and they will look into the matter during regular ARRL business hours.

If you received a message with a subject line beginning "UNABLE TO PROCESS LOG SUBMISSION" there was a problem with your entry. Please refer to the text of that email and correct the problems found by the robot. Until you receive a numbered receipt, you do not have an entry in the contest log queue.

Please check your information carefully after it is posted on the Logs Received list. If you have received a numbered receipt, the robot is satisfied that all of the information you submitted is acceptable. The robot has no way of knowing if all of the information is correct, however. For example, you may have indicated a category the robot recognizes, but it may not be the category in which you participated. If you discover an error in your category or Section information after it is posted, you may simply correct your Cabrillo file header and re-submit the entry.

PAPER LOGS will only be added to the queue after the submission deadline has passed and they have been initialized into the database. This could be up to 4-6 weeks after the contest submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at 860-594-0232. Thanks and 73.

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

1793 logs received

Call SignSectionCategoryClubDate ReceivedClaimed Score
AA0AMOSingle Operator, High Power26664
AA0AWMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn47286
AA1ARWMASingle Operator, Unlimited35200
AA1JMCTSingle Operator, Low Power39312
AA2ADWPASingle Operator, Low PowerAllegheny Valley Radio Association3200
AA2BHNLIChecklogBaiting Hollow Scout Camp9516
AA2VKNLISingle Operator, QRP36210
AA3CSMDCSingle Operator, QRP11132
AA3KEPASingle Operator, UnlimitedFrankford Radio Club10200
AA4DDTNSingle Operator, Low PowerBristol (TN) ARC9500
AA4KDVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club24800
AA6EESDGSingle Operator, Low Power10812
AA6GZSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club30488
AA6KSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club50666
AA6PWORGSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club195680
AA6YXSFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club79618
AA7MTMTSingle Operator, Low Power6844
AA7RTEWASingle Operator, Low Power
AA8BVOHSingle Operator, High Power44020
AA8HHOHMulti Single29920
AA8IAOHSingle Operator, UnlimitedMad River Radio Club48640
AA9RTILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters81928
AB1BRMESingle Operator, High Power7600
AB2DENNJMulti Single80960
AB2KXENYSingle Operator, Low Power72000
AB2NGWNYSingle Operator, High Power12750
AB2TCDXSingle Operator, Low PowerCONTEST:
AB2ZYNNYSingle Operator, Unlimited43360
AB3ICMDCSingle Operator, Low Power
AB4GNFLSingle Operator, Low Power16506
AB4GGTNSingle Operator, UnlimitedTennessee Contest Group201760
AB5GGARMulti Single68000
AB9MILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety Of Midwest Contesters17600
AB9WJINSingle Operator, Low Power13680
AB9XIWISingle Operator, Low Power21204
AC0LLMNSingle Operator, Low Power3600
AC0SXKSSingle Operator, Low PowerJOHNSON COUNTY ARC3000
AC1JNHSingle Operator, High PowerGRANITE STATE ARA41184
AC2NNFLSingle Operator, QRP4270
AC5TNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone19800
AC6WIVASingle Operator, QRPPotomac Valley Radio Club72
AC7JMAZSingle Operator, Low Power20212
AC7JYWWASingle Operator, Low Power11232
AC8ACMISingle Operator, Low PowerMotor City Radio Club17010
AC8GIOHSingle Operator, Low Power15340
AD1CCOSingle Operator, UnlimitedGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado10404
AD1DXEMASingle Operator, High Power61950
AD1LWMASingle Operator, Unlimited25620
AD2AMENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers35916
AD4EBTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group49284
AD4LNCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club77000
AD5LUNTXSingle Operator, Low Power1932
AD5VCLASingle Operator, Low Power3364
AD5XDNTXSingle Operator, High Power113600
AD6ZSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club97802
AD7MQMTSingle Operator, Low Power24320
AD7XVWWASingle Operator, Low PowerNone12420
AD9PWISingle Operator, High Power11544
AE0AAMOSingle Operator, Low Power13456
AE1PNHSingle Operator, High Power88800
AE2NGWNYSingle Operator, Low Power4464
AE4CJVASingle Operator, Low PowerRoanoke Valley ARC38500
AE5GTSTXSingle Operator, QRPCentral Texas DX and Contest Club38736
AE5MMOKSingle Operator, Low Power14076
AE5MTOKSingle Operator, Low Power47278
AE5OLMSSingle Operator, Low Power242
AE5PNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNacogdoches ARC20150
AE5TLAMulti Single201690
AE6CEBSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club21546
AE6RFSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club66518
AE6XCLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerDowney ARC4320
AE6YSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club183040
AE7APMTSingle Operator, Low Power32562
AF1TNHSingle Operator, High PowerContoocook Valley Radio Club198240
AF2ONLISingle Operator, High Power10400
AF4MOVASingle Operator, Low PowerSterling Park ARC15120
AF5QOKSingle Operator, Low Power60320
AF6JPSJVMulti SingleNorthern California Contest Club17808
AF6OPSVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club13920
AF6PUEBSingle Operator, Low Power18600
AF6TSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club44200
AF8COHSingle Operator, Low PowerWEST PARK RADIOPS23040
AF9JWISingle Operator, QRPSociety of Midwest Contesters10608
AF9TWISingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn15162
AG0LNEMulti Single50078
AG3RILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters748
AG5ZMSSingle Operator, High Power70550
AG6VSFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club1334
AG9AILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters13750
AI0QMNSingle Operator, Low Power56000
AI2ISNJMulti Single46200
AI2SWCFSingle Operator, Low Power5680
AI4BJKYSingle Operator, Low Power38250
AI4GRNCSingle Operator, Low Power15776
AI4SVVASingle Operator, Low PowerVienna Wireless Society13310
AI4UNGASingle Operator, Low Power18600
AI6YLSVMulti SingleNorthern California Contest Club3780
AI6ZLAXSingle Operator, UnlimitedSouthern California DX Club1368
AI9KILSingle Operator, QRPNone14300
AI9QWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club22
AI9TILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters19530
AJ3GVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club39658
AJ4VEGASingle Operator, Low Power7252
AJ6VSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club23302
AJ9CINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters213760
AK4MTVASingle Operator, Low Power8360
AK4NCNCSingle Operator, Low PowerAshe County ARC21280
AK6MSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club69760
AK9FILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters21106
AL1GAKSingle Operator, High Power90288
AL9AAKSingle Operator, Unlimited138060
K0ACPIASingle Operator, Low Power26572
K0ADMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn68968
K0ANSCOSingle Operator, Low PowerBoulder Amateur Radio Club14520
K0BJKSSingle Operator, Low Power3844
K0BUDMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn106106
K0CDWISingle Operator, Low Power9400
K0CNMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn
K0DEQMOSingle Operator, High PowerMISSOURI DX AND CONTEST CLUB114348
K0DQVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club186340
K0DUCOMulti SingleGrand Mesa Contesters277280
K0FGMOSingle Operator, Unlimited21750
K0FJKSSingle Operator, High PowerTrojan ARC23288
K0FVFMNMulti SingleMinnesota Wireless Assn216320
K0GNDNEMulti SingleLincoln ARC165760
K0HBMNMulti SingleMinnesota Wireless Assn151680
K0HNCKSSingle Operator, Low Power26358
K0HSSDMulti SingleHot Springs Amateur Radio Club52360
K0IHNESingle Operator, Low PowerLincoln Amateur Radio Club, Lincoln, NE14410
K0IRMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn11200
K0ITCNESingle Operator, Low Power27170
K0JAMNMulti SingleMinnesota Wireless Assn48000
K0JJMKSMulti Single43120
K0JJRMNSingle Operator, High PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN63358
K0JPLMOSingle Operator, High PowerSociety Of Midwest Contesters12800
K0KECOSingle Operator, High Power195040
K0KRCOSingle Operator, Low Power128
K0KRHNESingle Operator, Low PowerLincoln Amateur Radio Club23874
K0KUKSSchool ClubKansas University Amatuer radio club6864
K0KXMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn89760
K0LAFMOSingle Operator, Low Power39274
K0LMDCOSingle Operator, Low Power162
K0LUZNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Club149600
K0MPHMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn50100
K0OBMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn134932
K0OUMOSingle Operator, Low PowerKC Contest Club121440
K0PCMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn25578
K0PIRSDSingle Operator, Low Power8686
K0PKMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn3060
K0RCMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn24522
K0RHKSSingle Operator, High Power192640
K0RICOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado39000
K0RRPNCSingle Operator, Low Power780
K0SVMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn25920
K0TGMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn8184
K0TOIDSingle Operator, High Power196960
K0TQINSingle Operator, High Power34638
K0URNCOSingle Operator, Low Power10780
K0USANEMulti Single36646
K0VBUKSSingle Operator, Low PowerKansas City Contest Club36576
K0VGMNSingle Operator, High PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN9888
K0VKCOSingle Operator, QRPNone14310
K0VVYSDSchool ClubSouth Dakota School of Mines and Technology Amateur Radio Club18368
K0VXPCOSingle Operator, Low PowerK0RV14560
K0VXUKSSingle Operator, High Power126204
K0XTRCOSingle Operator, High Power15704
K0YQCOSingle Operator, Unlimited4602
K0YRMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn43400
K1ARNHSingle Operator, Unlimited81920
K1BBMEMASingle Operator, Low Power15660
K1CTTCTSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern Berkshire ARC12084
K1DGNHSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club12960
K1DMCTSingle Operator, Low PowerCTRI CONTEST GROUP15400
K1ESEMESingle Operator, Unlimited5376
K1GUTNSingle Operator, UnlimitedTennessee Contest Group107520
K1HGNMSingle Operator, Low PowerAlbuquerque DX Assn22044
K1KAVVASingle Operator, Low Power176
K1KDMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn253600
K1KICTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club960
K1KNQWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group74720
K1LEECTSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern Berkshire ARC25520
K1LOGMESingle Operator, Low Power12792
K1LZEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club283840
K1OUOHSingle Operator, Low Power81686
K1QWEMASingle Operator, Low Power6160
K1RMCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club94240
K1RXNHSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club90240
K1THEMASingle Operator, UnlimitedYankee Clipper Contest Club7344
K1TNWISingle Operator, Low PowerNone22272
K1TOWCFSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group102240
K1VONHSingle Operator, High PowerGranite State ARA28826
K1XOCTSingle Operator, Low PowerNone42768
K1YSYMESingle Operator, High Power13664
K1ZWNCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club15318
K2AMPENYSingle Operator, Low Power
K2CCNNYSchool ClubClarkson University ARC
K2CFWNYSingle Operator, High Power20862
K2CYEENYSingle Operator, Low Power7644
K2DFCNNJSingle Operator, UnlimitedSussex County ARC88480
K2DSLNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerBergen ARA86240
K2DVWNYSingle Operator, High PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn21504
K2GMYEBSingle Operator, Low Power16166
K2IWRWNYMulti SingleSkyline ARC33948
K2IZNLISingle Operator, Low PowerGreat South Bay ARC25920
