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Logs Received

The following is the list of Logs Received for the 2010 ARRL 160 Meter Contest.

This list includes all receipted electronic submissions and is automatically updated several times during the day. It is not "instantaneous" so it may be several hours before the list is next updated.

If you submitted your entry electronically and do not find your log listed, first please check to see that you received back a numbered receipt from the ARRL Contest Robot. If you have a numbered receipt and your log does not appear within several hours, please contact with your receipt number and they will look into the matter during regular ARRL business hours.

If you received a message with a subject line beginning "UNABLE TO PROCESS LOG SUBMISSION" there was a problem with your entry. Please refer to the text of that email and correct the problems found by the robot. Until you receive a numbered receipt, you do not have an entry in the contest log queue.

Please check your information carefully after it is posted on the Logs Received list. If you have received a numbered receipt, the robot is satisfied that all of the information you submitted is acceptable. The robot has no way of knowing if all of the information is correct, however. For example, you may have indicated a category the robot recognizes, but it may not be the category in which you participated. If you discover an error in your category or Section information after it is posted, you may simply correct your Cabrillo file header and re-submit the entry.

PAPER LOGS will only be added to the queue after the submission deadline has passed and they have been initialized into the database. This could be up to 4-6 weeks after the contest submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at 860-594-0232. Thanks and 73.

