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Logs Received

The following is the list of Logs Received for the 2012 ARRL September VHF Contest.

This list includes all receipted electronic submissions and is automatically updated several times during the day. It is not "instantaneous" so it may be several hours before the list is next updated.

If you submitted your entry electronically and do not find your log listed, first please check to see that you received back a numbered receipt from the ARRL Contest Robot. If you have a numbered receipt and your log does not appear within several hours, please contact with your receipt number and they will look into the matter during regular ARRL business hours.

If you received a message with a subject line beginning "UNABLE TO PROCESS LOG SUBMISSION" there was a problem with your entry. Please refer to the text of that email and correct the problems found by the robot. Until you receive a numbered receipt, you do not have an entry in the contest log queue.

Please check your information carefully after it is posted on the Logs Received list. If you have received a numbered receipt, the robot is satisfied that all of the information you submitted is acceptable. The robot has no way of knowing if all of the information is correct, however. For example, you may have indicated a category the robot recognizes, but it may not be the category in which you participated. If you discover an error in your category or Section information after it is posted, you may simply correct your Cabrillo file header and re-submit the entry.

PAPER LOGS will only be added to the queue after the submission deadline has passed and they have been initialized into the database. This could be up to 4-6 weeks after the contest submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at 860-594-0232. Thanks and 73.