K2JFNLISingle Operator, Low Power1536
K2KRWTXMulti Single126984
K2LNSEPASingle Operator, Low PowerMurgas ARC11040
K2MKSNJSingle Operator, High Power14040
K2MUNNNJSingle Operator, Low Power360
K2NNYNNYMulti SingleRochester (NY) DX Assn244640
K2OAKNNJMulti SingleYankee Clipper Contest Club30044
K2ONPENYSingle Operator, UnlimitedHudson Valley Contesters and DXers19200
K2PLFMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club80320
K2QYENYSingle Operator, Low Power15600
K2RDSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club47400
K2RETSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerSouth Jersey DX Assn34160
K2SIWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn41322
K2SQSSNJSingle Operator, UnlimitedFrankford Radio Club16480
K2SSBVASingle Operator, Low PowerAlbemarle ARC4446
K2TZYNLISingle Operator, Low PowerGreat South Bay ARC2378
K2UFENYSingle Operator, Low Power101794
K2XAENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers36576
K2XCNNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn11280
K3ANSCSingle Operator, Low Power84320
K3AUMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio CLub53600
K3CWFDESingle Operator, Low Power
K3DNEMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club186240
K3FIVSFSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club74250
K3IEALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group59400
K3ISHEPASingle Operator, High Power12500
K3IURISingle Operator, UnlimitedCTRI Contest Group42240
K3JDDEMulti SingleFrankford Radio Club105768
K3KONCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club4400
K3KUMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club15344
K3LRWPASingle Operator, High PowerNorth Coast Contesters850
K3MDEPASingle Operator, UnlimitedFrankford Radio Club115040
K3MIMMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club234630
K3MJWWPAMulti SingleSkyview Radio Society115360
K3MMMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club269920
K3MQDESingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club104320
K3MRGEPASingle Operator, Low PowerNONE47112
K3MZVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club2408
K3PRCMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club35856
K3PZNMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club64676
K3QXMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club41344
K3RGBMDCSingle Operator, Low Power3420
K3RMBWPASingle Operator, High PowerSkyview Radio Society5694
K3STXMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club66880
K3SVEPASingle Operator, Low PowerMHDXA13068
K3TDSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club62712
K3TMMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club39368
K3TNMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club87680
K3TW/4NFLSingle Operator, UnlimitedFLORIDA CONTEST GROUP38080
K3UAWPASingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Coast Contesters1674
K3VEDWPASingle Operator, Low Power19220
K3VINKYSingle Operator, Low Power40000
K3WAILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters30000
K3WWEPASingle Operator, UnlimitedFrankford Radio Club100640
K3YDXMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club26390
K3ZJWVSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club163200
K3ZQMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club128000
K4ABALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group276800
K4AFVASingle Operator, Low Power46574
K4AMKALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group6768
K4BAIGASingle Operator, High PowerSouth East Contest Club240792
K4BGVTNSingle Operator, High PowerBristol (TN) ARC432
K4BPTNMulti SingleTennessee Contest Group216960
K4CWATNSingle Operator, Low PowerBristol (TN) ARC19584
K4CXTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group1200
K4EDITNSingle Operator, UnlimitedBristol (TN) ARC104160
K4EETMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club12546
K4EJWCFSingle Operator, UnlimitedFLORIDA CONTEST GROUP12744
K4EUVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club112000
K4FJWVASingle Operator, Low PowerBristol (TN) ARC61350
K4FTKYSingle Operator, UnlimitedKentucky Contest Group12960
K4FTOVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club25200
K4GOPNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group9476
K4GRESCSingle Operator, Low PowerBlue Ridge Amateur Radio Society920
K4HALALSingle Operator, UnlimitedAlabama Contest Group56480
K4JCSFLSingle Operator, QRP18000
K4JTTGASingle Operator, High PowerSouth East Contest Club5934
K4KAYNCSingle Operator, Low Power10600
K4LQWCFSingle Operator, UnlimitedFlorida Contest Group19200
K4LTATNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group67466
K4MCKTNSingle Operator, Low Power
K4MFSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group13568
K4MGANCSingle Operator, Low Power10486
K4MILVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB46880
K4OMGTNSingle Operator, Low PowerNone17664
K4QPLNCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club82400
K4RGVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club141600
K4RTVASingle Operator, High PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB31200
K4SOVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club87520
K4SPOKYSingle Operator, Low Power13764
K4SSUGASingle Operator, High Power286560
K4TMCNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club8372
K4TOJVASingle Operator, Low Power7636
K4UBGASingle Operator, Low Power36704
K4WESNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club56316
K4WIALSingle Operator, UnlimitedAlabama Contest Group32320
K4WWKYSingle Operator, UnlimitedDerby City DX Association39420
K4WYVASingle Operator, QRP15616
K4XDNCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club114240
K4YNDVASingle Operator, Low Power5616
K4ZGBALSingle Operator, UnlimitedAlabama Contest Group161280
K4ZWVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club10200
K5BZHWTXSingle Operator, Low Power43168
K5DCTARSingle Operator, Low Power160
K5ENSLASingle Operator, High PowerLouisiana Contest Club162720
K5IXSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerTEXAS DX SOCIETY26560
K5KGWCFSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group248320
K5LADOKSingle Operator, High Power51128
K5LKRNTXSingle Operator, Low Power16644
K5LSULASchool ClubARS at Louisiana State University1610
K5MBANTXSingle Operator, Low Power140
K5MVSTXSingle Operator, Unlimited47268
K5NASTXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club284960
K5PAXNMSingle Operator, Low Power98
K5QNKARSingle Operator, Low Power40442
K5QRNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone18032
K5TANMSingle Operator, High PowerNew Mexico Big River Contesters267520
K5TQNMSingle Operator, UnlimitedNew Mexico Big River Contesters11872
K5TRSTXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club322240
K5TVMSSingle Operator, Low Power42432
K5TVTSFLSingle Operator, Low Power98
K5USAOKSchool Club16006
K5VIPVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club48000
K5ZDWMASingle Operator, QRPYankee Clipper Contest Club36632
K6AAXEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club52640
K6BIREBSingle Operator, Low Power12320
K6CDJSJVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club48336
K6CSLSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club8736
K6CTASFSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club35742
K6DGWSVChecklogNorthern California Contest Club53656
K6DSWLAXSingle Operator, Low Power5680
K6EUSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club37814
K6GEPORGSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern California Contest Club1458
K6GHASCVSingle Operator, Low Power10608
K6GNSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club13068
K6GTSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club102400
K6HRTORGSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club68320
K6IIISVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club25220
K6JEBEBSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club65096
K6JJSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club55176
K6JKSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club3480
K6JRAEBSingle Operator, Low Power5320
K6JSSFSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club66990
K6KQVSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club2
K6KRWWASingle Operator, UnlimitedWestern Washington DX Club4756
K6LESJVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club4368
K6LLAZSingle Operator, UnlimitedArizona Outlaws Contest Club203360
K6LONNVSingle Operator, High Power13144
K6MISJVSingle Operator, QRPNorthern California Contest Club4130
K6MMSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club93324
K6MUGLAXSingle Operator, Low Power15680
K6NDWMAMulti SingleYankee Clipper Contest Club207840
K6NVSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club47060
K6OOSCVSingle Operator, QRP49096
K6OYSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club1278
K6RBSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club56056
K6RCSVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club41440
K6RIMSFSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club152000
K6RMSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club77064
K6SBSBMulti Single46560
K6STSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club90948
K6SUSCVMulti SingleNorthern California Contest Club180320
K6SVSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club200160
K6TUSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club112160
K6TUJAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club9800
K6TVLAXSingle Operator, Low Power23560
K6UMORSingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club16240
K6VARSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club19520
K6VVASCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club81158
K6WCSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club5616
K6WVSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club1440
K6XVEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club107464
K6YRUSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club29172
K6YTSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club109668
K6YVSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club400
K7BGMTSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern Rockies DX Association75000
K7DDAZSingle Operator, Low Power12566
K7DNHNVSingle Operator, High Power28014
K7DXSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club28024
K7EGWWASingle Operator, High PowerWestern Washington DX Club4386
K7EKMEWASingle Operator, Low PowerSPOKANE DX ASSOCIATION131632
K7HBNWWASingle Operator, QRPWWDXC15694
K7HPAZSingle Operator, UnlimitedArizona Outlaws Contest Club115200
K7IANMSingle Operator, High PowerNone63936
K7IREWAMulti SingleWestern Washington DX Club Inc.259040
K7JANIDSingle Operator, Low Power10350
K7JNAWWASingle Operator, QRPNone336
K7LUMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club9632
K7LYAZSingle Operator, UnlimitedArizona Outlaws Contest Club104280
K7MDHLAXSingle Operator, Low Power27876
K7MKLNVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club25200
K7RBNTXSingle Operator, Low Power39200
K7RDGAZMulti SingleCochise Amateur Radio Assn17608
K7RLWWASingle Operator, High PowerWestern Washington DX Club343680
K7RLLVASingle Operator, QRP1216
K7SSWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Washington DX Club74100
K7TQIDSingle Operator, UnlimitedSpokane DX Association42316
K7VCNVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club52456
K7VITORSingle Operator, UnlimitedWillamette Valley DX Club17748
K7VUWYSingle Operator, Low Power155630
K7XCNVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club144800
K7ZGWWASingle Operator, Low Power5254
K7ZSDORSingle Operator, UnlimitedWillamette Valley DX Club281120
K8AOMISingle Operator, High Power172692
K8ARLOHSingle Operator, Low PowerSENECA RADIO CLUB13184
K8BLOHSingle Operator, Low PowerNORTH COAST CONTESTERS166080