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

1285 logs received

Call SignSectionCategoryClubDate ReceivedClaimed Score
9A1CRJDXSingle Operator, QRPCroatian Contest Club2
9A5MTDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCroatian Contest Club20400
A65BPDXSingle Operator, High Power8
AA0AMOSingle Operator, High Power7474
AA0AWMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn20859
AA1CANHSingle Operator, QRPYankee Clipper Contest Club42600
AA1KDESingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club482170
AA1SBNHSingle Operator, Low Power20553
AA1VTVTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNone10296
AA3BEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club263022
AA3CSMDCSingle Operator, QRP3472
AA3GMWPASingle Operator, Low Power2964
AA3KEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club6000
AA4CFGASingle Operator, High Power109837
AA4LRGASingle Operator, Low PowerSouth East Contest Club109824
AA4NTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group10604
AA4NCNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club76077
AA4VSCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterLow Country Contest Club58596
AA4XXNCSingle Operator, QRPPotomac Valley Radio Club35910
AA5BNMSingle Operator, High PowerNew Mexico Big River Contesters92178
AA5JGOKSingle Operator, Low Power3330
AA5VUSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club11386
AA7IHORSingle Operator, Low Power
AA8LLOHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouthwest Ohio DX Assn4824
AA9DILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters118188
AA9DYEMASingle Operator, Low Power15300
AB0SKSSingle Operator, Low Power60663
AB2DENNJMulti-operator, Single Transmitter9761
AB2ESNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club74700
AB4GGTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group17214
AB4IVASingle Operator, Low Power93984
AB4IQKYSingle Operator, High PowerSOUTHEASTERN DX CLUB24900
AB5KNTXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club168696
AB7RWWASingle Operator, High PowerWestern Washington DX Club15070
AB8FJOHSingle Operator, QRP1302
AC2NNFLSingle Operator, QRP
AC3PMDCSingle Operator, High Power3750
AC5KSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone40710
AC6SLSCVSingle Operator, Low Power84
AC7AAZSingle Operator, Low Power62046
AC8EOHSingle Operator, High PowerMAD RIVER RADIO CLUB36984
AD4TJVASingle Operator, Low Power30195
AD5WIARSingle Operator, Low Power43044
AD6ZJSDGMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouthern California Contest Club34398
AD7AFWWAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter103320
AD8WMISingle Operator, High PowerNone61484
AE3JDESingle Operator, QRP8502
AE4OGASingle Operator, Low PowerSouth East Contest Club22904
AE5GTSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club11616
AE5MMOKSingle Operator, Low Power3996
AF5QOKSingle Operator, Low Power1360
AF8COHSingle Operator, Low PowerWEST PARK RADIOPS23490
AF9JWISingle Operator, QRPSociety of Midwest Contesters2600
AF9TWISingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn3528
AG4WALMulti-operator, Single TransmitterAlabama Contest Group41840
AI0QMNSingle Operator, Low Power7258
AI2NWNYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterRochester (NY) DX Assn53734
AI4GRNCSingle Operator, Low PowerBlue Ridge ARC30080
AI7HIDSingle Operator, Low Power47034
AJ4MJNCSingle Operator, Low Power24
AJ6TSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club14040
AJ9CINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters24475
AL9AAKMulti-operator, Single Transmitter6240
BV100DXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNone896
C6AGUDXSingle Operator, High Power214400
C6AKQDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFlorida Contest Group193270
CE1/K7CADXSingle Operator, High Power45436
CT1ILTDXSingle Operator, High Power16650
CT1JLZDXSingle Operator, High Power63784
CW5WDXSingle Operator, High Power8
DF2PYDXSingle Operator, High PowerNone24084
DF2UUDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouth German DX Group2088
DK2FGDXSingle Operator, High PowerRhein Ruhr DX Association5106
DK3KDDXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone176
DK7ANDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club480
DL1EMYDXSingle Operator, Low Power1886
DL3FFDXSingle Operator, Low Power56
DL4CFDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterBavarian Contest Club4030
DL4MEDXChecklogRhein Ruhr DX Association0
DL5MEVDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club480
DL5MXDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club1968
DL7CXDXSingle Operator, High PowerBavarian Contest Club6720
DL7UMKDXSingle Operator, Low PowerY07416
DR4ADXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter23460
E72UDXSingle Operator, Low Power0
E77DXDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterBHCC58630
EA1WXDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter3780
EA2SWDXSingle Operator, Low Power640
EA3CECDXSingle Operator, High Power396
EA3ORDXSingle Operator, High Power442
EA4KDDXSingle Operator, Low Power714
EA8ZSDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter1944
EI2CNDXSingle Operator, High Power49764
ER3AUDXSingle Operator, QRP2
ER3MMDXSingle Operator, Low Power24
EU3ARDXSingle Operator, High Power3192
F/TU5KGDXSingle Operator, High PowerKCC48
F2DXDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter33512
F4DNWDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter4080
F5INDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter13892
F6IRADXSingle Operator, High Power8364
FO8RZDXSingle Operator, High Power3060
G3RLEDXSingle Operator, Low Power1824
G3RSDDXSingle Operator, Low Power40
G3UFYDXSingle Operator, High Power9120
G3ZGCDXSingle Operator, High Power320
G4AFSDXSingle Operator, Low Power7544
G4AMTDXSingle Operator, High Power37210
G4BUODXSingle Operator, High PowerCray Valley Radio Society1472
GW3JXNDXSingle Operator, High Power8740
HA8BEDXSingle Operator, Low Power1748
HI3TEJDXSingle Operator, Low PowerPile Up Pig contest group
IC8POFDXSingle Operator, High Power1386
IK0XBXDXSingle Operator, Low PowerPerugia Contest Club3000
IK4ZGODXSingle Operator, High Power17700
JA1BJIDXSingle Operator, Low Power476
JA1LZRDXSingle Operator, High PowerNone384
JA3YBKDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMTRF
JA6LCJDXSingle Operator, High Power0
JA7BMEDXSingle Operator, High Power1554
JE1RZRDXSingle Operator, High Power
JE1SPYDXSingle Operator, Low Power714
JH1DGQDXSingle Operator, Low Power160
JH2FXKDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter3840
JI3KDHDXSingle Operator, High Power
JR5JAQDXSingle Operator, High Power6016
K0ACPIAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter
K0ADMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn86736
K0BJKSSingle Operator, Low Power116196
K0CDWISingle Operator, QRP20350
K0CNMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn
K0COMCOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGrand Mesa Contesters20853
K0DINESingle Operator, Low PowerLincoln ARC166431
K0EJTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group176700
K0EWSIASingle Operator, Low Power17874
K0HBMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn23815
K0IOIASingle Operator, High Power125033
K0IRMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn11508
K0JAMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn21600
K0JEMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn18144
K0JJRMNSingle Operator, High PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN48544
K0JPLMOSingle Operator, High PowerSociety Of Midwest Contesters84800
K0KTIASingle Operator, Low PowerIowa DX and Contest Club86086
K0KXMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn243832
K0LIRMOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSt Louis Amateur Radio Club Inc77924
K0MPHMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn60736
K0NENESingle Operator, Low Power19352
K0NWORGSingle Operator, Low Power29280
K0OUMOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterKC Contest Club5559
K0PCMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn141688
K0PIRSDSingle Operator, Low Power308
K0PJWWASingle Operator, High Power97240
K0PKMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn178036
K0PPMTSingle Operator, High Power133042
K0PYKSSingle Operator, High Power163392
K0RCMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn183864
K0RFCOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado421767
K0RICOSingle Operator, Low PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado48100
K0RZCOSingle Operator, High Power23628
K0SVMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn4560
K0TIMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn126880
K0TQINSingle Operator, High Power45360
K0TVNHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNone357966
K0UKCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado40552
K0VGMNSingle Operator, High PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN5254
K0WAKSSingle Operator, High Power93075
K0XTRCOSingle Operator, High Power29087
K0YQCOSingle Operator, Low Power40425
K0YRMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn47424
K0ZXCOSingle Operator, High PowerNone46647
K1ARNHMulti-operator, Single Transmitter222076
K1DGMESingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club584820
K1DMCTSingle Operator, Low PowerCTRI Contest Group60724
K1DQVMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club121099
K1DW/5LASingle Operator, Low PowerLOUISIANA CONTEST CLUB25685
K1EPEMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club202395
K1GQNHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club321226
K1JBMEMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club90598
K1KDMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn31296
K1LTOHSingle Operator, High PowerMad River Radio Club481664
K1LZEMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club663918
K1NKNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerNone114453
K1NTREMASingle Operator, Low Power22101
K1PXCTSingle Operator, High PowerNONE31430
K1QONHSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club30740
K1RZMDCSingle Operator, Low Powerpotomac valley radio club96516
K1SEZCTSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club1470
K1THEMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club6800
K1TNWISingle Operator, Low PowerNone52233