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

430 logs received

Call SignSectionCategoryTypeTransmittersClubDate ReceivedClaimed Score
AA1ESNHRoverROVERONE2012-09-22 23:51:48 UTC
AA1IWMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-10-01 12:52:30 UTC3240
AA2DTWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEROCHESTER (NY) DX ASSN2012-09-10 13:43:36 UTC858
AA3BEPAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEFrankford Radio Club2012-09-10 01:38:36 UTC1296
AA4CFGAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENone2012-09-14 14:08:48 UTC108
AA4DDTNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-09-22 01:55:19 UTC6566
AB0RXMOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMississippi Valley DX/Contest Club2012-10-10 02:28:11 UTC2450
AB0YM/RCORoverROVERONE2012-09-11 04:23:37 UTC465
AB2DENNJLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLimited2012-09-11 21:26:05 UTC2550
AB2YIWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-09 03:44:28 UTC65
AB4SFVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-12 01:51:04 UTC902
AB8M/ROHRoverROVER-LIMITEDONENone2012-09-12 01:18:49 UTC987
AC1JNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEGRANITE STATE AMATEUR RADIO ASSOC2012-11-11 19:29:00 UTC12744
AC2FAWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEWestern New York DX Association2012-09-24 04:28:11 UTC1
AC8HUOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 06:19:02 UTC1947
AD4TJVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 17:49:40 UTC2232
AD6AFLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEDowney ARC2012-09-11 02:55:42 UTC
AE5P/RSTXRoverROVERONENacogdoches ARC2012-09-10 14:31:23 UTC5538
AF1TNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTH EAST WEAK SIGNAL GROUP2012-11-13 21:06:40 UTC69664
AF5CCOKSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-16 13:23:05 UTC96
AF6JPSJVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern California Contest Club2012-09-21 05:44:20 UTC1900
AF6RRSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 03:04:04 UTC8820
AG2AAWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 20:20:59 UTC504
AG4VTNRoverROVERONE2012-09-10 06:40:15 UTC13311
AI4GRNCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 00:19:36 UTC24
AJ4WALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 15:33:12 UTC416
CX9AUDXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-10 00:25:37 UTC1972
K0AWUMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-09-10 14:31:23 UTC15890
K0DILAXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 03:22:05 UTC885
K0JJORSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-09-17 01:16:54 UTC310
K0JQAIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 13:43:33 UTC680
K0NRCOSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONEGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2012-09-10 03:53:35 UTC0
K0SIXMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-09-13 01:32:48 UTC13662
K0TNTMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMinnesota Wireless Assn2012-09-10 00:34:44 UTC15
K1GISCVMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENorthern California Contest Club2012-09-10 03:22:25 UTC12
K1HTVVALimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2012-09-23 02:31:45 UTC19602
K1IIGCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENORTH EAST WEAK SIGNAL GROUP2012-10-01 22:05:21 UTC23325
K1KCGAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2012-09-11 18:22:13 UTC10556
K1KGEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-15 16:44:19 UTC59110
K1TEOCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-10-03 15:39:04 UTC460746
K1TRNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-09-10 02:35:57 UTC6536
K1VUTEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-17 17:49:46 UTC7224
K1ZKVTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 00:00:19 UTC950
K2AMINNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBergen ARA2012-09-10 18:21:10 UTC800
K2DRHILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2012-10-09 07:45:31 UTC60534
K2HZNNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONECNHARC2012-09-22 22:37:23 UTC11280
K2KIBNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-01 22:44:41 UTC82662
K2LIMWNYMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEUNLIMITED2012-09-16 17:35:01 UTC162104
K2MKSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 13:40:47 UTC360
K2NVWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEWestern New York DX Assn2012-09-10 14:31:26 UTC1104
K2OEQWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-23 03:04:50 UTC1176
K2PLFMDCMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2012-10-02 02:50:13 UTC480
K2PSMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-26 20:06:06 UTC119
K2XCNNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 20:28:39 UTC
K2YAZMISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-10-04 11:22:20 UTC9035
K2ZCNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBergen ARA2012-09-10 17:19:15 UTC35
K3EODSNJMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-09-13 02:25:26 UTC32144
K3ISHEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-09 21:51:57 UTC1188
K3MDEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-09-09 23:08:45 UTC14300
K3TDSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONECentral Texas DX and Contest Club2012-09-10 13:41:24 UTC130
K3TUFEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-09-13 13:42:57 UTC263000
K3YDXMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-10 14:04:21 UTC2080