K8EOMIMulti SingleL'Anse Creuse ARC36320
K8GDTOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMedina 2 Meter Group35840
K8GTMISingle Operator, UnlimitedMad River Radio Club19584
K8GUMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club12192
K8GVKMISingle Operator, Low Power14250
K8IYOOHSingle Operator, Low Power
K8JSM/4NCSingle Operator, Low PowerYES - K8JSM5520
K8KHZMISingle Operator, Unlimitedmad river Radio Club72000
K8KZBMISingle Operator, Low Power10434
K8LEFENYSingle Operator, Low PowerRip Van Winkle ARS14076
K8POMESingle Operator, High Power259182
K8QFOHSingle Operator, High PowerPortage County Amateur Radio Service10918
K8RDJMISingle Operator, Low PowerMotor City Radio Club18600
K8SCHOHMulti SingleOh-Ky-In ARS18880
K8SSBMISingle Operator, Low PowerMotor City Radio Club40186
K8THUMISingle Operator, UnlimitedMotor City Radio Club40160
K8VUSOHSingle Operator, Low PowerWest Park Radiops25212
K8ZZUMISingle Operator, Unlimited26560
K9ADLILSingle Operator, Low PowerNone51324
K9ARFWISingle Operator, Low Power
K9BTQWISingle Operator, Low PowerWest Allis RAC67080
K9CTILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters259200
K9DURINSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters2668
K9FOILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters4320
K9FRTIAMulti SingleFreq Amateur Radio Team23560
K9GYILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters37230
K9IGINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters22528
K9IJILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters3500
K9IUINChecklogK9IU Indiana University Amateur Radio Club4158
K9JKILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters11200
K9JMSVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club86400
K9KRWISingle Operator, Low PowerWEST ALLIS RAC74100
K9LGUWISingle Operator, Low PowerTRI-COUNTY ARC9460
K9MIINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters30150
K9MMSILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters60800
K9MVINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters35140
K9NNINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters24050
K9NWOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club74690
K9ORILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters86720
K9OZILMulti SingleSociety of Midwest Contesters2150
K9PJVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club74560
K9RMINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters65120
K9TMSILSingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Lake County Amateur Radio Society32
K9VSWISingle Operator, High PowerBadger Contesters30672
K9WDWISingle Operator, Low Power11960
K9WWTINSingle Operator, High Power36352
K9WZBAZSingle Operator, Low Power136160
K9XBWISingle Operator, Low Power11024
K9YCSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club87150
K9ZMILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters40480
K9ZOILSingle Operator, QRPSociety of Midwest Contesters10952
KA0BCOSingle Operator, QRPnone364
KA0BHOKSSingle Operator, Low Power11232
KA0CSWMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless ASSN6600
KA0PMOSingle Operator, Low Power1150
KA0PQWMNMulti Single29264
KA1ARBNCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club283840
KA1CMESingle Operator, Low PowerWaterville Area Wireless Association1000
KA1IOREMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club184160
KA1LMRNHSingle Operator, QRP72000
KA2ANFNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerEast Coast DX Assn112
KA2DNLISingle Operator, UnlimitedOrder of Boiled Owls of New York85440
KA2OUONCSingle Operator, Low Power53200
KA3HEDDESingle Operator, High PowerNone22752
KA3QLFEPASingle Operator, Low PowerNone52950
KA3UOLWPASingle Operator, Low Power11424
KA4GFYVASingle Operator, Low PowerALEXANDRIA RADIO CLUB57120
KA4NDYALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group1134
KA4RRUVASingle Operator, QRPPotomac Valley Radio Club2322
KA6MALSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club
KA6TORSingle Operator, Low Power21350
KA8KGWMISingle Operator, Low PowerMotor City Radio Club9180
KA8SBIOHSingle Operator, Low Power30672
KA9MOMILSingle Operator, Low Power28728
KA9VHGWISingle Operator, Low Power11970
KA9WPOILSingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Lake County Amateur Radio Society312
KB0FHPEPASingle Operator, Low Power2760
KB0HHOKMulti Single128320
KB0NHWMOMulti Single56722
KB0QHNESingle Operator, Low PowerLincoln ARC18000
KB0UKWKSSingle Operator, Low Power247
KB1GKNNHSingle Operator, Low PowerNashua Area Radio Club160
KB1JJLCTSingle Operator, Low Power100
KB1MCKWMASingle Operator, Low Power16128
KB1REQEMASingle Operator, Low PowerWhitman ARC8874
KB1TFJNHSingle Operator, Low Power
KB1THUNHSingle Operator, Low Power20400
KB1TMARISingle Operator, Low Power5776
KB1UUBCTSingle Operator, Low Power
KB2KDYENYMulti Single16640
KB2KOLWNYSingle Operator, High Power28950
KB2LUVWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerNone5412
KB2NCIWNYSingle Operator, UnlimitedThomas Sanders100
KB2URIWNYSingle Operator, Low Power4290
KB3ICMEPASingle Operator, Low Power4536
KB3KOCMDCSingle Operator, QRP
KB3LIXWPASingle Operator, Low PowerAllegheny Valley Radio Association47124
KB3LTTEPASingle Operator, Low Power15360
KB3OKMDCSingle Operator, Low Power53280
KB3ORRWPASingle Operator, Low PowerAllegheny Valley Radio Association6318
KB3TBVWPAMulti Single
KB4AZXVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club12760
KB4EBTNSingle Operator, Low PowerYes2880
KB4GYTSCSingle Operator, Low Power32120
KB4KBSGASingle Operator, UnlimitedSOUTH EAST CONTEST CLUB29484
KB4SRNTNSingle Operator, Low Power
KB4VCWCFMulti SingleTampa Amaturer Radio Club1568
KB5YLGNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone68160
KB6OJENTXSingle Operator, Low Power13108
KB7KYKWWASingle Operator, Low PowerNone8944
KB7PVUNMSingle Operator, Low Power578
KB7QOAIDSingle Operator, Low Power16016
KB7QOSWYSingle Operator, Low Power48822
KB7STOWWASingle Operator, Low Power3360
KB8MUPMISingle Operator, Low Power9792
KB8SHEOHSingle Operator, Low Power15070
KB8TWMMISingle Operator, Low Power31744
KB8UUZOHSingle Operator, Low PowerPortage County Amateur Radio Service78240
KB8VJLOHSingle Operator, Low PowerPortage County Amateur Radio Service4
KB9CYLILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters10608
KB9KAKILSingle Operator, Low PowerSangamon Valley Radio Club16356
KB9NWILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters4556
KB9ORHINSingle Operator, Low Power15008
KB9OWDWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters84300
KB9SWISingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn13310
KB9YGDINSingle Operator, Low Power17400
KC0FUEKSSingle Operator, Low Power408
KC0GLKSSingle Operator, Low Power18480
KC0MMOSingle Operator, Low PowerNone66300
KC0OYTNESingle Operator, Low Power5476
KC0QNAMNSingle Operator, Low Power20650
KC0RETMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn13068
KC0UUTMNSingle Operator, Low Power1102
KC0UXCSDSingle Operator, Low PowerNone37440
KC0VFPMNSingle Operator, Low Power5124
KC1SQEMASingle Operator, Low Power45030
KC2HRGNNJSingle Operator, Low Power
KC2JRQNLISingle Operator, Low Power546
KC2KTZWMASingle Operator, Low Power8550
KC2LSTNNJSingle Operator, Unlimited21390
KC2NLMSNJMulti Single7744
KC2PJHENYSingle Operator, Low Power5494
KC2QJBNNJSingle Operator, Low Power8100
KC2SYFNLISingle Operator, Low PowerGreat South Bay ARC3570
KC2TVJENYSingle Operator, High Power882
KC2ULYENYSingle Operator, Low Power2728
KC2UMLSNJSingle Operator, High Power3300
KC2VMPWNYSingle Operator, High Power21306
KC4HWALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group97012
KC4MYVNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerNOFARS/ CCARS,range.nassau county,fl areas4092
KC4QYGVASingle Operator, Low PowerRichmond Amateur Radio Club8858
KC4SWNVSingle Operator, Low Power3672
KC4TIXALSingle Operator, Low Power15120
KC5HLASingle Operator, Low Power49350
KC5WALASingle Operator, QRPLouisiana Contest Club28140
KC6MMUSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club17604
KC7HEWASingle Operator, Low Power9384
KC7MIQWWASingle Operator, Low Power476
KC7WDLWWASingle Operator, Low Power1240
KC8CAJMISingle Operator, Low Power30530
KC8HQSOHSingle Operator, Low Power5168
KC8IMBOHMulti Single83520
KC8QHTOHSingle Operator, Low Power10600
KC9AMMILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters28968
KC9ECIWISingle Operator, Unlimited48160
KC9GHQWISingle Operator, Low Power360
KC9ILILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety Of Midwest Contesters11328
KC9IVJWISingle Operator, Low PowerW9ET Driftless Zone Contesters12100
KC9LIFILSingle Operator, Low Power15510
KC9LQSILSingle Operator, Low Power
KC9NJZILSingle Operator, QRPWestern Lake County Amateur Radio Society6840
KC9NPZWISingle Operator, Low Power6776
KC9OYEINSingle Operator, Low Power14388
KC9QOJINSingle Operator, Low PowerNone24480
KC9STVWISingle Operator, Low Power
KD0BJTCOMulti Single31098
KD0DOSMNMulti SingleNone11600
KD0JHWIASingle Operator, Low PowerNone9312
KD0KJLCOSingle Operator, Low Power216
KD0KQLCOSingle Operator, Low Power
KD0SSDSingle Operator, High Powernone314240
KD1OMESingle Operator, Low Power31740
KD2MUNLISingle Operator, QRP11100
KD3FGMDCSingle Operator, QRPNone23028
KD3HNEPASingle Operator, Low PowerHilltop Transmitting Assn19932
KD3NBWPASingle Operator, Unlimited18228
KD4NALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group12496
KD4NHTNSingle Operator, Low Power7520
KD4OFGNCSingle Operator, QRPOrange County Radio Amateurs11648
KD4SNKYSingle Operator, UnlimitedKentucky Contest Group69760
KD4YDDTNSingle Operator, QRP18998
KD5ARARSingle Operator, Low Power16500
KD5LNONTXSingle Operator, Low Power69146
KD5MMMSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerHays-Caldwell ARC26320
KD5WCRMSSingle Operator, Low Power
KD6WKYEBSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club42432
KD7RUSWWASingle Operator, Low Power28152
KD7SWLUTSingle Operator, Low Power640
KD7YDLWWASingle Operator, Low Power7020
KD8CAOMISingle Operator, Low Power28950
KD8DXMISingle Operator, Low Power5180
KD8FDKOHSingle Operator, Low PowerPortage County Amateur Radio Service7128
KD8GKRWVSingle Operator, High PowerBarbour County Area Amateur Radio Club20648
KD8KENMISingle Operator, Low Power5200
KD8KTNMISingle Operator, High Power87
KD8LNMMIMulti Single660
KD8NVUMISingle Operator, Low Power11100
KD8RICOHSingle Operator, Low PowerNone1426
KE0LMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn83108
KE0MDKSSingle Operator, Unlimited28800
KE0QLNESingle Operator, Low Power5850
KE1BSCVMulti SingleNorthern California Contest Club146240
KE1RNMSingle Operator, High Power4758
KE1RRNTXSingle Operator, High Power28428
KE2DXENYSingle Operator, UnlimitedHudson Valley Contesters & Dxers38364
KE2VBAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club38360
KE3KDWPASingle Operator, Low Power15568
KE4KMGTNSingle Operator, UnlimitedTennessee Contest Group50080
KE4NUMTSingle Operator, Low Power20608
KE5FRHOKSingle Operator, Low Power2322
KE5LQSTXSingle Operator, Low Power28120
KE5RHMMSSingle Operator, Low Power10300
KE6IUEEBSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club960
KE6JISSFSingle Operator, Low Power32
KE6QREBSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club66600
KE6WCSFMulti SingleNorthern California Contest Club24676
KE7AUBORSingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club17324
KE7DXAZSingle Operator, UnlimitedArizona Outlaws Contest Club4968
KE7GRLAZSingle Operator, Low Power17582
KE7LOQWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWWA16750
KE7NVAORSingle Operator, Low Power
KE7SWWWASingle Operator, High Powerpacific northwest vhf society3744
KE7UQLNVSingle Operator, Low Power5934
KE7VUXMTSingle Operator, Low Power18876
KE7WTMWWASingle Operator, Low Power18870
KE7YFAZSingle Operator, UnlimitedArizona Outlaws Contest Club42104
KE8FOMISingle Operator, Low Power69994
KE8UMMISingle Operator, Low PowerHAZEL PARK ARC18104