K1TRNHSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club53856
K1VWCTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club289262
K1ZZCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club151736
K1ZZIGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouth East Contest Club211967
K2AVNCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club70320
K2BXENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterHudson Valley Contesters and DXers19380
K2CJNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club1518
K2DBNNYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterRochester (NY) DX Assn29120
K2EPENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterHudson Valley Contesters and DXers36856
K2GENNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterRaritan Bay Radio Amateurs24600
K2GNSNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club2444
K2LNSEPASingle Operator, Low PowerMurgas ARC5740
K2MKSNJMulti-operator, Single Transmitter28560
K2NPNWNYSingle Operator, Low Power15609
K2NVWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerWestern New York DX Assn.3968
K2ONPENYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers101640
K2PO/7ORSingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club3220
K2QMFNLIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterOrder of Boiled Owls of New York107825
K2QOWNYSingle Operator, QRPWestern New York DX Assn22950
K2RDSCVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club24888
K2RETSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerSouth Jersey DX Assn22007
K2RSCTSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club41160
K2TVNLISingle Operator, Low PowerGreat South Bay ARC10105
K2UFENYSingle Operator, Low Power79233
K2WKVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Virginia Contest Club206882
K2XAENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers15680
K2XTNNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNone97954
K2ZCNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerBergen ARA18762
K2ZJWNYSingle Operator, High PowerSalt City DX Assn65065
K2ZRWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerWestern New York DX Assn50310
K3ANSCSingle Operator, Low Power85020
K3ATOEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB90900
K3AUMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio CLub21165
K3GMTEPASingle Operator, High PowerDelaware Lehigh Amateur Radio Club17150
K3IEALMulti-operator, Single TransmitterAlabama Contest Group200550
K3IURISingle Operator, Low PowerCTRI Contest Group8260
K3JGJEPASingle Operator, High PowerFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB22824
K3JRRMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club22196
K3JTWVSingle Operator, High PowerNone52416
K3JWITNSingle Operator, High Powertvdxa7224
K3KONCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club110100
K3KUMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club308
K3MDEPASingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club202980
K3MJWWPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSkyview Radio Society50406
K3MMMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club110979
K3NMEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club40590
K3OQMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club2448
K3OQFEPASingle Operator, Low Power16815
K3PPEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club8930
K3QIAEPASingle Operator, High PowerColumbia-Montour ARC28602
K3STXMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club153924
K3SVEPASingle Operator, High PowerMHDXA209888
K3SWZEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club65250
K3TCMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club136773
K3TDSTXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Texas DX and Contest Club23380
K3TNMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club80178
K3UAWPASingle Operator, QRPNorth Coast Contesters480
K3USCOHSingle Operator, High PowerWest Park Radiops11825
K3WTMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn58875
K3WWEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club505560
K3XOWVSingle Operator, Low Power62181
K3YDXMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club14476
K3ZOMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club117090
K4ABALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group234294
K4AMCTNSingle Operator, High PowerTENNESSEE CONTEST GROUP34282
K4BAIGASingle Operator, High PowerSouth East Contest Club70725
K4BPTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group18908
K4BSKNCSingle Operator, Low Power3900
K4CNWSCSingle Operator, QRP83000
K4CWWALSingle Operator, Low Power87164
K4DJNCSingle Operator, Low Power31772
K4EDITNSingle Operator, High PowerBristol (TN) ARC319
K4FJVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club217338
K4FPFVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club24024
K4FTKYSingle Operator, Low PowerKentucky Contest Group192448
K4FTOVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club19599
K4GMVASingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club16744
K4HALALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group50754
K4HMBNCSingle Operator, High PowerSouth East Contest Club22220
K4IQJ/4ALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group15504
K4JAFNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group12636
K4JCSFLSingle Operator, QRP4205
K4MFSFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group29884
K4MMSFLMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFlorida Contest Group23040
K4MXVASingle Operator, Low Power5928
K4PBSFLMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNone74824
K4ROTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group244700
K4SOVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club89040
K4SPOKYSingle Operator, Low Power2304
K4SVNCSingle Operator, High PowerNorth Carolina DX and Contest Club54160
K4TRHTNSingle Operator, Low PowerNone6642
K4UKVASingle Operator, Low PowerFranklin County ARC9960
K4WESNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club5109
K4WIALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group14734
K4WWKYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterDerby City DX Association82944
K4WYVASingle Operator, Low Power48240
K4XDNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club3640
K4XUORSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Oregon DX Club53884
K4YYLSCSingle Operator, High Powernone198200
K4ZWVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club91437
K5ACOARSingle Operator, Low Power20300
K5AEMSTXSingle Operator, Low Power2883
K5BGNTXSingle Operator, High Power252840
K5EKNCSingle Operator, High PowerCarolina DX Association29158
K5GJSTXSingle Operator, Low Power17169
K5GZRSTXSingle Operator, High Power55776
K5KGWCFMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFlorida Contest Group67470
K5KJNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Texas Contest Club6336
K5LHNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerHeart of Texas DX Society (HOTDXS)47158
K5LJSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerBrazos Valley ARC49296
K5MBANTXSingle Operator, Low Power42
K5NASTXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club509066
K5QWOOKSingle Operator, Low Power3360
K5RXNTXSingle Operator, High PowerNorth Texas Contest Club422630
K5SEESTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNARS30073
K5TANMSingle Operator, High PowerNew Mexico Big River Contesters36750
K5WASTXSingle Operator, High PowerCentral Texas DX and Contest Club220330
K5ZDWMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club119698
K6BZSSVSingle Operator, High Power0
K6CSLSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club2880
K6DGWSVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club2604
K6EIEBSingle Operator, QRP54360
K6EMORGSingle Operator, Low Power15510
K6GEPORGSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern California Contest Club2156
K6GGOSJVSingle Operator, High Power21650
K6IIISVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club31758
K6JEBEBMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club7696
K6MISJVSingle Operator, QRPNorthern California Contest Club7138
K6NDWMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club376340
K6NVSVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club61314
K6PJMTSingle Operator, High PowerNone62952
K6RADSFSingle Operator, Low Power14504
K6RBSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club34500
K6SALSVMulti-operator, Single Transmitter58575
K6UMORSingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club198
K6WSCAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club4068
K7ABVMTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern Rockies DX Association14364
K7CSVASingle Operator, High PowerSterling Park ARC133826
K7CWWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Washington DX Club13674
K7DRMISingle Operator, Low Power3534
K7FAAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB55379
K7HPAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club74285
K7IANMSingle Operator, High PowerNone104746
K7INGAZSingle Operator, Low Power924
K7JEAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club6751
K7LFYEWAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter59760
K7OAUTMulti-operator, Single Transmitter71212
K7OXEWAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSpokane DX Association162355
K7RATORMulti-operator, Single TransmitterWillametter Valley DX Club160
K7RLWWASingle Operator, High PowerWestern Washington DX Club256044
K7SCXCOMulti-operator, Single Transmitter93003
K7SFNNVSingle Operator, High PowerNone16506
K7TQIDSingle Operator, Low PowerSpokane DX Association56372
K7XCNVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club93240
K8ABOHSingle Operator, Low PowerWEST PARK RADIOPS37944
K8AJSOHSingle Operator, High Power174503
K8AJXALSingle Operator, Low Power17576
K8BLOHSingle Operator, Low PowerNORTH COAST CONTESTERS204020
K8FHOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMedina 2 Meter Group230256
K8GVKMISingle Operator, Low Power24698
K8JAMISingle Operator, Low Power48580
K8JQWVSingle Operator, High Power38016
K8KUMISingle Operator, Low Power10535
K8MJZMISingle Operator, High PowerNone45824
K8MPOHSingle Operator, Low PowerDELARA Contest Team70685
K8OTMISingle Operator, Low Power504
K8POMESingle Operator, High Power660606