K3YTLEPAMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEUNLIMITEDMURGAS ARC2012-09-17 15:58:15 UTC104676
K3ZOMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-11 16:25:40 UTC6468
K4CWATNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-09-11 20:52:21 UTC369
K4EDITNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-09-13 03:07:50 UTC132
K4FJWVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-09-11 03:16:03 UTC4446
K4FTOVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-10 19:38:19 UTC1875
K4HQKVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-10 15:20:09 UTC14
K4QENCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-10 03:04:04 UTC25
K4YRKTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 13:43:01 UTC435
K5GZRSTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-12 00:46:32 UTC2479
K5LLLSTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONERoadrunners Microwave Group2012-09-17 17:53:46 UTC14040
K5QESTXMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDNacogdoches ARC2012-09-26 15:10:14 UTC258888
K5ZDWMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-09-16 21:11:13 UTC72
K6EU/RSCVRoverROVER-LIMITEDONENorthern California Contest Club2012-10-02 23:55:10 UTC4422
K6JRAEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 14:59:59 UTC180
K6MISBMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEUNLIMITEDSouthern California Contest Club2012-09-18 22:50:32 UTC42160
K6OAKEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 16:42:51 UTC
K6PFA/ROVERMDCChecklogROVERONENone2012-09-12 01:05:45 UTC0
K6PFAMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-12 00:43:29 UTC429
K6TSKORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-11 18:23:04 UTC7980
K6ZGIORGLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2012-10-08 21:15:33 UTC1634
K7AWBEWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-09-13 18:48:44 UTC1426
K7BWHWWAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONERadio Club of Redmond2012-09-17 14:39:32 UTC85
K7CWWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-09-10 03:37:32 UTC2619
K7HSJORSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-09-13 02:40:32 UTC75
K7NDWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-09-10 14:17:15 UTC8880
K7ULSUTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-09 22:37:21 UTC437
K8DOG/RMIUnlimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONENONE2012-09-15 23:17:36 UTC418
K8MDMISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-15 15:38:49 UTC40080
K8MMMIMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEMad River Radio Club2012-09-18 18:00:26 UTC18748
K8MROHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMad River Radio Club2012-09-11 22:33:35 UTC638
K8TQKOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-17 14:38:19 UTC36270
K8WWOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-12 01:45:58 UTC943
K9HAILSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONEStoned Monkey VHF ARC2012-10-01 04:48:50 UTC72
K9ILTNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 13:42:29 UTC16
K9JK/REPALimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDLIMITED2012-10-08 03:10:12 UTC33352
K9MKNTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEDFW CONTEST GROUP2012-09-21 10:49:38 UTC714
K9PLSILSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONEStoned Monkey VHF ARC2012-10-01 04:48:57 UTC138
K9ZMILMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2012-09-10 13:43:30 UTC195
KA1LMRNHSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2012-09-20 08:31:21 UTC31598
KA1REMALimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-10-10 02:15:05 UTC1056
KA2CYNENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-25 13:16:05 UTC1050
KA3KSPWPARoverROVERONE2012-09-16 00:44:13 UTC84
KB0HHOKMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2012-09-10 15:18:00 UTC73710
KB0HNNMNSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2012-09-11 20:56:25 UTC2241
KB1ORXCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEEASTERN CONNECTICUT ARA2012-09-22 01:16:03 UTC2759
KB1VUNNHChecklog2012-09-10 15:12:57 UTC
KB3EXBEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBerks Amateur Radio Club2012-09-10 03:01:04 UTC1122
KB3GJTEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMT AIRY VHF RADIO CLUB2012-09-16 02:02:59 UTC
KB4BKVWPASingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONENone2012-09-12 02:14:13 UTC14364
KB5WIAEBRoverROVERONE2012-10-02 00:02:13 UTC
KB7NWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERadio Club of Redmond2012-09-12 16:12:11 UTC108
KB8UUZOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPortage County Amateur Radio Service2012-09-10 16:34:52 UTC171
KB9TENWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-13 01:40:56 UTC
KC0VFOCOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 18:39:14 UTC1062
KC0VFPMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMinnesota Wireless Assn2012-09-11 00:19:32 UTC360
KC1MAEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEnone2012-09-10 13:43:22 UTC2117
KC2JRQNLISingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2012-09-10 14:38:30 UTC10
KC2THQSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESOUTH JERSEY RADIO ASSN2012-09-12 19:43:03 UTC
KC2VLGEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 20:36:13 UTC1876
KC4JDGASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-24 01:11:36 UTC77
KC5MVVWTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-20 04:12:48 UTC164