KE9IINSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters231200
KF0FMOSingle Operator, Low Power14280
KF0LACOSingle Operator, Unlimited25600
KF2UWNYSingle Operator, QRP43520
KF2VXWNYMulti Single19656
KF3PMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club9964
KF4ZZNFLMulti Single25120
KF5DNWOKSingle Operator, Low Power17168
KF5HHDWTXSingle Operator, High Power58940
KF6ASCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club58460
KF6IORGSingle Operator, Unlimited63360
KF6TSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club215360
KF7AMYNVSingle Operator, Low Power
KF7CGTNSingle Operator, Low Powernone32136
KF7DMYWWASingle Operator, Low Power6480
KF7MAXDXSingle Operator, Low Power6144
KF7PUTSingle Operator, High PowerUtah DX Association87048
KF7ZZUTSingle Operator, Low Power
KF8UNOHSingle Operator, Unlimited13452
KG1EEMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club54036
KG2NIWNYSingle Operator, Low Power13536
KG4CUYALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group9180
KG4EMDXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone12992
KG4WVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB142240
KG4WOJVASingle Operator, Low Power918
KG5VKLAMulti SingleLouisiana Contest Club189760
KG6CEBSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club19266
KG6YPHSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club3904
KG7WZIDSingle Operator, Low Power13200
KG8CWMISingle Operator, Unlimited112480
KG9NILSingle Operator, High Powersociety of midwest contesters49312
KH6LCPACSingle Operator, QRP80580
KH6MBPACMulti Single227360
KH6OUNFLSingle Operator, QRP288
KH7YPACSingle Operator, Unlimited236160
KI0FMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn77600
KI0IICOSingle Operator, QRP7820
KI0OVNESingle Operator, QRP53428
KI0YMOMulti SingleMissouri DX and Contest Club97440
KI4AMDVASingle Operator, Low Power
KI4BIYTNSingle Operator, Low Power12528
KI4EEYALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group200
KI4LPRNCSingle Operator, High PowerAshe county ARC6708
KI4SVMSCSingle Operator, QRP5166
KI4TXPVASingle Operator, High PowerLoudoun ARG40650
KI4UZISFLSingle Operator, Low Power3800
KI4VCTVASingle Operator, High Power14012
KI4WMOGASingle Operator, Low Power7304
KI4YZIALSingle Operator, Low Power2088
KI5JFSTXSingle Operator, High Power25920
KI6GVMSVSingle Operator, Low Power16520
KI6OROSFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club12384
KI6QDHSBMulti Singlesccc49500
KI6WDORGMulti Single16008
KI6ZHDSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club
KI7MTMTSingle Operator, High Power196320
KI7YORSingle Operator, High PowerWillamette Valley DX Club18600
KI9AILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters10922
KI9EINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters66066
KJ0EYTOHSingle Operator, Low PowerToledo Mobile Radio Association (TMRA)10400
KJ0PMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN18360
KJ3XMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club129920
KJ4CNCGASingle Operator, Low PowerGwinnett ARS2700
KJ4HZGASingle Operator, Low Power32160
KJ5FAARSingle Operator, Low Power30388
KJ5RCMSSingle Operator, Low Power14848
KJ6AGXSCVSingle Operator, Low Power672
KJ8FOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFindlay ARC28200
KK0SDSDMulti Single59566
KK1LVTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club41004
KK4RVNCSingle Operator, Low Power22464
KK4TATNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group10528
KK5LOSTXSingle Operator, UnlimitedSouth Texas DX and Contest Club37600
KK5OVNMMulti Single27738
KK6MCNMSingle Operator, UnlimitedNew Mexico Big River Contesters70560
KK7CGORSingle Operator, High PowerNone442
KK7ELAZSingle Operator, QRP4968
KK7XIDSingle Operator, Low Power34222
KK7YLAZSingle Operator, UnlimitedArizona Outlaws Contest Club288
KK9VINSingle Operator, Unlimitedsociety of midwest contesters48336
KL1WE/W6SFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club19932
KL2HDAKSingle Operator, Low PowerNone2700
KL2RAKMulti Single39816
KL5ZMSSingle Operator, Low Power36448
KL7ACAKSingle Operator, Unlimited26130
KL7AIRAKMulti Single40960
KL7PAKSingle Operator, Low PowerNone2484
KL7PKAKSingle Operator, Low Power512
KL7RAAKSingle Operator, High Power245532
KM2OENYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers156480
KM4JAALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group11280
KM6ISCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club170240
KM9MILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters68572
KM9PTNMulti SingleTennessee Contest Group200800
KN3AEPASingle Operator, QRPAllegheny Valley Radio Association1330
KN5HAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club21624
KO4FVALSingle Operator, Low Power18848
KO4OLKYSingle Operator, UnlimitedKentucky Contest Group57760
KO7PIDSingle Operator, Low Power4902
KQ1XOHSingle Operator, Low Power12240
KQ4YNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group16520
KQ6XSVSingle Operator, Low Power17898
KR0LKSSingle Operator, Low PowerNone14204
KR2QNNJSingle Operator, QRP13970
KR4FALSingle Operator, UnlimitedAlabama Contest Group17120
KR9EINSingle Operator, High Power38532
KS0TMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn1248
KS2GNLISingle Operator, Low PowerOrder of Boiled Owls of New York103200
KS4LALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group2760
KS4SNCSingle Operator, UnlimitedCarolina DX Association9116
KS4XTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTENNESSEE CONTEST GROUP30400
KS5ZWTXMulti SingleLubbock ARC104960
KS6ANVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club39192
KS6MEBSingle Operator, Low Power10192
KS7TMTMulti Single98436
KS7WYWYSingle Operator, Low Power72
KT2GNLISingle Operator, Low Power13310
KT4QNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group87520
KT6VVLAXSingle Operator, Unlimited43680
KT7AZAZSingle Operator, Low Power16236
KT8KMISingle Operator, QRPMad River Radio Club46944
KU0GMOSingle Operator, Low PowerNorth American Traffic and Awards64116
KU1TWVSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club168320
KU2MNNJSingle Operator, Low Powernone200186
KU4BPNCSingle Operator, Low PowerIndependent36036
KU4VYVASingle Operator, High Power
KU8VVASingle Operator, Unlimited11060
KV1JMESingle Operator, QRPYankee Clipper Contest Club12540
KV2MSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerSouth Jersey Radio Assn60000
KV3BMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club33540
KV6OCOSingle Operator, High Power35880
KV9WINSingle Operator, Low Power8544
KW4FLWCFSingle Operator, Low Power11200
KW4GSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group714
KW7XXWWASingle Operator, High Power37808
KW8NOHSingle Operator, UnlimitedMAD RIVER RADIO CLUB
KX0LCOSingle Operator, Low PowerSki Country Amateur Radio Club4420
KX7YTORMulti SingleWillamette Valley DX Club20034
KX9DXILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety Of Midwest Contesters72750
KX9X/1NHMulti Single1428
KY4FALSingle Operator, UnlimitedAlabama Contest Group15624
KY4JKYSingle Operator, Low Power117000
KY5RALMulti SingleAlabama Contest Group204800
KY7KAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club12648
KY7MAZSingle Operator, UnlimitedArizona Outlaws Contest Club7680
KZ1AVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club22240
KZ1XNCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club20002
KZ2INCSingle Operator, Low PowerCarolina DX Association10250
KZ5ANTSingle Operator, UnlimitedNone49452
KZ7OUTSingle Operator, QRP918
N0ANPMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless ASSN3200
N0AXMOSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters9000
N0BKMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn30020
N0BUIMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn64824
N0GFNDMulti Single243360
N0GOSCOSingle Operator, Low Power24800
N0GZIASingle Operator, High PowerIowa DX and Contest Club43472
N0HDIASingle Operator, Low Power25308
N0IJMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn23160
N0IMMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn84084
N0JKKSSingle Operator, Low Power1550
N0KECOSingle Operator, QRPGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado58618
N0KKMNSingle Operator, QRPMinnesota Wireless Assn111520
N0KQCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado3132
N0LIANESingle Operator, Low PowerLincoln ARC15300
N0LZKSSingle Operator, Low PowerNone392
N0MAIAMulti Single102240
N0NBKSSingle Operator, Low Power75660
N0NOUIASingle Operator, QRP1890
N0ODKMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN48640
N0POHCOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado45000
N0QOCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado295144
N0RPIMNSingle Operator, Low Power74100
N0RUCOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado22032
N0SSMOSingle Operator, QRPMid-MO ARC (Jefferson City MO)6512
N0TACOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contest Club67704
N0UDNDSingle Operator, Low Power28892
N0UJJMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn10660
N0UNLNESingle Operator, Unlimited110600
N0UYMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN69916
N0WCHCOSingle Operator, Low Power11752
N0WEMNSingle Operator, Low Power61776
N0XRIASingle Operator, UnlimitedIowa DX and Contest Club253280
N1BCLVTSingle Operator, Low Power57670
N1BNCNHSingle Operator, Low Power14420
N1CCNTXSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorth Texas Contest Club88000
N1EUENYSingle Operator, UnlimitedYankee Clipper Contest Club7236
N1IMWNHSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club25742
N1JHJNHSingle Operator, High PowerContoocook Valley Radio Club416
N1LNNCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club176000
N1MHBMESingle Operator, Low Power10080
N1NNEMASingle Operator, Low Power320
N1OXAMESingle Operator, Low Power45752
N1QEQVASingle Operator, Low Power27604
N1SNBEMASingle Operator, Low Power1600
N1SZMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club16400
N1WRMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club159580
N1XIH/7UTSingle Operator, QRP10494
N1XKCTSingle Operator, High Power21840
N1YXEMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club66240
N2CJNNJSingle Operator, High Power
N2EGOWCFSingle Operator, Low Power1444
N2EIKENYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers46512
N2GZCTSingle Operator, Low Power48032
N2HMMNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerSussex County ARC33572
N2ICNMSingle Operator, High Power341440
N2IELNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerSussex County ARC8484
N2IKWNYSingle Operator, Low Power18972
N2IMMSNJSingle Operator, Low Power21472
N2LHENYSingle Operator, High Power13160
N2LKNNJSingle Operator, Low Power12210
N2MFWNYSingle Operator, High PowerSalt City DX Assn15168
N2MMSNJChecklogFrankford radio Club212000
N2MTGENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers57134
N2MUNNLISingle Operator, High Powerorder of boiled owls new york46136
N2NCNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club85280
N2NQVASingle Operator, Low Power40448
N2NSSJVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club29212
N2OOSNJSingle Operator, UnlimitedSouth Jersey DX Assn72160
N2OPWOHSingle Operator, Low PowerDelaware ARA (Ohio)30932
K2AXSNJMulti SingleFrankford Radio Club9928
N2QTVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club35200
N2SABENYSingle Operator, Low Power10290
N2SQWENYSingle Operator, UnlimitedHudson Valley Contesters and DXers85600
N2UTNMSingle Operator, High PowerNew Mexico Big River Contesters132000
N2WMNNJSingle Operator, UnlimitedSussex County ARC13298
N2WNTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group79000
N2YOVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club15488
N3AFTMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club98720
N3ALNMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB66240