K8RDJMISingle Operator, Low PowerUSECA15040
K8SIAMISingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club52672
K8VUSOHSingle Operator, Low PowerWest Park Radiops35428
K9AYWISingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters346330
K9CTILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters416601
K9DUMNSingle Operator, High PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN215853
K9DXILSingle Operator, High Powersociety of midwest contesters568562
K9IJILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters50876
K9JMSVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club39054
K9JUILSingle Operator, Low Power27645
K9JWVUTSingle Operator, QRP12160
K9KJINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters21165
K9MIINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters3834
K9MMSILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters129851
K9NWINMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club322680
K9OMILSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group155232
K9OZILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters76960
K9RQNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerNone3584
K9SEILSingle Operator, Low Power62764
K9SGINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters39196
K9TYWISingle Operator, QRP16072
K9WAILSingle Operator, Low PowerGreen River Valley ARS36314
K9WWTINSingle Operator, High Power85425
K9WZBAZSingle Operator, Low Power14640
K9ZMILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters26936
KA0PMOSingle Operator, Low Power700
KA2BSKSNJSingle Operator, Low Power11808
KA2DNLIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterOrder of Boiled Owls of New York58200
KA4RTNSingle Operator, Low PowerBristol (TN) ARC28969
KA4TEUKYSingle Operator, QRPKentucky Contest Group300
KA9FOXWIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters20160
KB0EOMNSingle Operator, High PowerNone20435
KB0LIASingle Operator, High Power5838
KB0LFNESingle Operator, High Power24490
KB0SKIASingle Operator, Low Power29380
KB1NHVVTSingle Operator, Low Power5056
KB2KOLWNYSingle Operator, Low Power112
KB3LNMMDCSingle Operator, Low Power0
KB4KBSGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOUTH EAST CONTEST CLUB2668
KB8NUFMDCSingle Operator, Low Power2600
KB8OCPOHSingle Operator, Low Power9471
KB9OILSingle Operator, Low Power64
KB9SWISingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn33930
KB9ZUVINSingle Operator, QRP6612
KC0RETMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn10793
KC0UXCSDSingle Operator, QRPNone32
KC0VCOSingle Operator, Low Power74305
KC4DVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club295944
KC4HWALMulti-operator, Single TransmitterAlabama Contest Group8234
KC4WQKYSingle Operator, Low PowerKentucky Contest Group67991
KC9ELUINSingle Operator, Low Power7380
KC9ILILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety Of Midwest Contesters7676
KD0RKSSingle Operator, QRP13554
KD2MXNNJSingle Operator, Low Power
KD3HNEPASingle Operator, Low PowerHilltop Transmitting Assn180
KD3TBEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club6596
KD5JARSingle Operator, Low Power56
KD5MMMSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerHays-Caldwell Amateur Radio Club2208
KD7UOWWASingle Operator, Low PowerPacific Northwest VHF Society10384
KE0GMNSingle Operator, QRP
KE0LMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn29078
KE1BSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club21571
KE3DSTXSingle Operator, High Power
KE3XMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club21850
KE5AKLNMSingle Operator, Low Power38482
KE5LQSTXSingle Operator, Low Power5915
KE6QREBMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club15678
KE7DXAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterArizona Outlaws Contest Club45360
KE7XMUTSingle Operator, Low Power3240
KE7YFAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club9198
KF0XVKSSingle Operator, QRP3472
KF6TSVSingle Operator, High PowerMother Lode DX/Contest Club121000
KG0KPMOSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters864
KG0ZCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado24115
KG4CUYALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group26474
KG4JGQNCSingle Operator, QRPBlue Ridge ARC29106
KG4WVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCENTRAL VIRGINIA CONTEST CLUB147100
KG7EIDMulti-operator, Single Transmitter40888
KG7HIDSingle Operator, High PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB191282
KG9NILSingle Operator, High Powersociety of midwest contesters16900
KG9ZOHSingle Operator, Low Power25575
KH6LCPACMulti-operator, Single Transmitter81770
KH6ZMPACSingle Operator, High Power65286
KI0FMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn72675
KI0IICOSingle Operator, QRP17388
KI0JCOSingle Operator, Low Power30294
KI4FWVASingle Operator, QRP
KI5JFSTXSingle Operator, Low Power390
KI6VCSJVSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club60624
KI7NORSingle Operator, Low Power700
KI9EINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters76212
KJ4FDVALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group52920
KJ9CINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters137280
KK1WWMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club6042
KK6MCNMMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNew Mexico Big River Contesters125296
KK7SWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Washington DX Club38544
KL7NCAKSingle Operator, Low Power594
KL7RAAKSingle Operator, High Power224180
KM5PSARSingle Operator, Low PowerNone66243
KM6ISCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club8702
KM9MILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters32674
KN0VMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn22816
KN1HNHSingle Operator, QRP3654
KN3AEPASingle Operator, Low PowerAllegheny Valley Radio Association13717
KN4YNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFLORIDA CONTEST GROUP15510
KN5OLAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterLouisiana Contest Club147829
KN8JWVSingle Operator, Low Power6314
KN8KAZSTXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter42976
KO4OLKYSingle Operator, Low PowerKentucky Contest Group3366
KO7PIDSingle Operator, Low Power1656
KP2DXVIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterDX4LIFE CONTEST CLUB2781
KQ1XOHSingle Operator, Low Power13200
KQ6QORGSingle Operator, Low Power432
KR2DNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerSussex County ARC14144
KR2QNNJSingle Operator, QRP18796
KR4FALMulti-operator, Single TransmitterAlabama Contest Group27972
KR4VVASingle Operator, Low PowerNone48990
KS0TMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn52469
KS4LALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group2670
KS4SNCSingle Operator, Low PowerCarolina DX Association46728
KS7TMTSingle Operator, High Power29205
KT2DENYSingle Operator, High Power4004
KT4OMNCSingle Operator, Low Power5610
KT8XMISingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club11180
KU2ANHSingle Operator, High Power39916
KU4AKYSingle Operator, Low Power10335
KU8EGASingle Operator, Low PowerSouth East Contest Club29441
KV1JEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club19027
KV2XWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn4800
KV4FZVISingle Operator, High PowerNone326944
KV6OCOSingle Operator, High Power1150
KV9WINSingle Operator, Low Power
KX7LWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Washington DX Club19665
KX9DXILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety Of Midwest Contesters68670
KY4CWKYSingle Operator, Low PowerKentucky Contesters84135
KZ5JSTXSingle Operator, High Power11385
LY1GDXSingle Operator, High Power6664
LY2JDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitterkaunas university of technology radio club352
LY2XWDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterKaunas University of Technology Radio Club4200
LY3BMDXSingle Operator, Low Power200
LY7MDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterVytautas Magnus University Radio Club756
LZ2ZGDXSingle Operator, High Power432
M5ODXSingle Operator, Low PowerHorsham Amateur Radio Club14220
MD0CCEDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCHILTERN DX CLUB15510
MM0GPZDXSingle Operator, High PowerMid Lanark Amateur Radio Society2052
N0AHCOMulti-operator, Single Transmitter88560
N0ATMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn127764
N0AXMOSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters33634
N0BKMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn21216
N0BUIMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn9672
N0HJZMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN113883
N0IJWISingle Operator, High Power255675
N0IMMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn119856
N0JKKSSingle Operator, QRP810
N0KBDMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn12879
N0KKMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn21830
N0KQCOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado54340
N0NBKSSingle Operator, Low Power20760
N0NIIAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterIowa DX and Contest Club514048
N0OKMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn21489
N0RNCOSingle Operator, High Power42822
N0SMIASingle Operator, High Power244035
N0TKCOSingle Operator, Low Power34293
N0TTMOSingle Operator, High PowerKANSAS CITY DX CLUB273735
N0UDNDSingle Operator, Low PowerPRAIRIE CONTESTERS26908
N0UVMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn8346
N0UYMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN40369
N0XMKSSingle Operator, High PowerSHARCS9165
N0XRIASingle Operator, High PowerIowa DX and Contest Club6300
N1AWWMASingle Operator, QRPYankee Clipper Contest Club9380
N1EUENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club82272
N1IBMSNJMulti-operator, Single Transmitterfrankford radio club43070
N1IWNHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club30730
N1IXNHSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club76050
N1JDMESingle Operator, Low Power37689
N1LNNCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club492298
N1MGOWMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club10340
N1PGAWMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club30272
N1RKSNJSingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club22260
N1SNBEMASingle Operator, High Power14532
N1SZMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club38936