KC5MVZWTXMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2012-09-29 17:34:53 UTC1625
KC6SEHAZSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-16 17:21:59 UTC2345
KC6ZWTSVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-13 18:44:40 UTC12350
KC9BQAWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-10-05 12:44:44 UTC9333
KC9ELUINSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 14:43:36 UTC975
KC9MMMILSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONEStoned Monkey VHF ARC2012-10-01 04:48:52 UTC189
KD2JASFLMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEFlorida Contest Group2012-09-10 02:33:55 UTC15563
KD3HNEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEHILLTOP TRANSMITTING ASSN2012-09-16 04:52:50 UTC651
KD4QITVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERARA Contest Group2012-09-10 03:06:08 UTC735
KD4UQYTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-09-15 02:36:48 UTC32
KD5EUOSTXLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2012-09-10 18:56:28 UTC540
KD7UOWWAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-09-10 16:02:31 UTC2668
KD8IPEORGSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2012-09-13 00:23:16 UTC
KD8LDXMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-09-10 03:06:06 UTC63
KE2NVASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-02 00:15:20 UTC33840
KF0MKSSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEnone2012-09-18 02:07:04 UTC3960
KF6AMIChecklogFIXEDONENone2012-09-10 06:40:15 UTC352
KF6CVAEBSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2012-09-17 18:21:58 UTC
KF6IORGSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-11 02:29:31 UTC484
KF8QLMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDBC2012-09-17 14:38:21 UTC0
KG5MDARSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-26 16:29:37 UTC
KG6TYBSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2012-10-06 15:59:40 UTC
KG7PWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEpacific northwest vhf society2012-09-10 03:24:21 UTC2886
KG9NILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEsociety of midwest contesters2012-09-10 17:54:45 UTC12
KI4DSOGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-16 23:00:08 UTC4
KI4NPVNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDflorida weak signal society2012-09-29 20:15:32 UTC1056
KI6QEL/RSJVLimited RoverROVERLIMITED2012-09-16 21:27:23 UTC3630
KI7IIDSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 17:43:33 UTC300
KI7JAORSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-09-10 18:23:59 UTC2225
KJ1KWMAUnlimited RoverROVERUNLIMITEDNorth East Weak Signal Group2012-10-10 01:48:58 UTC7363
KK0QCOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-09 18:16:20 UTC4095
KL7XJAKSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEAlaska VHF-Up Group2012-09-24 22:34:26 UTC
KN4SMVASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-23 22:23:08 UTC24000
KN4YNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFLORIDA CONTEST GROUP2012-09-11 18:04:49 UTC1334
KQ6QORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 03:22:28 UTC189
KR0VER/RCOUnlimited RoverROVER-UNLIMITEDUNLIMITED2012-09-11 22:51:42 UTC1764
KS4XTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONETENNESSEE CONTEST GROUP2012-09-10 13:43:06 UTC30
KT0PVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-14 00:27:16 UTC36
KT4SQTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-09-12 14:07:05 UTC200
KT8TDMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMad River Radio Club2012-09-11 23:47:08 UTC384
KU2ANHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-06 00:38:29 UTC8556
KV2XWNYLimited RoverROVERLIMITEDRochester VHF Group2012-09-11 16:56:03 UTC5580
KX4RGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-18 19:18:09 UTC31540
KX7LWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-09-26 16:42:44 UTC200
KY4ARCKYLimited MultioperatorPORTABLELIMITEDAmateur Radio Community Service2012-09-14 01:13:42 UTC25
LW3EXDXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 23:17:03 UTC620
N0AKCWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-09-26 02:23:12 UTC1674
N0JKKSSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2012-09-11 01:01:47 UTC
N0KECOSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2012-09-10 14:42:35 UTC252
N0LLKSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-14 15:14:11 UTC7980
N0LNO/RIARoverROVERONE2012-09-21 13:23:55 UTC28036
N0OKMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-17 01:59:09 UTC560
N1EDUNHMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENone2012-09-27 00:25:30 UTC253
N1EUENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-09-09 23:50:13 UTC264
N1GCNCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONECarolina DX Association2012-09-21 23:55:31 UTC6254
N1GJEMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENORTH EAST WEAK SIGNAL GROUP2012-11-11 23:15:46 UTC23214
N1IBMSNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEfrankford radio club2012-10-16 13:17:33 UTC13248
N1IW/8MISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-09-16 11:51:31 UTC1
N1JDMESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 13:42:44 UTC3180
N1JHJNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContoocook Valley Radio Club2012-11-11 19:48:08 UTC5400
N1MU/RWNYLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONERochester VHF Group2012-09-11 13:08:19 UTC88
N1PRWEMASingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2012-09-10 20:41:52 UTC408
N1VVVMESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-17 17:49:44 UTC493