N3AYYEPASingle Operator, Low Power15246
N3BBSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2184
N3BMVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club56000
N3CWMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club28440
N3FAWSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club570
N3FXMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club158400
N3GGTEPASingle Operator, Low Power31222
N3GJWPASingle Operator, UnlimitedNorth Coast Contesters20250
N3HSMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club3740
N3JDQEPASingle Operator, Low PowerHilltop Transmitting Association34894
N3JTVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club42000
N3KKMNCSingle Operator, UnlimitedNone16416
N3KRXDESingle Operator, Low Power17100
N3KTVMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio CLub45752
N3LTWPAMulti Single
N3LZGWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn16008
N3MEDESingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club96320
N3MKVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club125440
N3MRANMSingle Operator, Low Power10716
N3NREPAMulti SingleFrankford Radio Club6956
N3OCMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club256640
N3PFEPASingle Operator, High PowerMURGAS ARC55040
N3RCMTSingle Operator, High Power82368
N3RMEPASingle Operator, UnlimitedLebanon Valley society Of Radio Amateurs22240
N3RRMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club186080
N3SCSMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerSt Mary's Amateur Radio1612
N3STEPASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club42772
N3TGVASingle Operator, Low PowerSterling Park ARC5472
N3UAVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club37950
N3UMMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club149468
N3URMDCSingle Operator, QRP42624
N3WDMDCSingle Operator, Unlimited36480
N3XUDEPASingle Operator, Low PowerHilltop Transmitting Assn41580
N3YIMMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club25456
N4AANCSingle Operator, High Power12500
N4BPSFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group193270
N4CWNCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club49542
N4DJVASingle Operator, Unlimited52000
N4DTFTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group112
N4DWTNSingle Operator, UnlimitedTennessee Contest Group52416
N4DWKVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club41920
N4FPNCSingle Operator, Low PowerNone20088
N4FRTNMulti SingleTennessee Contest Group50880
N4GGGASingle Operator, UnlimitedSouth East Contest Club39680
N4GUNCSingle Operator, High PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB86424
N4HHGASingle Operator, Low PowerSouth East Contest Club16000
N4HXINCSingle Operator, Low Power51840
N4IOZNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club38106
N4JEDVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club16560
N4JNALSingle Operator, UnlimitedAlabama Contest Group2520
N4JOWVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club55360
N4KGALSingle Operator, UnlimitedAlabama Contest Group40000
N4KITVASingle Operator, UnlimitedWestern Tidewater Radio Association41600
N4LFSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFLORIDA CONTEST GROUP2268
N4MMVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB62400
N4MUHNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group12996
N4NIAGASingle Operator, Low Power10340
N4NMALSingle Operator, UnlimitedAlabama Contest Group54036
N4NWVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club48800
N4OGWMSSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group51392
N4PNGASingle Operator, Low PowerALABAMA CONTEST GROUP205760
N4RAVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club4410
N4RRLUTSingle Operator, UnlimitedUTAH DX ASSOCIATION
N4TBWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group12540
N4TLNCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club11448
N4UAVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club32688
N4VAVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB57456
N4WZSFLSingle Operator, High Power125294
N4XFFKYSingle Operator, Low Power4960
N4YDUNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club41038
N4ZAKNCSingle Operator, QRPOrange County Radio Amateurs14014
N4ZRWVSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club66816
N4ZZTNSingle Operator, UnlimitedTennessee Contest Group269120
N5ASUMISingle Operator, Low Power4928
N5BFLAXSingle Operator, High Power12784
N5DTTSTXSingle Operator, Low Power1976
N5DYOKSingle Operator, Low Power26656
N5JBNTXSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorth Texas Contest Club84800
N5KAESTXSingle Operator, Unlimited35200
N5KMNTXSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorth Texas Contest Club12800
N5KOSCVMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power
N5LULWTXSingle Operator, Low Power22646
N5RNARSingle Operator, Low Power20000
N5RZWTXSingle Operator, High PowerNorth Texas Contest Club191520
N5SPXMOSingle Operator, Low Power874
N5SVSTXSingle Operator, Unlimited32000
N5UMOKSingle Operator, Low PowerEdmond ARS19824
N5UWYOKSingle Operator, Low PowerOklahoma DX Assn79618
N5WRTNSingle Operator, UnlimitedTennessee Contest Group96320
N5YELASingle Operator, Low Power59124
N5ZGTNMSingle Operator, Low Power58188
N5ZMPWTXMulti Single19584
N6AALAXSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club5112
N6AJREBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club15190
N6ARNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group70468
N6BCTSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club3190
N6BHXEBSingle Operator, Low PowerNone3120
N6BMEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club39168
N6BOXORGMulti Single1680
N6BUSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club53120
N6BVEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club269440
N6BYEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthere California Contest Club5840
N6CKSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club13056
N6DESVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club160800
N6DQSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club1628
N6DWSVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club46500
N6DZRSVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club7826
N6EESJVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club134400
N6EWSSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club3080
N6FCSVSingle Operator, Low Power14884
N6FSMISingle Operator, Unlimited48160
N6GEOEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club16530
N6GQEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club235680
N6HCORGSingle Operator, UnlimitedSouthern California Contest Club141920
N6IGSVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club37570
N6MDVLAXSingle Operator, Low Power140
N6MEFSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club61124
N6MWSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNone11858
N6NULSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club19398
N6NZSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club159120
N6RCSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club21280
N6RKSVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club166400
N6ROEBSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club84480
N6TCZLAXSingle Operator, High Power3696
N6TRORSingle Operator, Low Power7068
N6TUSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club81600
N6TVSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club162582
N6VHSDGSingle Operator, UnlimitedSouthern California Contest Club18526
N6WINORGSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club59640
N6WMEBSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club200160
N6YEUSFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club74844
N6YMMSJVSingle Operator, Low Power46650
N6ZESBSingle Operator, Low PowerVentura County Amateur Radio Society10234
N6ZFOSFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club110136
N7BANUTSingle Operator, Low PowerUtah DX Association9024
N7IXWYSingle Operator, High PowerNone33864
N7JIORSingle Operator, QRP2970
N7JTWYSingle Operator, High Power14062
N7JXSAZSingle Operator, High Power10584
N7KANMSingle Operator, High PowerNew Mexico Big River Contesters177908
N7LOXWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Washington dx Club79156
N7LRNMSingle Operator, QRPArizona Outlaws Contest Club4158
N7MSIMTSingle Operator, Low Power736
N7MZWWYSingle Operator, Low Power85650
N7NGOINSingle Operator, Low PowerNone45450
N7NSLORSingle Operator, Low Power12700
N7PIIDMulti SinglePocatello ARC139200
N7QAXWYSingle Operator, Unlimited21172
N7QSWWASingle Operator, High Power21960
N7VMUTSingle Operator, High PowerUtah DX Association18632
N7VSORSingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club24050
N7WAWWASingle Operator, High PowerWestern Washington DX Club17112
N7WHIDSingle Operator, Low Power12324
N8AEMISingle Operator, Low Powerhparc12566
N8AJNCOSingle Operator, High Power12432
N8BBMISingle Operator, Low Power65600
N8BVOHSingle Operator, Low PowerOH-KY-IN ARS62560
N8ENMISingle Operator, Low Power13224
N8GUZMISingle Operator, Low PowerSoutheast Michigan DX Assn20424
N8HKUMISingle Operator, Low Power42032
N8HPOHSingle Operator, Low Power10004
N8HROHMulti SingleMad River Radio Club273120
N8HTGMDCSingle Operator, Unlimited64000
N8IIWVSingle Operator, High PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB205440
N8IVEOHSingle Operator, High Power
N8IVNMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club77368
N8KOJOHSingle Operator, Unlimited9150
N8MPXNCSingle Operator, High Power32648
N8MRCMISingle Operator, Low Power13344
N8OOLASingle Operator, High PowerNone264640
N8OQQOHSingle Operator, Low PowerPortage County Amateur Radio Service48980
N8PPFOHSingle Operator, Low Power34000
N8QLOHSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern Ohio ARS1564
N8RWKMISingle Operator, Low Power11880
N8SBEMISingle Operator, Low PowerArrow Communications Assn7912
N8SSMISingle Operator, High PowerMAD RIVER RADIO CLUB34800
N8TROHSingle Operator, UnlimitedMad River Radio Club68000
N8UYMISingle Operator, High Power8360
N8WAVMISingle Operator, Low Power20088
N8ZFHMISingle Operator, Low PowerMotor City Radio Club9504
N8ZRYEMASingle Operator, Low Power5032
N8ZSAMISingle Operator, Low Power9310
N9AUGOHSingle Operator, Low PowerDELARA Contest Team1628
N9AVYILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters70240
N9AXINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters32000
N9CKWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters113760
N9CMWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group39672
N9EVWILSingle Operator, Low Power4550
N9FNINSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters42400
N9GHILSingle Operator, Unlimitedsociety of midwest contesters39520
N9GQWISingle Operator, QRP4686
N9GUNILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters1360
N9IZINSingle Operator, Low Power23232
N9JZNILSingle Operator, High Power
N9KKILMulti SingleSociety of Midwest Contesters64148
N9LFINSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters18496
N9LJYILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters13920
N9LYEILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters86110
N9MBRILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest contesters8004
N9NCNHSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club189920
N9OKILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters30498
N9PUZILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters9476
N9REPILSingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Lake County Amateur Radio Society31050
N9RVMTSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern Rockies DX Association135488
N9TFILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters96000
N9UCILSchool ClubSociety of Midwest Contesters31050
N9UHFILMulti SingleWestern Lake County Amateur Radio Society29638
N9UYWISingle Operator, High Power36400
N9VIINMulti Single58400