N1TMCTSingle Operator, QRPYankee Clipper Contest Club3128
N1WQMNSingle Operator, Low Power31098
N1WRMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club71632
N1XKCTSingle Operator, Low Power4200
N1YEMESingle Operator, Low PowerNone19740
N1ZZCTSingle Operator, High Power325500
N2AETSNJMulti-operator, Single Transmitter13348
N2BANNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club266988
N2BJILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS51696
N2CJNNJSingle Operator, Low Power7714
N2CUWNYSingle Operator, High PowerWestern New York DX Assn252480
N2EDNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club52164
N2EIKENYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers22736
N2FFNLISingle Operator, High PowerOrder of Boiled Owls of New York37170
N2FJNNYSingle Operator, Low Power79790
N2JJENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers19239
N2KIENYSingle Operator, High Power3072
N2KWWMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club410240
N2MFWNYSingle Operator, High PowerSalt City DX Assn149448
N2MMSNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford radio Club121680
N2NSSJVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club17284
N2OPWOHSingle Operator, Low PowerDELARA CONTEST TEAM15533
N2QTVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club162690
N2RINLISingle Operator, Low Power43197
N2SQWENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterHudson Valley Contesters and DXers6171
N2UMWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerNone3190
N2WKSNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club73340
N2WNTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group80750
N2ZNWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn216432
N3AMMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club50456
N3AOVASingle Operator, High Power13328
N3BMVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club16074
N3BNAEPASingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club120148
N3CJMEPASingle Operator, QRP234
N3COMISingle Operator, Low Power149172
N3CREPASingle Operator, Low Power15640
N3CZNCSingle Operator, Low PowerBLUE RIDGE ARC61494
N3ENMDCMulti-operator, Single Transmitter
N3GDWCFSingle Operator, Low Power32240
N3JBVASingle Operator, High Power--67645
N3LTWPASingle Operator, Low Power5016
N3MKVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club123933
N3MXEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club17574
N3NREPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club16936
N3RDEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club181060
N3RIKEPASingle Operator, QRP264
N3RWEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB4340
N3STEPASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club62466
N3TGVASingle Operator, Low PowerSterling Park ARC6048
N3UAVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Virginia Contest Club434196
N3UMMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club118712
N4AANCSingle Operator, High PowerBlue Ridge ARC18228
N4AAITNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group92527
N4AUALSingle Operator, Low Power15226
N4AXALSingle Operator, QRPN4AX22935
N4BCBALSingle Operator, High Power31204
N4BCCVAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter152152
N4DJVASingle Operator, High Power66348
N4DXINFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group2314
N4EEBNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group28014
N4FXVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB90948
N4GGGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouth East Contest Club39360
N4IRTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group198434
N4KZKYSingle Operator, High Power6321
N4NOALSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group97276
N4NTONCSingle Operator, Low Power0
N4OGWMSSingle Operator, High PowerAlabama Contest Group113472
N4PNGASingle Operator, High PowerSOUTH EAST CONTEST CLUB288932
N4QSKYMulti-operator, Single Transmitter83230
N4RVVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club173160
N4TBWCFMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFlorida Contest Group14796
N4TLNCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club2548
N4TZINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters34920
N4UAVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club245779
N4UCALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group6156
N4UWTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group20617
N4VVTNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterTennessee Contest Group61275
N4WDGASingle Operator, Low Power28182
N4WONFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group539
N4WWNFLMulti-operator, Single Transmitterflorida contest group249047
N4XDNCSingle Operator, High Power330636
N4XUEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club52344
N4YDUNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club12587
N4ZZTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group62220
N5BFLAXSingle Operator, High Power7942
N5INMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn26271
N5JBNTXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorth Texas Contest Club109792
N5KAESTXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter8815
N5KOSCVMulti-operator, Single Transmitter125818
N5KWNSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone47260
N5LZUTSingle Operator, High PowerUtah DX Association180010
N5OHLOKSingle Operator, High PowerOklahoma DX Assn8200
N5RKDNMSingle Operator, Low Power33670
N5RMSWTXSingle Operator, Low PowerMidland ARC0
N5RZWTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Texas Contest Club65132
N5UEMSSingle Operator, High Power24200
N5ULNMSingle Operator, High Power148078
N5UMOKSingle Operator, Low Power53650
N5WRTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group281184
N5XJSTXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral TEXAS DX and Contest Club57096
N6AALAXSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club53664
N6AJREBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club2160
N6ANLAXSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club46296
N6ARNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group84744
N6CMFORGSingle Operator, Low Power12005
N6GLLAXSingle Operator, Low Power9126
N6IESFMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club20069
N6JVSVSingle Operator, High PowerMother Lode DX/Contest Club71764
N6KISDGMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouthern California Contest Club67683
N6MAAZSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern Arizona DX Assn139744
N6MLEBMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club267079
N6MWSCVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNone43706
N6NDSDGSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club57510
N6NFSCVSingle Operator, High Power33085
N6OSBSJVSingle Operator, QRP
N6QQORGMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB71825
N6RCSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club11130
N6RKSVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club103584
N6SSAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterArizona Outlaws Contest Club283444
N6TRORMulti-operator, Single TransmitterWillamette Valley DX Club40399
N6TVSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club24344
N6TWORSingle Operator, High PowerWillamette Valley DX Club33120
N6WGEBSingle Operator, QRPNorthern California Contest Club19104
N6WKORGSingle Operator, High Power15730
N6WMEBSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club26432
N6ZFOSFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club23877
N7DRCOSingle Operator, Low Power18212
N7EPDWWASingle Operator, Low PowerPacific Northwest VHF Society3888
N7FFARSingle Operator, High Power37332
N7IRAZSingle Operator, QRPArizona Outlaws Contest Club62826
N7IVNDSingle Operator, Low PowerSouris Valley ARC131712
N7KANMSingle Operator, High PowerNew Mexico Big River Contesters2592
N7KQAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club12456
N7LOXWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Washington dx club22570
N7MALAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB4872
N7ONNVSingle Operator, Low PowerKona Contest Club32818
N7QSWWASingle Operator, High Power198
N7RKAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club26004
N7VMUTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterUtah DX Association24220
N7WAWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Washington DX Club6786
N8AAOHSingle Operator, High PowerMad River Radio Club30080
N8AGUOHMulti-operator, Single Transmitter22149
N8BBMISingle Operator, QRP102737
N8BJQOHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOUTHWEST OHIO DX ASSOCIATION52398
N8DEMISingle Operator, Low PowerMAD RIVER RADIO CLUB50260
N8EAMIMulti-operator, Single Transmittermad river radio club36032
N8ECIOHSingle Operator, Low Power27848
N8GUOHSingle Operator, Low Power4200
N8HPOHSingle Operator, Low Power53124
N8IIWVSingle Operator, Low PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB149040
N8LJMISingle Operator, High Power179200
N8MRMISingle Operator, Low Power48756
N8NADESingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club40192
N8OBOHSingle Operator, Low PowerDELARA CONTEST TEAM1656
N8OHOHSingle Operator, Low Power20776
N8OOLASingle Operator, High PowerNone360711
N8TDOHSingle Operator, Low Power24408
N8TROHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club150965
N8VVOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club52932
N8WSOHSingle Operator, Low Powerwestpark radiops3483
N8XIMISingle Operator, High PowerNone32406
N9ADGWWASingle Operator, Low PowerWestern Washington DX Club26880
N9AUGOHSingle Operator, Low PowerDELARA Contest Team105084
N9AXINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters130144
N9BTILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters1575
N9CKWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters55720
N9CMWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group30114
N9COILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters8736
N9DDINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters10534
N9DTILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety Midwest Contesters12582
N9EPILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS10764
N9GHILSingle Operator, High Powersociety of midwest contesters3672
N9IOILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS12299