N2BJILMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDSociety of Midwest Contesters2012-09-10 13:43:31 UTC10260
N2CEINFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society2012-09-30 12:47:08 UTC44250
N2DCH/RWNYRoverROVERONE2012-09-11 23:47:08 UTC153
N2DCHWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 23:20:55 UTC912
N2GXJSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEGloucester Co. ARC2012-09-10 01:19:21 UTC
N2RHLWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEWNYDXA2012-09-13 21:34:09 UTC660
N2SLN/RWNYLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2012-09-21 01:52:06 UTC8932
N2TEENLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-12 00:51:37 UTC
N2WNTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONETennessee Contest Group2012-09-11 22:51:42 UTC63
N2ZBHENYRoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2012-09-22 14:03:07 UTC
N3AEAMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 01:43:44 UTC18
N3ALNMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-10 13:40:52 UTC18998
N3EMFWPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-15 23:03:30 UTC1395
N3HBXMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio club2012-09-11 00:59:46 UTC56430
N3HCNMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-30 17:36:10 UTC36
N3HKQWPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEWireless Association of South Hills2012-10-07 00:27:36 UTC100000
N3JNXEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 01:25:29 UTC651
N3LLWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEflorida contest group2012-09-10 13:43:13 UTC41890
N3QEHMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 21:31:03 UTC
N3UMMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-15 00:33:54 UTC3116
N3VOPMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-29 16:50:20 UTC592
N4AUALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEAlabama Contest Group2012-09-10 13:42:44 UTC20
N4BPSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Contest Group2012-09-10 13:43:07 UTC16640
N4DJVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-10 13:43:13 UTC165
N4DLAEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-17 02:27:27 UTC
N4GGGASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONESouth East Contest Club2012-09-14 18:23:52 UTC64
N4HBVASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-22 19:02:37 UTC18368
N4OXNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEALABAMA CONTEST GROUP2012-09-10 16:50:56 UTC1472
N4QWZTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEtennessee contest group2012-09-26 01:23:56 UTC34456
N4RAVASingle Operator, Low PowerFixedONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-18 12:59:48 UTC504
N5BASTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-12 08:38:20 UTC153
N5LULWTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 14:55:30 UTC
N6GP/RLAXRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2012-10-04 02:44:41 UTC986
N6LBWWASingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONESkagit county amateur radio club2012-09-17 20:28:56 UTC3630
N6ORBEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-08 22:37:25 UTC60
N6ZE/RLAXLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2012-09-13 03:07:50 UTC2032
N7CKJEWALimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2012-09-12 05:27:21 UTC518
N7EPDWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-09-19 04:00:13 UTC18172
N7IRAZSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEArizona Outlaws Contest Club2012-09-10 14:38:30 UTC270
N7MBILSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2012-09-10 03:01:02 UTC806
N8PPFNCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-12 18:41:45 UTC4
N8ZMOHLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2012-10-09 02:35:51 UTC39750
N9DGWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-09-14 01:43:54 UTC5029
N9LBWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-09-10 20:22:34 UTC6681
N9LYEILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 03:06:07 UTC544
N9NDPWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEbadger contesters2012-09-11 04:05:26 UTC25
N9TZLKYSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2012-09-22 15:35:42 UTC
N9UHFILMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEONEStoned Monkey VHF ARC2012-10-01 05:01:57 UTC19040
N9VMSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 03:22:05 UTC248
N9YKINSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-12 00:48:34 UTC3696
NA2NYENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-10 13:43:34 UTC4400
ND9ZWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-09-30 17:23:04 UTC1596
NE1BNHLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-09-11 03:16:00 UTC7774
NF8MMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 04:52:15 UTC4
NG0RMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-10-09 17:31:58 UTC3876
NR5MSTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEDFW Contest Group2012-10-01 14:41:12 UTC14190
NT0VNDSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 03:40:29 UTC4176
NY2NYNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTH EAST WEAK SIGNAL GROUP2012-09-11 12:45:08 UTC6850
NZ1ICTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-10-03 03:44:41 UTC4410
VA3ELEGTASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-26 16:55:47 UTC6170
VA3STONSSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-09-19 22:54:02 UTC35970
VA3ZVONSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-09-27 14:38:42 UTC5900