N9VPVILSingle Operator, Low Power7488
N9WKWINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters68320
N9WLNMSingle Operator, Low PowerNone15840
N9YKEWISingle Operator, Low Power11628
N9YNILMulti Single
NA4CCNCMulti SingleCleveland County Amateur Radio Service75040
NA4CWSFLSingle Operator, QRPFlorida Contest Group53508
NA4KTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group178880
NA4OGASingle Operator, QRP14400
NA6GSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club7776
NB1URISingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club56090
NB2TVAMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio club112640
NB8QMISingle Operator, Low Powerno10540
NC0BCOSingle Operator, High Power47700
NC1IWMASingle Operator, High Power273120
NC4MINCSingle Operator, UnlimitedNONE7076
NC6RJSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club1140
NC6USVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club
ND0CMNSingle Operator, QRP68016
ND1TMESingle Operator, Low PowerNone11270
ND3DMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club2500
ND3RWPASingle Operator, Low Power43200
ND5LLASingle Operator, Low PowerJefferrson Amateur Radio Club242
ND6SSVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club200
ND8LOHSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorth Coast Contesters95520
NE0UMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn64904
NE1BNHSingle Operator, UnlimitedYankee Clipper Contest Club27650
NE9UWISingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn3136
NF1ONHSingle Operator, UnlimitedGranite State ARA3404
NF4ANFLSingle Operator, UnlimitedALABAMA CONTEST GROUP64000
NF5YNMSingle Operator, Low Power16500
NF6PSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club71248
NF8MMISingle Operator, Low Power8190
NF9VWISingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters21476
NG0MNEMulti SingleLincoln ARC12144
NG2PWNYSingle Operator, UnlimitedRochester (NY) DX Assn37120
NG3KMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club
NG3OMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club8800
NG4LWCFMulti SingleFlorida Contest Group26384
NG7MUTSingle Operator, High PowerUtah Contest Club37960
NG7ZWWASingle Operator, High Powerwestern washington dx club26712
NG9RILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters31980
NH6ZORMulti Single10528
NI0OCOMulti Single28400
NI6TSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club122400
NI7RAZSingle Operator, UnlimitedArizona Outlaws Contest Club1922
NJ1QCTMulti SingleNone32960
NJ8JGASingle Operator, Low PowerSOUTH EAST CONTEST CLUB8496
NK1NNLISingle Operator, Low Power30954
NK1SRISingle Operator, Low Power9600
NK6ALAXSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern California Contest Club18600
NK7JORMulti Single128640
NK7UORMulti SingleWillamette Valley DX Club290400
NL7VAKSingle Operator, High Power42900
NM0HNESingle Operator, Low Power
NN3RPMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club29952
NN3VSDGSingle Operator, Low Power88356
NN3WVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club299200
NN4FLNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group9438
NN7SSWWASingle Operator, QRPWestern Washington DX Club70950
NN7ZZUTSingle Operator, High PowerUtah DX Association167040
NO2XENYMulti Single47100
NO5FARSingle Operator, Low Power10700
NO6XEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club36920
NP2BVIMulti SingleFlorida Contest Group243680
NP3CWPRSingle Operator, Low Power20272
NP4GPRSingle Operator, Unlimited125760
NQ4KVASingle Operator, Low PowerSterling Park ARC600
NR0LMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2184
NR4CVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club30336
NR5MSTXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Texas Dx and Contest Club340480
NR6SSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club49552
NS3TMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club53130
NS4SCSCSingle Operator, UnlimitedNone62720
NS6TEBSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club44200
NS9IWISingle Operator, Unlimited55616
NT0FIASingle Operator, Low Power60216
NT5HSNTXSchool ClubNorth Texas Homeschoolers ARC13802
NT9FINSingle Operator, High Power44080
NU0QIASingle Operator, UnlimitedIowa DX and Contest Club18834
NU6SSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club75924
NU6TSVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club118342
NV4ANCSingle Operator, Low PowerCarolina DX Association1680
NV4BALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group53440
NV6CLAXMulti Single16166
NV9XILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters
NW3HEPASingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club56800
NW3RVAMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club183200
NW4VVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club40160
NW8UWVMulti SingleNone64306
NX1PORSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Oregon DX CLub77844
NX2CTNSingle Operator, Low Power3888
NX2XENYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers93280
NX4NWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group (FCG)16576
NX5MSTXMulti SingleCentral Texas DX and Contest Club200000
NX6TSDGMulti SingleSouthern California Contest Club118720
NX8G/5LASingle Operator, Low PowerPortage County Amateur Radio Service25058
NX9TNCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club133036
NY0TKSSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club5330
NY1HNHSingle Operator, High Power9504
NY3AEPASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club260320
NY3CDESingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club24448
NY4JBTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group25212
NY6USCVSingle Operator, Low PowerNone30
NZ6QSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club21760
VA1CHPMARSingle Operator, UnlimitedMaritime Contest Club34560
VA1MMMARSingle Operator, High PowerMARITIME CONTEST CLUB3240
VA2OPQCSingle Operator, Low Power10492
VA2UTCQCSingle Operator, Low Power10908
VA2WDQQCSingle Operator, UnlimitedContest Group du Quebec45866
VA3BDONSingle Operator, High Power56160
VA3DFONSingle Operator, QRPContest Club Ontario61104
VA3DXONSingle Operator, UnlimitedContest Club Ontario51040
VA3FSONSingle Operator, Low Power11400
VA3GKOONSingle Operator, Low Powercco2106
VA3GLONSingle Operator, Low PowerNone40150
VA3GUYONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario4148
VA3RKMONSingle Operator, QRPContest Club Ontario442
VA3SWGONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario57000
VA3WPVONSingle Operator, QRP18
VA6AIABSingle Operator, Low Power
VA6AMABSingle Operator, Low PowerNone10260
VA6UKABSingle Operator, High Power90850
VA7AMBCSingle Operator, Low PowerOrca DX and Contest Club58064
VA7IRBCSingle Operator, Low Power4680
VA7JWBCSingle Operator, High PowerORCA DX and CONTEST CLUB61880
VA7RNBCSingle Operator, UnlimitedORCA DX AND CONTEST CLUB25530
VA7STBCSingle Operator, High PowerOrca DX and Contest Club80884
VE1OPMARSingle Operator, UnlimitedMaritime Contest Club30076
VE1RSMMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club3100
VE1RARMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club22908
VE1ZDMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club13038
VE2AWRQCSingle Operator, Low Power55050
VE2AXOQCSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Group du Quebec23496
VE2DNFQCSingle Operator, Low Power
VE2EZDQCSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Group du Quebec1050
VE2FXLQCSingle Operator, High PowerContest group du Quebec11430
VE2GGYQCSingle Operator, Low Powernone360
VE2GLAQCSingle Operator, Low Power2
VE2JMKQCSingle Operator, Unlimited38766
VE2NGHQCSingle Operator, Unlimited47520
VE2XAAQCSingle Operator, UnlimitedContest Groupe du Quebec58320
VE3AJONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario10340
VE3CWUONChecklogContest Club Ontario32800
VE3DZONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario8820
VE3HGONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario17340
VE3IKTONSingle Operator, Low Power7930
VE3IZSONSingle Operator, Low PowerOwen Sound Radio Club12300
VE3MGYONSingle Operator, Low PowerCONTEST CLUB ONTARIO109200
VE3PYJONSingle Operator, Low Power16308
VE3RCNONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario112654
VE3RHDONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario37800
VE3RZONSingle Operator, UnlimitedContest Club Ontario118400
VE3SQTONSingle Operator, Low Power6200
VE3TWONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario73154
VE4EARMBSingle Operator, High Power232576
VE4MGMBSingle Operator, Low Power71856
VE5AADSKSingle Operator, Low Power21970
VE5PVSKMulti Single215200
VE5SFSKSingle Operator, Low PowerSaskatchewan Contest Club129920
VE5ZXSKSingle Operator, Low PowerSaskatchewan Contest Club178720
VE6AOABMulti SingleCalgary ARA177280
VE6SKYABSingle Operator, QRP180
VE6SQABSingle Operator, Low PowerNone22504
VE7BCBCSingle Operator, Low PowerBC DX Club54312
VE7BGPBCSingle Operator, Low PowerNanaimo Amateur Radio Association7920
VE7CCBCSingle Operator, High PowerBCDXC227840
VE7FCOBCSingle Operator, Low PowerNanaimo Amateur Radio Association3904
VE7FIBCSingle Operator, Low PowerNone11956
VE7NIBCSingle Operator, Low Power18560
VE7NSRBCMulti Single34706
VE7RSVBCSingle Operator, Low Power4590
VE7TGBCSingle Operator, UnlimitedBritish Columbia DX Club16560
VE8EVNTSingle Operator, High Power209440
VE8GERNTSingle Operator, Low Power10976
VE9AAMARSingle Operator, High PowerMaritime Contest Club139680
VE9HFMARSingle Operator, UnlimitedMaritime Contest Club40320
VE9MYMARSingle Operator, UnlimitedMaritime Contest Club30400
VO1BQNLSingle Operator, Low PowerNone8
VO1HENLSingle Operator, High PowerEast Coast Canada Contest Club24064
VO1HPNLSingle Operator, Low Power3200
VO1KVTNLSingle Operator, High Power46968
VO1TANLSingle Operator, High PowerEast Coast Canada Contest Club133668
VY1EINTSingle Operator, Unlimited106552
VY2LIMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club22304
VY2MPMARSingle Operator, Unlimited13392
VY2TTMARSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club282504
VY2ZMMARSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club363360
W0BMMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN80000
W0BREPASingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club130560
W0CEMKSSingle Operator, UnlimitedNone112640
W0DNCOSingle Operator, QRPNone72
W0EEEMOChecklogMissouri S&T Amateur Radio Club42600
W0ERPMNSingle Operator, Low Power58828
W0ETTCOSingle Operator, Low Powergrand mesa contesters of colorado81686
W0FRCCOMulti Single62900
W0GAFMNSingle Operator, Low Power14382
W0HBHMOSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters45892
W0IWIASingle Operator, High PowerIowa Wireless Club67938
W0JECMNMulti Single16660
W0JPLMOSingle Operator, High PowerSociety Of Midwest Contesters8600
W0JTCVASingle Operator, Low Power3168
W0KTNESingle Operator, Low Power10200
W0LMMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn6020
W0NAVAMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio club188244
W0NFSMOSingle Operator, Low PowerMississippi Valley DX/Contest Club17100
W0NOKSMulti Single309206
W0OVMCOSingle Operator, Low Power
W0PIMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn39000
W0PPFIASingle Operator, High PowerEastern Iowa DX Assn80160
W0RAACOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado40504
W0RXMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN14868
W0YJTKSSingle Operator, Low Power28728
W0YVIASingle Operator, Unlimited157760
W0ZQMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn28098
W0ZUCOSingle Operator, High PowerMile High DX Assn18864
W1ADVTSingle Operator, Low Power7954
W1AFEMASchool ClubHarvard Wireless58608
W1ANCTSingle Operator, UnlimitedCTRI Contest Group42080
W1ATAVASingle Operator, Low Power832
W1AWCTMulti Single80960
W1BJEMAMulti Single1472
W1CCEEMASingle Operator, Low Power23424
W1CRKEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFalmouth ARA2668