N9JFILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters69972
N9LYEILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters43332
N9MSGILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters10950
N9NEWISingle Operator, QRPCentral Wisconsin Amateurs51389
N9RCOHSingle Operator, High Power30628
N9TFILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters18676
N9WKWISingle Operator, Low PowerNortheast Wisconsin DX Assn1280
N9WKWINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters41412
NA0BRCOSingle Operator, Low Power7050
NA2MENYSingle Operator, Low PowerOrder of Boiled Owls of New York59544
NA2UAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB550
NA3MMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club43924
NA4CTNSingle Operator, High PowerTENNESSEE CONTEST GROUP15214
NA4KTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group191172
NA8VMISingle Operator, Low Power54385
NB4MTNChecklogTennessee Contest Group28860
NE0SMOSingle Operator, Low PowerNone77658
NE0UMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn219108
NE1BNHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club88320
NE3HEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club42055
NE7DORSingle Operator, Low PowerWillamette Valley DX Club25520
NE9UWISingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn218050
NF1ONHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club45220
NF4ANFLSingle Operator, Low PowerALABAMA CONTEST GROUP12342
NF5YNMSingle Operator, Low Power25740
NG1GRISingle Operator, High PowerCTRI Contest Group17400
NG7MUTSingle Operator, Low PowerUtah Contest Club8
NG7ZWWASingle Operator, High Powerwestern washington dx club45560
NI7RAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club8463
NI9HILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of midwest contesters30912
NJ1FENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club72326
NJ8JGASingle Operator, Low PowerSOUTH EAST CONTEST CLUB752
NK3YEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club15048
NK7UORMulti-operator, Single TransmitterWillamette Valley DX Club248561
NN1NCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper COntest Club18148
NN3QEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club290394
NO3MWPASingle Operator, High Power514568
NO8COHSingle Operator, Low Power14940
NO9EGASingle Operator, High PowerSOUTHEASTERN DX CLUB91922
NP3CWPRSingle Operator, Low PowerNone2
NR0TMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn136485
NR7QAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club23432
NS3TMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club2438
NS9IWISingle Operator, High Power55012
NU7TNVSingle Operator, QRP3150
NV0UMOSingle Operator, QRPNone3132
NV4BALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group36330
NV9XILSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters6510
NX2XENYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers13600
NX5MSTXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCENTRAL TEXAS DX AND CONTEST CLUB286622
NX9TNCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club13624
NZ4LKYSingle Operator, High Power66207
OE3GCUDXSingle Operator, High PowerACC16168
OG4TDXSingle Operator, High Power240
OH2BODXSingle Operator, High PowerCCF13936
OK1DQTOKSingle Operator, High Power3196
OK1JRDXSingle Operator, High Power2050
OK1MCWDXSingle Operator, High Power1240
OK1TNDXSingle Operator, High Powerokdxf7728
OK2BFNDXSingle Operator, Low Power1200
OK2BMUDXSingle Operator, High PowerNone1850
OK2EQDXSingle Operator, High Power72
OK2SARDXSingle Operator, High Power456
OK5XXDXSingle Operator, High Power84
OK5ZDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter18048
OK6YDXSingle Operator, Low Power240
OL7MDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter35728
OM7AGDXSingle Operator, Low Power96
OM7YCDXSingle Operator, Low Power18
OZ4ODXSingle Operator, High Power2322
OZ7EADXSingle Operator, High Power300
OZ7YYDXSingle Operator, High Power8856
P40TADXSingle Operator, High PowerMOTHER LODE DX/CONTEST CLUB107100
PA0JNHDXSingle Operator, High Power782
PA0LOUDXSingle Operator, Low Power1178
PA0ODXSingle Operator, Low PowerVERON1364
PA2ADXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter8140
PA3AAVDXSingle Operator, High Power1232
PA3FKNDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNone12144
PA4VHFDXSingle Operator, High Power4828
PJ2TDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCCC195762
PV8DXDXSingle Operator, High Power198
R3DXDXSingle Operator, High Power4340
R3KMDXSingle Operator, High Power96
R3LADXSingle Operator, Low PowerR3L960
R3QFDXSingle Operator, High PowerNone96
R7LVDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter60
R9SADXSingle Operator, High Power18
RA0FUDXSingle Operator, High Power10032
RA3DADXSingle Operator, High Power216
RA3ISDXSingle Operator, High Power8
RA4LWDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter14520
RA6XBDXSingle Operator, High Power0
RM5ZDXSingle Operator, Low Power2
RN1NWDXSingle Operator, Low Power4
RN6BMDXSingle Operator, Low Power40
RN9CMDXSingle Operator, High PowerUral Contest Group8
RT3TDXSingle Operator, High PowerRCC4
RT9SDXSingle Operator, Low Power24
RV4LCDXSingle Operator, Low Power0
RW3DADXSingle Operator, High Power84
RX6LOLDXSingle Operator, Low Power8
S57DXDXSingle Operator, High Power2450
SM2MDXSingle Operator, Low Power1176
SM5EPODXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter126
SM5MXDXSingle Operator, Low Power120
SM6FUDDXSingle Operator, High Power390
SP5CJYDXSingle Operator, Low Power1932
SP6HEQDXSingle Operator, High Power798
SP8LBKDXSingle Operator, Low Power72
SP9DWTDXSingle Operator, High Powerspdx club
SV3RFDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter8988
TF3SGDXSingle Operator, High Power32
TF4XDXSingle Operator, High Power8284
UA0AGIDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter84
UA2FLDXSingle Operator, Low PowerUA2 Contest Club
UA3EKGDXSingle Operator, High Power2
UA3VVBDXChecklogVladimir Radio Club2
UA4FCODXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterRU-QRP-CLUB
UA6LCNDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterRussian Contest Club8
UA9KAADXSingle Operator, High Power1320
UA9TFDXSingle Operator, High Power50
UA9UZZDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter510
UR5ASDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter5346
US0SYDXSingle Operator, High Power126
US4IPQDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter24
UT3UADXSingle Operator, High PowerBlack Sea Contest Club7030
UT5EODXSingle Operator, Low Power504
UU2JQDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter8
UU7JDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterBLACK SEA CONTEST CLUB41280
UV5UDXSingle Operator, High Power1974
UW2MDXSingle Operator, High PowerUkrainian Contest Club19012
UX2XDXSingle Operator, High PowerBlack Sea Contest Club26622
UX5NQDXSingle Operator, Low Power320
UX7CQDXSingle Operator, High PowerUkrainian Contest Club176
UY0ZGDXSingle Operator, High PowerGipanis Contest Group3136
UZ0UDXSingle Operator, High PowerUkrainian Contest Club2300
UZ1IDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterUkrainian Contest Club3654
VA1CHPMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club10752
VA2EWQCSingle Operator, High PowerContest group du Quebec404125
VA2SGQCSingle Operator, Low PowerContest group du Quebec14800
VA2WDQQCSingle Operator, High PowerContest Group du Quebec140505
VA3DXONMulti-operator, Single TransmitterContest Club Ontario236322
VA3ECONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario9438
VA3RKMONSingle Operator, QRPContest Club Ontario4224
VA3WPVONSingle Operator, QRP1188
VA3WRONSingle Operator, QRPContest Club Ontario6370
VA5SAMSKSingle Operator, High Power280
VA7MMBCSingle Operator, Low Power16483
VA7STBCSingle Operator, Low PowerOrca DX and Contest Club10184
VE1OPMARMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMaritime Contest Club144144
VE1RGBMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club6699
VE1SKYMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club5040
VE1ZAMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMARITIME Contest Club60268
VE1ZACMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club19140
VE2AWRQCSingle Operator, Low Power26988
VE2BWLQCSingle Operator, Low Power44643
VE2EZDQCSingle Operator, High PowerContest Group du Quebec26049
VE2FKQCSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Group du Quebec8584
VE2GGYQCSingle Operator, Low Powernone330
VE2OJQCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterOutaouais Contest Operators Association389790
VE2SBQCSingle Operator, QRPContest Group du Quebec12810
VE2XAAQCSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Group du Quebec35904
VE3BNOONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario16403
VE3CUIONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario94536
VE3CVONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario54285
VE3CXONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario176142
VE3DZONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario16885
VE3EBNONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario10626
VE3EJONSingle Operator, High PowerCCO593313
VE3FHONSingle Operator, Low PowerCONTEST CLUB ONTARIO55584
VE3GFNONSingle Operator, Low PowerCONTEST CLUB ONTARIO34344
VE3HGONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario1968
VE3JAQONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario14490
VE3KAOONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario11914
VE3KZONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario32757
VE3MGYONSingle Operator, QRP46575
VE3MMONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario39120
VE3MMQONSingle Operator, High PowerCONTEST CLUB ONTARIO291985
VE3MOONSingle Operator, QRP
VE3OIONSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario24576
VE3RCNONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario29300
VE3RZONMulti-operator, Single TransmitterContest Club Ontario17284
VE3TWONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario15141
VE3XATONMulti-operator, Single TransmitterContest Club Ontario14637
VE3XDONSingle Operator, Low PowerContest Club Ontario23313
VE4EARMBSingle Operator, Low Power46215
VE5CPUSKSingle Operator, Low PowerSaskatchewan Contest Club2214
VE5MXSKSingle Operator, Low PowerSaskatchewan Contest Club4158
VE5UAABSingle Operator, High PowerNone187476