VE1SKYMARSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMaritime Contest Club2012-09-14 14:58:03 UTC64
VE2HAYQCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Group du Quebec2012-09-16 12:25:43 UTC400
VE2NGHQCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Group du Quebec2012-09-15 01:23:07 UTC48
VE2PIJQCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEContest group du quebec2012-10-05 20:41:15 UTC1
VE3CRU/RONSRoverROVERONEContest Club Ontario2012-09-19 20:08:57 UTC5845
VE3EGGTASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-09-18 01:11:39 UTC1080
VE3IQZONESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-16 14:02:22 UTC96
VE3KZGTASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-09-10 18:39:13 UTC7248
VE3MMQONESingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-15 19:25:22 UTC432
VE3NYZONSSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEUNLIMITED2012-09-19 01:30:37 UTC
VE3OIL/RONSRoverROVERONEContest Club Ontario2012-10-10 02:48:23 UTC57720
VE3RCNONSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-09-11 11:23:07 UTC462
VE3RKS/RONSLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-09-12 02:49:25 UTC24
VE3RXONNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-09-10 22:42:33 UTC16
VE3VZONSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-09-19 18:15:51 UTC345
VE3WJGTARoverROVERONEContest Club Ontario2012-10-10 00:14:19 UTC19866
VE3ZVONSSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-09-20 03:24:05 UTC55485
VE7BGPBCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENanaimo Amateur Radio Association2012-09-11 17:10:14 UTC4
VE7DAYBCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-09 04:59:14 UTC544
VE7JHBCMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENone2012-10-04 13:11:03 UTC18850
W0JTMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTHERN LIGHTS RADIO SOCIETY2012-09-28 02:25:15 UTC6240
W0KTNESingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-15 14:12:22 UTC4
W0LGQIASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-13 02:09:21 UTC6466
W0OHUMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-09-10 14:43:36 UTC72
W0RICCOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2012-09-10 13:43:39 UTC8
W0UCWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-10-02 15:29:49 UTC68460
W0VANIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 18:07:51 UTC98
W0VBMNLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDNorthern Lights Radio Society2012-09-23 22:52:21 UTC11715
W0ZF/RMNLimited RoverROVERLimitedNorthern Lights Radio Society2012-09-09 23:21:52 UTC1760
W1AUV/RWMARoverROVERONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-10-04 03:03:53 UTC15340
W1BJEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 00:22:33 UTC60
W1BSWMAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENone2012-09-10 03:37:34 UTC1176
W1CRKEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFalmouth ARA2012-10-02 01:29:43 UTC12
W1DYJEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-09-10 17:19:20 UTC1848
W1FKFEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-09-11 23:34:04 UTC11169
W1FNVTLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDTwin State Radio Club2012-09-10 16:05:35 UTC220
W1FWNHRoverROVERONENone2012-09-11 20:07:53 UTC176
W1GHZVTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-10-04 14:13:51 UTC4830
W1LVLNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFLORIDA WEAK SIGNAL SOCIETY2012-10-02 21:09:04 UTC2475
W1MRKILSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONEStoned Monkey VHF ARC2012-10-01 04:48:54 UTC36
W1OUNEMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-09-26 18:32:28 UTC8112
W1PLEMALimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONENone2012-09-17 23:38:06 UTC390
W1QHCTMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-09-21 01:35:54 UTC12
W1QKCTLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDNorth East Weak Signal Group2012-09-13 00:36:23 UTC15006
W1RIEILSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONEStoned Monkey VHF ARC2012-10-01 04:48:57 UTC36
W1RMCTMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-09-10 13:42:29 UTC350
W1RT/RCTRoverROVERONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-10-02 20:19:31 UTC103350
W1RZFWMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal group2012-09-10 20:41:51 UTC10000
W1TKZNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEWellesley Amateur Radio Society2012-09-12 15:09:33 UTC14
W1TRCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-09-10 03:22:28 UTC12376
W1XMEMAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2012-10-10 00:54:25 UTC4794
W1ZCNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-09-18 12:10:41 UTC21840
W2BVHNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-09-11 01:58:16 UTC9296
W2BZYNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society2012-09-12 00:26:22 UTC13266
W2CCCWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONECold Brook Contest Club2012-09-11 13:35:42 UTC5940
W2CHENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 16:56:02 UTC722
W2EAEPAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-10-05 02:17:54 UTC101092
W2JEKNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEbergen ara2012-09-11 18:17:08 UTC370
W2JJNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEFrankford Radio Club2012-09-13 16:00:24 UTC5112
W2KVNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEnone2012-09-13 20:31:26 UTC5494
W2LVNNJLimited MultioperatorPORTABLELIMITEDSussex County ARC2012-09-13 00:49:29 UTC99060