W1DMCOHSingle Operator, Unlimited13072
W1ECHVTSingle Operator, Low Power48032
W1FAEMASingle Operator, Low Power33136
W1JEQMOSingle Operator, Low Power28860
W1KFCTSingle Operator, Low Power26796
W1KQEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club70400
W1MAWEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club42240
W1MJEMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club7544
W1NGCTSingle Operator, UnlimitedYankee Clipper Contest Club116800
W1NKCTSingle Operator, Unlimited32480
W1QKCTMulti SingleYankee Clipper Contest Club153280
W1RPGCTSingle Operator, UnlimitedYankee Clipper Contest CLub78560
W1SAMCTSingle Operator, Low Power9870
W1SQCTSingle Operator, Low Power28
W1SRBWMASingle Operator, Low Power15552
W1TIEMASingle Operator, Low Power27792
W1TRCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club18396
W1UJWMASingle Operator, UnlimitedYankee Clipper Contest Club36722
W1WBBRISingle Operator, Low PowerCTRI Contest Group66612
W1WEFCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club113120
W1XXRISingle Operator, QRPCTRI Contest Group97760
W1YKWMASchool Club45936
W2ARPSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerSouth Jersey DX Assn6000
W2CDOMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club83620
W2DPTNNJSingle Operator, QRP3392
W2DSCENYSchool ClubNew York University Amateur Radio Club19430
W2EFNNJMulti SingleWest Essex ARC7644
W2EGLMDCSingle Operator, Low Power23100
W2GDJENYSingle Operator, UnlimitedHudson Valley Contesters and Dxers176000
W2GPSMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club10486
W2GSANNJMulti SingleGarden State ARA6162
W2IDNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerNone94958
W2IMYWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerWestern New York DX Asso1408
W2JEKNNJSingle Operator, QRPbergen ara8320
W2JUCTSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club64960
W2KRDSNJSingle Operator, Low Power13338
W2KXDNNJSingle Operator, High Power1352
W2MCSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB40296
W2MKWWNYSingle Operator, High Power19152
W2NONNJSingle Operator, UnlimitedFrankford Radio club40320
W2NYENYMulti SingleHudson Valley Contesters and DXers67680
W2NYUNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNew York University Amateur Radio Club21700
W2PVWMAMulti SingleYankee Clipper Contest Club286400
W2RDSSNJSingle Operator, UnlimitedFrankford Radio Club112160
W2RQNNJSingle Operator, High Powerfrankford radio club81600
W2TFWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerROCHESTER (NY) DX ASSN72000
W2UDTNNJSingle Operator, UnlimitedFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB15222
W2VQNNJSingle Operator, UnlimitedFrankford Radio Club84320
W2VUNNJSingle Operator, Low Power6622
W2YEVASingle Operator, High PowerSterling Park ARC30360
W3ABTEPASchool ClubUniversity of Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Club
W3AGGASingle Operator, Low Power864
W3BCWPASingle Operator, High PowerQuad-County ARC17630
W3BWMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club101120
W3CBMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club56518
W3DQMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club73920
W3ELWWPASingle Operator, Low Power6278
W3FVEPASingle Operator, UnlimitedFrankford Radio Club68000
W3GEGWVSingle Operator, Low PowerNone18270
W3GNQDESingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club37422
W3IDTMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club225150
W3IUUMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club110560
W3JKENYSingle Operator, UnlimitedYANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB113600
W3KLMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club132640
W3OUMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club44700
W3PPDESingle Operator, Low PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB80000
W3RLODESingle Operator, Low Power4550
W3RTEPASingle Operator, Low Power11110
W3SOWPASingle Operator, High PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB136670
W3TMSMDCSingle Operator, Unlimited35100
W3TZARSingle Operator, UnlimitedFort Smith Amateur Area Amateur Rdaio Club91360
W3ULMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB112480
W3WCWPASingle Operator, UnlimitedAllegheny Valley Radio Association92000
W3WWSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group31244
W3YYVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club34400
W3ZZMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club109280
W4AAANCSingle Operator, Low Power246560
W4AMSSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group31570
W4AUVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club11200
W4BKTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group4880
W4COHNCSingle Operator, Low Power21190
W4DANTNSingle Operator, Low Power35712
W4DMBNCSingle Operator, High Power28400
W4EEMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club54312
W4EFLAXSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club2920
W4EIBWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerNone40
W4EONVASingle Operator, Low PowerNone1856
W4FTNCSingle Operator, Low PowerNone71978
W4GACWCFMulti SingleFlorida Contest Group45760
W4GKASFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group16632
W4GMHNFLSingle Operator, Low Power52560
W4HZVAMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club88480
W4IOWVASingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Tidewater Radio Association14720
W4JAMVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club59200
W4JDSGASingle Operator, Low Power18480
W4KAZNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club64970
W4KLSVASingle Operator, Low PowerSterling Park ARC1200
W4LTWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group185600
W4MPSNCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club66560
W4MRNCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club95432
W4MYAVAMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club228480
W4NFVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club236480
W4NITNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group1428
W4OGGTNSingle Operator, High Power2790
W4PFMVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club12750
W4PGMTNSingle Operator, Low Power24420
W4PHSTNSingle Operator, UnlimitedTennessee Contest Group49500
W4PMVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club50400
W4PVTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group96096
W4QGNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFLORIDA CONTEST GROUP28320
W4QKGASingle Operator, High Power43608
W4RVNVASingle Operator, High Power252
W4SJVNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerNFL11220
W4SVOSFLSingle Operator, High PowerSouth East Contest Club278720
W4TMONCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club8910
W4UTTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group27176
W4UVAVASchool Club46008
W4VGVASingle Operator, Low Power9568
W4VICVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club7144
W4VXVASingle Operator, Unlimited57760
W4XRVASingle Operator, Low Power22302
W4YEVASingle Operator, Low PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB62400
W4YKNCMulti SingleBlue Ridge Amateur Radio Club62400
W5ASPSTXSingle Operator, UnlimitedCentral Texas DX and Contest Club98240
W5EBSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone3264
W5ESESTXSingle Operator, Low PowerHays-Caldwell ARC24278
W5GFIOKSingle Operator, Low Power78694
W5JJARMulti Single177600
W5MXKYSingle Operator, Low PowerKentucky Contest Group195520
W5RQSTXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club62400
W5RULAMulti SingleLouisiana Contest Club278240
W5WMULASingle Operator, High PowerLouisiana contest club261600
W5WWNTXSingle Operator, High PowerNORTH TEXAS CONTEST CLUB240318
W5WZLASingle Operator, High PowerLouisiana Contest Club97350
W5XDSTXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club12980
W5ZLSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club39312
W6ABMORSingle Operator, Low Power4550
W6AFALAXSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club38631
W6AQLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern California Contest Club48618
W6ATVEBSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club19388
W6BXSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club131840
W6DPDSJVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club26572
W6DWEBSingle Operator, Low Power888
W6FASVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club8100
W6FBSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club65676
W6IEELAXSingle Operator, Low Power15694
W6JTISFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club38500
W6KSBMulti Single20862
W6KCLAXSingle Operator, Unlimited64000
W6KYSDGSingle Operator, UnlimitedSouthern California Contest Club16610
W6MILSVSingle Operator, QRP5698
W6MYSBSingle Operator, Low Power12084
W6NFNVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club30672
W6NLSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club46592
W6NWFSDGSingle Operator, Low Power20160
W6OATSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club83740
W6ONVEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club52896
W6RGGEBSingle Operator, Unlimitednorthern california contest club53676
W6RKSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club160800
W6RKCSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club35328
W6SJORGSingle Operator, QRPSouthern California Contest Club2
W6SRSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club78232
W6SXSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club72000
W6TAIORGSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club65364
W6TKSBSingle Operator, UnlimitedSouthern California Contest Club124800
W6TQGSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club17784
W6UBTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group2408
W6XUSFSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club200160
W6YISDGMulti SingleSouthern California Contest Club336698
W7AAAAZSingle Operator, Low Power
W7CBSBSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club42240
W7CCYEWASingle Operator, Low Power40950
W7CTUTSingle Operator, Low PowerUtah Contest Club50
W7DKWWAMulti SingleRadio Club of Tacoma98592
W7EKGIDSingle Operator, High PowerPocatello ARC3960
W7GKFWWASingle Operator, High PowerRadio Club of Redmond96876
W7IVMUTMulti SingleBridgerland Amateur Radio Club2610
W7JDEORSingle Operator, Low Power7930
W7LKGWWASingle Operator, High Power10658
W7PTWWASingle Operator, QRP18592
W7PUWWASingle Operator, High PowerAll Amateur Radio Club90600
W7RNNVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club200960
W7SYWWASingle Operator, High Power15470
W7TVCORMulti Single39150
W7WAWWASingle Operator, High PowerWestern Washington DX Club332000
W7YAQORSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Oregon DX Club128000
W7YSAZSingle Operator, Low PowerNORTHERN ARIZONA DX ASSN3162
W7YVKORSingle Operator, Low Power10400
W7ZRCIDSingle Operator, Low Power8282
W8BFXWWASingle Operator, Low Power10486
W8BIOHMulti SingleDayton ARA90240
W8COMOHMulti SingleFindlay ARC5200
W8DHGOHSingle Operator, Low PowerVan Wert ARC16638
W8DWMIMulti SingleSaginaw Valley ARA33320
W8EHOHSingle Operator, Unlimited480
W8EOMISingle Operator, Low Power18422
W8ERVMISingle Operator, Low Power15972
W8FEMMISingle Operator, Low Power7150
W8FNNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Texas Contest Club22680
W8HHOHSingle Operator, Low Power
W8HMKOHSingle Operator, High Power27380
W8IDMOHSingle Operator, Low PowerWest Park Radiops21140
W8IDWWVSingle Operator, Low Power6768
W8IVFVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club21890
W8KENOHSingle Operator, UnlimitedMad RIver Radio Club39840
W8KNOOHSingle Operator, Low PowerPortage County Amateur Radio Service15900
W8LGXOHSingle Operator, Low Power49608
W8LKYOHMulti SingleAlliance Amateur Radio Club2160
W8MJMISingle Operator, UnlimitedMad River Radio Club271200