VE5UFSKSingle Operator, High PowerSaskatchewan Contest Club123924
VE5ZXSKSingle Operator, Low PowerSaskatchewan Contest Club36135
VE6BBPABSingle Operator, High Power109140
VE6JYABMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNone32160
VE6TLABSingle Operator, High PowerALBERTA CLIPPERS24024
VE7BGPBCSingle Operator, Low PowerNanaimo Amateur Radio Association3828
VE7CCBCSingle Operator, High PowerBC DX Club192296
VE7JKZBCSingle Operator, High PowerNone36102
VE7VVBCSingle Operator, QRP18096
VE7XFBCSingle Operator, High PowerOrca DX and Contest Club11220
VE8EVNTMulti-operator, Single Transmitter5168
VE9AAMARSingle Operator, High PowerMaritime Contest Club112800
VO1HPNLSingle Operator, High Power29678
VO1TANLSingle Operator, High PowerEast Coast Canada Contest Club45162
VP2MSCDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter127882
VP5CWDXSingle Operator, High PowerOKLAHOMA DX ASSOCIATION87992
VY2LIMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club1407
VY2SSMARSingle Operator, Low PowerMaritime Contest Club8288
VY2ZMMARSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club886080
W0ADMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn60138
W0AIHWIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn421754
W0AOMOSingle Operator, High PowerKansas City DX Club22196
W0BHKSSingle Operator, High Power151126
W0BMMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN36736
W0BREPASingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club27966
W0CZNDSingle Operator, QRP4278
W0DDMNSingle Operator, High Powerminnesota wireless assn22304
W0DLECOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado229642
W0EBKSSingle Operator, Low Power15808
W0EEEMOSingle Operator, Low PowerMissouri University of Science and Technology Amateur Radio Club2050
W0ETTCOSingle Operator, Low Powergrand mesa contesters of colorado79950
W0GJMNSingle Operator, QRPMinnesota Wireless Assn149698
W0HBHMOSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters9108
W0HWMNSingle Operator, High Powerminnesota wireless assn28426
W0IZLNEMulti-operator, Single Transmitter130810
W0KTNESingle Operator, Low Power6116
W0LMMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn2700
W0LSDCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado37520
W0OR/4NFLSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn23585
W0PCMOSingle Operator, Low PowerNone25532
W0PIMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn21830
W0PVWCFSingle Operator, Low Power73444
W0RXMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN40736
W0SDSDSingle Operator, High Power425073
W0TTMOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMississippi Valley DX/Contest Club138613
W0TUPNDSingle Operator, High Power2322
W0TYMOSingle Operator, High PowerNone18205
W0UONTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Texas Contest Club186402
W0ZQMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn26880
W0ZWNMSingle Operator, High Power17400
W1AJTNCSingle Operator, High PowerContest Club Ontario26640
W1ANCTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCTRI Contest Group49385
W1AWCTMulti-operator, Single Transmitter195035
W1CCEEMASingle Operator, Low Power46092
W1CSMWMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club1700
W1ENDNHSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club27591
W1EQCOSingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club23667
W1FAEMASingle Operator, Low Power12852
W1FMEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club12218
W1FVEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club4865
W1HBRCTSingle Operator, Low Power7800
W1HISEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club135840
W1JNCTSingle Operator, Low Power218
W1KMEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club37180
W1MJEMASingle Operator, Low PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club900
W1OPRIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterProvidence Radio Association80960
W1QAWMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club183261
W1QKCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club248196
W1RMCTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club24888
W1SJVTSingle Operator, High PowerRadio Amateurs of Northern Vermont231957
W1SRBWMASingle Operator, Low Power1152
W1TOWMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club68560
W1TRCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club227136
W1UJWMAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club201612
W1VIVEMASingle Operator, Low Power9216
W1WBBRISingle Operator, Low PowerCTRI Contest Group116952
W1WEFCTSingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club60000
W1WQGCTSingle Operator, QRP308
W1XXRISingle Operator, High PowerCTRI Contest Group314757
W1ZTEMASingle Operator, High PowerYankee Clipper Contest Club13200
W2CCCWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn95000
W2DPTNNJSingle Operator, QRP2704
W2DXENYSingle Operator, Low Power24766
W2FUWNYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterRochester (NY) DX Assoc592515
W2GDSNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club559640
W2IDNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFrankford Radio Club144625
W2IRTNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club63012
W2JEKNNJSingle Operator, QRPbergen ara3328
W2LENNJSingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club42032
W2LHLNNJSingle Operator, Low Power12549
W2LKENYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers12815
W2OOTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group38456
W2PAENYSingle Operator, High PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers48764
W2RDNNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFRC23517
W2RQNNJSingle Operator, High Powerfrankford radio club84130
W2TFWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerROCHESTER (NY) DX ASSN7200
W2TXSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFlorida Contest Group81000
W2TZWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerRochester (NY) DX Assn126380
W2YEVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSterling Park ARC46892
W3AGWPAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter12800
W3BGNEPASingle Operator, High PowerFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB402567
W3FVEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club133770
W3FVTEPASingle Operator, High PowerFrankford Radio Club17630
W3GHWPASingle Operator, High Power342720
W3GQNCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCarolina DX Association28288
W3IZCTSingle Operator, High PowerFrankford radio Club12510
W3KBEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club21580
W3KLMDCSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club160900
W3KWHWPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSTEEL CITY ARC11360
W3MFEPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterFrankford Radio Club64614
W3OUMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club22904
W3SOWPASingle Operator, High PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB108618
W3TSEPASingle Operator, QRP65016
W3UANHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club430215
W3ULMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club40194
W3URMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club115995
W3WHWPASingle Operator, Low PowerWireless Association of the South Hills21280
W3WNWPAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterWireless Association of South Hills18668
W4BABGASingle Operator, High Power16986
W4BCUTNSingle Operator, High PowerBristol (TN) ARC8670
W4BKTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group8029
W4DANTNSingle Operator, Low Power88841
W4EFLAXSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club27537
W4ENNALSingle Operator, Low Power35028
W4HZDTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group16262
W4JAMVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club4270
W4KAZNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club37856
W4LSCAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club1159
W4MLVASingle Operator, Low Power22256
W4OVSFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group14392
W4PFMVASingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club7175
W4PJWVAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter82236
W4PKVASingle Operator, High PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB230832
W4PMVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCENTRAL VIRGINIA CONTEST CLUB131284
W4PVTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group30208
W4UTTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group18816
W4VICWMAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter256650
W4YEVASingle Operator, Low PowerPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB55878
W5AJWTXSingle Operator, Low PowerMidland ARC32060
W5ESESTXSingle Operator, QRPHays-Caldwell ARC7070
W5GZNMSingle Operator, QRP6912
W5JBOSTXSingle Operator, Low Power56
W5JMWWTXSingle Operator, High Power52219
W5KIARSingle Operator, High PowerNONE100596
W5MSQSTXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter10912
W5MXKYSingle Operator, High PowerKentucky Contest Group480220
W5OVNTXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorth Texas Contest Club47817
W5RYANTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Texas Contest Club126326
W5TMOKMulti-operator, Single TransmitterBoomer Contest Club404745
W5UCSTXSingle Operator, High Power4978
W5UEMSSingle Operator, Low Power599 DX Association54686
W5WZLASingle Operator, High PowerLouisiana Contest Club52122
W6AYCSBSingle Operator, Low Power39204
W6DRSCVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club1102
W6FASVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club12050
W6JKLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerSouthern California Contest Club10184
W6JTISFSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club86428
W6OATSCVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorthern California Contest Club16520
W6OFMSFMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNone15134
W6PHORGSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club135630
W6RFFSVSingle Operator, High PowerMother Lode DX/Contest Club3999
W6RKCSVSingle Operator, High PowerMother Lode DX/Contest Club41734
W6RLLAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club45866
W6RQRSVSingle Operator, Low Power18144