W2NPTNNJMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEFair Lawn Emergency Radio Service2012-09-20 01:50:17 UTC96
W2OSRNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-13 13:05:42 UTC375
W2OWWNYLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDBinghamton ARA2012-09-18 15:30:56 UTC4459
W2SASNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-16 12:38:47 UTC252
W2SZWMAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2012-10-09 18:47:35 UTC756997
W2UADWNYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONERochester VHF Group2012-09-21 19:33:40 UTC3570
W2UDTNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDLIMITEDFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2012-09-11 02:14:22 UTC3535
W2YEVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-12 22:04:09 UTC112
W3EKTMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-19 15:10:32 UTC35720
W3GADEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-10-08 02:44:06 UTC12600
W3GNQDESingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-12 16:35:20 UTC1870
W3HMSEPARoverROVERONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-09-12 00:13:18 UTC18038
W3IPVASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-18 02:20:10 UTC58751
W3KWHWPALimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDSteel City ARC2012-09-14 11:18:12 UTC1300
W3MELEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBerks Amateur Radio Club2012-09-12 01:04:45 UTC5658
W3MTP/REPARoverROVERONEMurgas ARC2012-10-05 22:56:12 UTC1554
W3PAWWPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEpotomac valley radio club2012-09-21 17:07:39 UTC107898
W3RFCMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-22 14:46:29 UTC496
W3SOWPALimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-11 22:33:37 UTC172975
W3SZEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-09-11 11:41:19 UTC27280
W3XO/5STXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONERoadrunners Microwave Group2012-09-15 01:10:05 UTC11376
W4AMPGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 13:43:00 UTC482
W4ASSFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Contest Group2012-09-10 17:19:23 UTC24926
W4ATLGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-15 11:49:38 UTC
W4DEXNCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 02:16:24 UTC3276
W4ENNALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 14:21:16 UTC1008
W4GZXTNMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2012-09-23 16:32:35 UTC162
W4IYVALimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDWoodbridge Wireless2012-10-03 17:48:54 UTC87135
W4NHNCLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2012-10-06 15:33:28 UTC85490
W4TIGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 00:25:38 UTC35
W4TUNSCMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENorth Carolina DX and Contest Club2012-09-11 15:35:07 UTC820
W4WAGASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONESOUTHEAST CONTEST CLUB2012-09-10 13:41:50 UTC37403
W4YCCSCMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONE2012-09-09 23:29:58 UTC560
W5DQSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 03:15:56 UTC48
W5ELKARLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2012-09-11 00:24:36 UTC540
W5KIARSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENONE2012-09-10 23:33:10 UTC4
W5MRBARSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-08 16:36:29 UTC13689
W5NZALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 01:00:08 UTC24
W5ROKNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERockwell Collins ARC2012-09-16 06:50:42 UTC247
W5UWBSTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 15:46:16 UTC1053
W5VYARLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONEColony Mountain Contest Club2012-09-18 05:14:35 UTC2015
W5ZNARMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONE2012-10-02 12:36:24 UTC104
W6OATSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern California Contest Club2012-09-10 06:21:01 UTC36
W6TVSJVMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDClovis Amateur Radio Pioneers2012-09-26 07:51:07 UTC15860
W6ZIOKSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-12 23:11:37 UTC6726
W7AMIIDSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-09 21:55:04 UTC91
W7FIWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPACIFIC NORTHWEST VHF SOCIETY2012-09-10 02:58:15 UTC7470
W7GLFWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-09-24 06:40:23 UTC6852
W7LUDWWASingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2012-09-16 16:27:28 UTC5544
W8IJEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-12 14:07:03 UTC42
W8ISS/RMILimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2012-09-10 02:20:51 UTC108
W8KHPKYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 14:04:19 UTC90
W8KNOOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPortage County Amateur Radio Service2012-09-11 16:06:30 UTC15
W8MOPWVLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDEast River ARC2012-09-27 02:38:17 UTC44
W8ZNVASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-10-10 01:08:40 UTC372475
W9FZ/RWTXRoverROVERONE2012-10-09 04:31:59 UTC6790
W9GAWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-10-08 17:57:23 UTC21294
W9IIILRoverROVERONE2012-09-12 02:16:13 UTC
W9IIXILSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEsociety of midwest contesters2012-09-10 21:31:03 UTC1809
W9ZBINSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 14:04:09 UTC12