W8MZNESingle Operator, QRPNone2632
W8OHTWVSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club64272
W8PDIMISingle Operator, Low PowerHazel Park ARC226
W8PTOHSingle Operator, Low PowerPortage County Amateur Radio Service16188
W8SHMISchool ClubMichigan State University ARC40872
W8TMOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club99840
W8VCKMISingle Operator, High Power88000
W8VZMVASingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club16800
W8WTSOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMAD RIVER RADIO CLUB870
W8ZAWVSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club16440
W8ZHOMIMulti SingleW8ZHO Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council28950
W9EBKILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters19344
W9EEUINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters8832
W9ELIINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters92480
W9FZWISingle Operator, Low PowerBadger Contesters101088
W9GIGILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters44960
W9GKAILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters24120
W9IUINSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters114240
W9JWCILSchool Club
W9LWINSingle Operator, Low PowerFort Wayne Radio Club37584
W9MKSILSingle Operator, Low PowerStarved Rock Radio Club22230
W9OOILSingle Operator, High Power16800
W9QLILMulti SingleSociety Of Midwest Contesters65600
W9REINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters126400
W9TMWILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters17850
W9TTTILSingle Operator, Low Power16200
W9WJILSingle Operator, Low Power17914
W9WLCILMulti SingleWestern Lake County Amateur Radio Society
W9XTWISingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters35052
W9YKILMulti SingleSociety of Midwest Contesters101760
W9YSILSingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters44320
WA0BJRMOSingle Operator, Low Power25742
WA0KDSAZSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Arizona DX Assn167680
WA0MHJMNSingle Operator, QRPMinnesota Wireless Assn11000
WA0RBWMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn20618
WA0VPJMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn2632
WA0WOVMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn11000
WA0WWWEWASingle Operator, Low PowerSpokane DX Association27720
WA1DRQEMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club43800
WA1OUICTSingle Operator, High Power24016
WA1TMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club12482
WA1UJUMISingle Operator, Low Power65096
WA1ZNHSingle Operator, UnlimitedYankee Clipper Contest Club2592
WA1ZAMVTSingle Operator, Low PowerYCCC13624
WA1ZYXNHSingle Operator, Low Power31600
WA2ACVSNJSingle Operator, Low Power3300
WA2CNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB52320
WA2DVUSNJSingle Operator, High Power60480
WA2EAJEPASingle Operator, Low PowerMid-Atlantic ARC3584
WA2ETUWNYSingle Operator, High Power21600
WA2GBFEPASingle Operator, Low Power11336
WA2JQKENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers88800
WA2LXENNJSingle Operator, Low PowerBergen ARA46512
WA2OOBSBSingle Operator, Low Power5544
WA2OQJNLISingle Operator, QRP4920
WA2RXSNLISingle Operator, Low Power11660
WA2VQVDESingle Operator, Low Power240
WA2ZSKNLISingle Operator, Low PowerNone2538
WA3CEJEPASingle Operator, Unlimited14280
WA3EKLMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club203200
WA3HGWWPASingle Operator, Low Power29670
WA3MDYWPASingle Operator, Low Power12000
WA3OFCVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club109494
WA4EULVASingle Operator, Low PowerP.V.R.C.12100
WA4NOTNCSingle Operator, Low Power9702
WA5ARSTXSingle Operator, Low Power54316
WA5AUSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerHays-Caldwell ARC476
WA5JNMSingle Operator, Low Power1440
WA5RMLNTXSingle Operator, QRP2760
WA5ZTDOKSingle Operator, Low Power32
WA5ZUPNMSingle Operator, Unlimited229416
WA6GFRORGSingle Operator, Low Power8910
WA6KHKORGSingle Operator, High Power123200
WA6OSCVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club56880
WA6ZTYSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club62790
WA7DIAGASingle Operator, Low Power48360
WA7LNWUTSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club49324
WA7PRCWWASingle Operator, High PowerWestern Washington DX Club49232
WA7PVEWWASingle Operator, QRP28600
WA7YAZUTSingle Operator, Low PowerNone20412
WA8AENMISingle Operator, Low Power5616
WA8FRDMISingle Operator, Low PowerMotor City Radio Club11280
WA8FREMISingle Operator, Low Power37650
WA8LOWOHSingle Operator, Low Power20124
WA8OJRSCSingle Operator, Low Power18924
WA8YVFOHSingle Operator, Low Power21726
WA8ZBTNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone47712
WA9AFM/5OKSingle Operator, Low PowerOklahoma City Autopatch Association11330
WB0AJSSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club16200
WB0HHMSDSingle Operator, Low Power15200
WB0LJKIASingle Operator, Low PowerNone39330
WB0NMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota wireless assn42000
WB0PYFMOSingle Operator, High Power16896
WB0QIRMOSingle Operator, Low Power2520
WB0QLUMOSingle Operator, Low PowerBoeing Employees ARS - St. Louis24978
WB0RURARSingle Operator, Unlimited32120
WB0SOKMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMinnesota Wireless Assn22080
WB0TEVNTXSingle Operator, Unlimited86880
WB0ULXSDSingle Operator, Low Power32956
WB1GQRVTSingle Operator, UnlimitedRadio Amateurs of Northern Vermont283840
WB2AZENNJSingle Operator, Low Power2520
WB2BTJENYSingle Operator, Low Power10272
WB2HRKENYSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern Berkshire ARC
WB2KHEENYSingle Operator, Low Power12852
WB2KLDNNYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers62400
WB2REMSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group64960
WB2SAIVASingle Operator, Low PowerSTERLING PARK ARC540
WB2TCVENYSingle Operator, Low PowerRipVan Winkle ARS18396
WB2TFMNFLSingle Operator, Low Power35508
WB2VUOWNYSingle Operator, QRP7052
WB2WPMWNYSingle Operator, Low Power32224
WB2ZABMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club164162
WB3AFSWPASingle Operator, Low Power18788
WB3BSAEPASingle Operator, Low Power24656
WB4FDTMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club73002
WB4FEVSCSingle Operator, Low Power11800
WB4OMMNFLSingle Operator, Low Power70240
WB5KIANTXSingle Operator, Low Power
WB6BETEBSingle Operator, Low Power12768
WB6JJJSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club49896
WB6NJASDGSingle Operator, Low Power10082
WB6RABWYSingle Operator, Low PowerNone5070
WB7CYOIDSingle Operator, QRP748
WB7FJGWWASingle Operator, Low Power31960
WB8BZKILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters11236
WB8EKGWVSingle Operator, Low Power13872
WB9BWPWISingle Operator, Low Power16074
WB9EDLILSingle Operator, Low Power2352
WB9IRFWISingle Operator, Low PowerFour Lakes ARC, Madison WI21804
WB9KPTEPASingle Operator, Low Power26838
WB9LPWILSingle Operator, Low PowerFox River Radio League4160
WB9LRKINSingle Operator, Low Power17050
WB9YBIINSingle Operator, Low PowerFort Wayne Radio Club46452
WC2WEMASingle Operator, High Power122880
WC5BMIMulti Single14396
WC5CNTXMulti Single86086
WC6HSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club294196
WD0ECOMOSingle Operator, Low Power50550
WD2FWNYSingle Operator, Low Power30240
WD4AHZWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group52592
WD4IXDNFLMulti SingleFlorida Contest Group119290
WD5JNCMSSingle Operator, Low Power10500
WD5RARMulti Single23560
WD6AHVSVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club16530
WD7KEWASingle Operator, High Power46916
WD8DSBINSingle Operator, Low Power
WD8EOLOHSingle Operator, High PowerMiamisburg Wireless Assoc.118880
WD8RYCTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group8064
WD8SMISingle Operator, Low PowerMad river Contest Club32072
WD9CIRILMulti SingleSociety of Midwest Contesters152160
WD9EJKILSingle Operator, Low Power
WD9IGYWISingle Operator, High PowerNone10080
WE2YWNYSingle Operator, Unlimited11760
WE6ZSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club73200
WE9VWISingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters45288
WF7TTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group42256
WG0MMNSingle Operator, UnlimitedMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN5016
WI7FWWASingle Operator, Low Power27860
WJ3KMDCSingle Operator, Low Power532
WK4PNCSingle Operator, High PowerAshe County ARC129920
WK8AMISingle Operator, Low Power17538
WL7UQAKSingle Operator, Low Power3672
WM2ZNCSingle Operator, High PowerNone73944
WM3OMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club112800
WM7DXIDSingle Operator, Unlimited33728
WM8WOHSingle Operator, Low Power18240
WN3NMDCMulti Single47716
WN3RMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club123680
WN8ROHSingle Operator, High Power31476
WO3LMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club80000
WO4OTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group131196
WO9HINSingle Operator, Low Power
WP2ZVISingle Operator, High PowerNone205764
WQ5LMSSingle Operator, Low Power80000
WQ9TILSingle Operator, Low Power21172
WR2FSNJSingle Operator, Low Power14560
WR9YWISingle Operator, Low Power20760
WS6KOHSingle Operator, Low Power51012
WS7IEWASingle Operator, Low PowerSpokane DX Association7320
WS7VEWASingle Operator, Low Power47880
WT1MNHSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club145236
WT9QCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado55120
WU6WEBSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club14416
WV1MCTSingle Operator, Unlimited62720
WV2NENYSingle Operator, QRP9270
WV4VVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club4420
WV6IEBSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club4620
WW0ALCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contest Club (GMCC)152640
WW0HNESingle Operator, Low Power17920
WW1MMESingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club35264
WW3DEDESingle Operator, Low PowerNone40150
WW3NMDCSingle Operator, Low Power204
WW4BNFLSingle Operator, UnlimitedFlorida Contest Group7332
WW4LLGAMulti SingleSouth East Contest Club250720
WW5QNMSingle Operator, Low Power22044
WW9RWISingle Operator, UnlimitedSociety of Midwest Contesters151200
WX3BMDCMulti SinglePotomac Valley Radio Club144150
WX4USNFLSingle Operator, High Power34650
WX6VSVSingle Operator, UnlimitedNorthern California Contest Club88800
WX7PEWAMulti SingleSpokane DX Association134560
WX9UILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters61600
WY0IKSSingle Operator, Low PowerTrojan ARC18810
WY3PMDCSingle Operator, UnlimitedPotomac Valley Radio Club144000
WY7SSWYMulti Single281920
WZ8TMISingle Operator, Low Power86720

Field Day Submissions Received

  • 2017 ARRL Field Day -

    This is a list of Field Day participant summaries received BY ALL METHODS (web app, email and mail) - for 2017 Field Day - as of the date and time indicated in the link name below:


    2017 Field Day summaries--as of  9am EDT August 28


    Several lines in the Summaries List have this statement in YELLOW highlight and we have assembled this list of Call-Signs at the bottom of the file:

    "Checklog - Contact ARRL Contest Branch - Email:"


    If your listing has this statement, we will have emailed you a request for missing documents (usually a missing 2-Page Summary Sheet). Be sure to follow up with us if your listing is so notated.


    DX stations (outside Region 2 {the Americas}) will not be included in the final published results (for Field Day, DX stations are categorized as checklogs).


    Only Class A and Class F club names will be published (names are matched against call sign data bases or the ARRL Club Affiliations Database, and/or are abbreviated to conserve space).


    The Field Day web app has been turned off for 2017 - contact the ARRL Contest Branch at  ASAP about any problems with an entry (as all published deadlines have now passed).