W6SRSVMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMother Lode DX/Contest Club34320
W6TKSBSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club17877
W6UBTNSingle Operator, High PowerTennessee Contest Group95760
W6ZLORGSingle Operator, Low Power7452
W7CBSBSingle Operator, High PowerSouthern California Contest Club34725
W7DOSCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCarolina DX Association88020
W7DRAWWASingle Operator, QRP900
W7HJVASingle Operator, High Power15500
W7JDEORSingle Operator, Low Power11745
W7LDWWASingle Operator, High Power34456
W7MEMIDSingle Operator, Low PowerSpokane DX Association36000
W7RGWWAMulti-operator, Single Transmitter28340
W7RNNVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club258875
W7RVAZSingle Operator, Low PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club12702
W7SWAZSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club7616
W7UTUTSingle Operator, High Power157886
W7YAQORSingle Operator, QRPWillamette Valley DX Club9460
W7YSAZSingle Operator, Low PowerNORTHERN ARIZONA DX ASSN2016
W7ZRAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB650
W8DCQMISingle Operator, High Power53136
W8EHOHMulti-operator, Single Transmitter91920
W8GXTMISingle Operator, Low Power20200
W8HMKOHSingle Operator, High Power39360
W8IDMOHSingle Operator, Low PowerWest Park Radiops60096
W8IJEPASingle Operator, Low Power96
W8IQOHSingle Operator, Low Power20655
W8JIGASingle Operator, High PowerSouth East Contest Club577004
W8KNOOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club1178
W8LJBMISingle Operator, Low Powerno20100
W8LRCMIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterLowell Amateur Radio Club55924
W8METOHSingle Operator, High PowerWest Park Radiops1106
W8MJMIMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club361340
W8OHTWVSingle Operator, High PowerPotomac Valley Radio Club67266
W8PNOHSingle Operator, High PowerWest Park Radiops20746
W8RTJOHSingle Operator, QRP33600
W8TEMIMulti-operator, Single Transmitter121667
W8TWAMISingle Operator, Low Power37060
W8WTSOHSingle Operator, Low PowerNorth Coast Contesters3296
W9CCINSingle Operator, QRP20160
W9EBKILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters11373
W9EEUINSingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters3840
W9FZWISingle Operator, Low PowerBadger Contesters3960
W9IUINMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters218463
W9JAWISingle Operator, High Power8858
W9LOWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters33000
W9NGAAZMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGREEN VALLEY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB68222
W9NXMILSingle Operator, Low Power7372
W9OAILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMETRO DX CLUB18480
W9OPWISingle Operator, High PowerNortheast Wisconsin DX Assn135024
W9PLWWASingle Operator, Low PowerRadio Club of Redmond7252
W9REINSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters292320
W9SNINMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters411000
W9THDINSingle Operator, Low Power13771
W9TTTILSingle Operator, Low Power39296
W9XTWISingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters176042
WA0LISILSingle Operator, Low Power9546
WA0MHJMNSingle Operator, High PowerMinnesota Wireless Assn93870
WA0RBWMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMinnesota Wireless Assn48510
WA0WWWEWASingle Operator, Low PowerSpokane DX Association9240
WA1FCNALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group111469
WA1UJUMISingle Operator, Low Power75600
WA1ZNHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club3780
WA1ZAMVTMulti-operator, Single Transmitteryankee clipper contest club10008
WA2CLPNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerBERGEN ARA1794
WA2JQKENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers41650
WA2MCRENYSingle Operator, Low PowerHudson Valley Contesters and DXers45375
WA2OQJNLISingle Operator, QRP1125
WA3AANEPASingle Operator, High Power2000
WA3AFSENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterHUDSON VALLEY CONTESTERS AND DXERS28045
WA3UCRNCSingle Operator, Low Power
WA4JQSKYSingle Operator, Low Power13760
WA4PGMVASingle Operator, Low PowerCentral Virginia Contest Club51240
WA4SMTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee contest group30317
WA4WLIALSingle Operator, Low PowerAlabama Contest Group17003
WA5PFJWTXSingle Operator, Low PowerMidland ARC598
WA6URYLAXSingle Operator, Low Power1054
WA7BMEUTSingle Operator, Low Power520
WA7LNWUTSingle Operator, High PowerArizona Outlaws Contest Club202952
WA7LTEWASingle Operator, High PowerSpokane DX Association157080
WA7YAZUTSingle Operator, Low PowerNone9765
WA8OJRSCSingle Operator, Low Power3108
WA8ZBTNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone20805
WA9LKZILMulti-operator, Single Transmitter
WA9VEEWISingle Operator, Low PowerNone8268
WB0CFFMNSingle Operator, Low Power11664
WB0NMNSingle Operator, Low PowerMinnesota wireless assn28800
WB0QLUMOSingle Operator, Low Power13995
WB0TEVNTXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter16974
WB2ABDWNYSingle Operator, High PowerWestern New York DX Assn21861
WB2SIHENYSingle Operator, Low Power51362
WB4KDIALSingle Operator, Low PowerNone32368
WB4MAKGAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSouth East Contest Club15064
WB5KIANTXSingle Operator, Low Power
WB5NMZALSingle Operator, QRP12364
WB6JJJSVSingle Operator, High PowerNorthern California Contest Club21420
WB7FJGWWASingle Operator, Low Power8463
WB8BPUMDCSingle Operator, High Power33123
WB8JUIOHSingle Operator, Low PowerMad River Radio Club202065
WB8WKQMISingle Operator, Low PowerL'Anse Cruise45100
WB9ZILMulti-operator, Single TransmitterSociety of Midwest Contesters472263
WC6HSJVSingle Operator, High PowerMother Lode DX/Contest Club83754
WC7SWYSingle Operator, QRP20196
WC9BILSingle Operator, Low Power6880
WD4LBRVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Virginia Contest Club28860
WD5COVNMSingle Operator, High Powerarizona outlaws contest club240781
WD5RARSingle Operator, High PowerNone310155
WD5TCTSingle Operator, High Power40754
WD8DSBINSingle Operator, Low Power67932
WD8RYCTNSingle Operator, High Power13824
WE6ZSVSingle Operator, QRPNorthern California Contest Club676
WE9RWISingle Operator, Low Power31008
WE9VWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters55848
WF4UUTSingle Operator, Low PowerUtah DX Association92578
WF5WSTXSingle Operator, High PowerTexas DX Society14544
WF7TTNSingle Operator, Low PowerTennessee Contest Group80757
WG0MMNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN42947
WG5JNTXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterNorth Texas Contest Club570
WI2EEPASingle Operator, High Power40732
WJ1BCTMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club21217
WJ1REMASingle Operator, High Power3270
WJ9BNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group282480
WK4PNCSingle Operator, QRPAshe County ARC15179
WL7E/W7WWASingle Operator, Low Power51134
WM0FCOSingle Operator, Low Power
WM3OMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac valley Radio Club10664
WO2NNLISingle Operator, QRP14920
WO4OTNMulti-operator, Single TransmitterTennessee Contest Group180048
WO4SVASingle Operator, Low Power
WO6MLAXSingle Operator, High Power5476
WO9SILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters83029
WQ5LMSSingle Operator, High Power70591
WQ6XSBSingle Operator, Low Power812
WQ9TILSingle Operator, Low Power22330
WR7QCTSingle Operator, High PowerUtah DX Association2604
WS4YKSSingle Operator, High Power61722
WS7LORMulti-operator, Single Transmitter38448
WT0ANESingle Operator, QRP17934
WT4QENYMulti-operator, Single TransmitterHudson Valley Contesters and DXers63018
WT6GSVSingle Operator, Low PowerNorthern California Contest Club25864
WT9QCOMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado132030
WU4GVAMulti-operator, Single TransmitterCentral Virginia Contest Club9156
WV2ZOWNNJMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYankee Clipper Contest Club1760
WV7TCOSingle Operator, QRP4
WW0ALCOSingle Operator, High PowerGrand Mesa Contest Club (GMCC)8188
WW3DEDESingle Operator, Low PowerNone76664
WW4BNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFlorida Contest Group57218
WW9RWISingle Operator, Low PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters22288
WX3BMDCMulti-operator, Single TransmitterPotomac Valley Radio Club123420
WX7GUTSingle Operator, High PowerN6VW17328
WX9UILSingle Operator, High PowerSociety of Midwest Contesters37700
WZ8POHMulti-operator, Single TransmitterMad River Radio Club46136
XE1EEDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterGrupo DXXE192
XE2WWWDXSingle Operator, High Power84900
YL2BJDXSingle Operator, High Power918
YL2GDDXSingle Operator, High Power1440
YL2KODXSingle Operator, High PowerLATVIAN CONTEST CLUB2520
YO3APJDXMulti-operator, Single TransmitterYO DX CLUB2600
YO5ALIDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter300
YO6LVDXSingle Operator, Low Power
YQ6ADXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter2538
YT3MDXMulti-operator, Single Transmitter3348
YT9MDXSingle Operator, Low Power50
YU1CCDXSingle Operator, Low PowerNone50
ZF2AHDXSingle Operator, High Power126160

Field Day Submissions Received

  • 2017 ARRL Field Day -

    This is a list of Field Day participant summaries received BY ALL METHODS (web app, email and mail) - for 2017 Field Day - as of the date and time indicated in the link name below:


    2017 Field Day summaries--as of  9am EDT August 28


    Several lines in the Summaries List have this statement in YELLOW highlight and we have assembled this list of Call-Signs at the bottom of the file:

    "Checklog - Contact ARRL Contest Branch - Email:"


    If your listing has this statement, we will have emailed you a request for missing documents (usually a missing 2-Page Summary Sheet). Be sure to follow up with us if your listing is so notated.


    DX stations (outside Region 2 {the Americas}) will not be included in the final published results (for Field Day, DX stations are categorized as checklogs).


    Only Class A and Class F club names will be published (names are matched against call sign data bases or the ARRL Club Affiliations Database, and/or are abbreviated to conserve space).


    The Field Day web app has been turned off for 2017 - contact the ARRL Contest Branch at  ASAP about any problems with an entry (as all published deadlines have now passed).