WA0CNSMOSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONESociety of midwest contesters2012-09-11 13:35:42 UTC152
WA0VPJ/RMNLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-09-29 03:08:43 UTC21376
WA1TNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-09 00:04:33 UTC
WA2FGKEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMurgas ARC2012-09-23 23:28:34 UTC218250
WA3DRCEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-09-27 01:29:49 UTC33108
WA3EOQMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-23 01:04:07 UTC34545
WA3FEPAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEFrankford Radio Club2012-09-10 02:55:14 UTC594
WA3PTVWPAUnlimited RoverROVER-UNLIMITEDONE2012-10-06 19:40:14 UTC53118
WA3SRUEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-09-11 03:15:58 UTC34604
WA4PRRMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-28 13:54:25 UTC1891
WA4UFNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-17 18:48:12 UTC143
WA4ZKOKYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-24 14:33:37 UTC25
WA5LFDNTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONELone Star DX Assn2012-09-13 18:24:24 UTC2850
WA7PVEWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 14:41:33 UTC1122
WA7TOFMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2012-09-29 21:34:03 UTC800
WA8RJFOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 14:55:27 UTC12996
WB0HBJCOLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2012-10-02 04:54:01 UTC
WB0HHMSDSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-11 15:06:42 UTC2275
WB0ULXSDSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 16:02:30 UTC99
WB1GQRVTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERadio Amateurs of Northern Vermont2012-10-02 21:35:11 UTC84378
WB2CUTNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-11-12 05:50:42 UTC2600
WB2EODSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESOUTH JERSEY RADIO ASSN2012-09-12 19:42:03 UTC
WB2FKONMSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 15:50:18 UTC180
WB2JAYNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEnone2012-09-14 06:24:04 UTC26676
WB2RVXSNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-10-03 02:56:35 UTC128118
WB2SIHENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-14 14:58:03 UTC56074
WB3IGRMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-09-10 14:59:54 UTC19053
WB3JKQTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-18 18:46:53 UTC176
WB4IXUTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDUNLIMITED2012-10-11 01:55:51 UTC
WB4OMGWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society2012-09-12 01:19:49 UTC592
WB4SQGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESouth East Contest Club2012-09-13 01:34:52 UTC1340
WB5ZDPNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth Texas Microwave Society2012-09-10 16:03:32 UTC8030
WB6VYHSVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 17:46:36 UTC850
WB6WSJVLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDNorthern California Contest Club2012-10-07 02:06:53 UTC9366
WB7FJGWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-25 16:34:26 UTC288
WB8COXALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDLIMITED2012-09-24 03:13:17 UTC946
WB9HFKILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-10 16:02:33 UTC25
WB9QAFNERoverROVERONE2012-09-11 02:59:45 UTC810
WD0BQMNESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDLIMITED2012-10-03 22:42:50 UTC768
WD4MGBWCFSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-11-12 05:50:43 UTC14060
WD5IYFOKLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2012-09-10 13:43:26 UTC496
WD5IYTSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERoadrunners Microwave Group2012-09-10 01:00:07 UTC1242
WJ3PSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-10 23:10:52 UTC165
WK5F/RNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDLIMITEDNACOGDOCHES ARC2012-09-14 02:35:25 UTC4440
WM8IOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-24 14:32:36 UTC7198
WO3XOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-10-07 18:49:20 UTC41
WQ5CSTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONERoadrunners Microwave Group2012-09-10 14:04:17 UTC78
WV2CNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-15 03:00:10 UTC54
WZ1VCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-09-21 14:45:32 UTC23625
WZ8TMIMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONE2012-09-13 12:08:19 UTC11550
XE2YWHDXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-09-11 12:45:11 UTC1749
XE3NDXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEGrupo DXXE2012-09-10 19:38:18 UTC972

Field Day Submissions Received

  • 2018 ARRL Field Day -

    This is a list of Field Day participant summaries received BY ALL METHODS (web app, email and mail) - for 2018 Field Day - as of the date and time indicated in the link name below:


    [Pending Event Completion - June 23-24, 2018]


    "Checklog - Contact ARRL Contest Branch - Email:"


    If your listing has this statement, we will have emailed you a request for missing documents (usually a missing 2-Page Summary Sheet). Be sure to follow up with us if your listing is so notated.


    DX stations (outside Region 2 {the Americas}) will not be included in the final published results (for Field Day, DX stations are categorized as checklogs).

    Only Class A and Class F club names will be published (names are matched against call sign data bases or the ARRL Club Affiliations Database, and/or are abbreviated to conserve space).