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Logs Received

The following is the list of Logs Received for the 2013 ARRL August UHF Contest.

This list includes all receipted electronic submissions and is automatically updated several times during the day. It is not "instantaneous" so it may be several hours before the list is next updated.

If you submitted your entry electronically and do not find your log listed, first please check to see that you received back a numbered receipt from the ARRL Contest Robot. If you have a numbered receipt and your log does not appear within several hours, please contact with your receipt number and they will look into the matter during regular ARRL business hours.

If you received a message with a subject line beginning "UNABLE TO PROCESS LOG SUBMISSION" there was a problem with your entry. Please refer to the text of that email and correct the problems found by the robot. Until you receive a numbered receipt, you do not have an entry in the contest log queue.

Please check your information carefully after it is posted on the Logs Received list. If you have received a numbered receipt, the robot is satisfied that all of the information you submitted is acceptable. The robot has no way of knowing if all of the information is correct, however. For example, you may have indicated a category the robot recognizes, but it may not be the category in which you participated. If you discover an error in your category or Section information after it is posted, you may simply correct your Cabrillo file header and re-submit the entry.

PAPER LOGS will only be added to the queue after the submission deadline has passed and they have been initialized into the database. This could be up to 4-6 weeks after the contest submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at 860-594-0232. Thanks and 73.

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

156 logs received

Call SignSectionCategoryTypeTransmittersClubDate ReceivedClaimed Score
AA1I/RWMARoverROVERONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-08-12 15:17:59 UTC13440
AA4DDTNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-08-10 03:08:36 UTC891
AC1JNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTH EAST WEAK SIGNAL GROUP2013-10-22 12:55:01 UTC1932
AC4GTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-18 23:08:20 UTC12
AD6AFLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-11 01:27:25 UTC
AF1TNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTH EAST WEAK SIGNAL GROUP2013-10-19 00:23:31 UTC32724
AF6RRSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-05 21:21:02 UTC3186
AG4V/RTNRoverROVERONE2013-08-05 23:53:19 UTC16128
K0AWUMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-08-05 18:38:36 UTC4056
K0JJORSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-08-16 00:41:20 UTC252
K0JQAIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-21 11:24:12 UTC1
K0SIXMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-08-28 00:41:45 UTC1215
K0VXMSFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDFlorida Weak Signal Society2013-08-08 14:53:32 UTC1728
K1DS/REPARoverROVERONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-08-08 22:12:10 UTC13566
K1RZMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-02 16:51:00 UTC65412
K1TRNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2013-08-27 01:32:09 UTC3450
K1ZKVTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-22 15:17:19 UTC
K2AMINNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBergen ARA2013-08-12 15:02:56 UTC120
K2DRHILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-09-02 05:52:59 UTC118728
K2GMYEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-12 05:58:57 UTC1152
K2KIBNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-08-09 00:49:27 UTC28080
K2LIMWNYMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-08-05 20:11:57 UTC13662
K3TUFEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-08-08 18:08:37 UTC85173
K4FJWVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-08-06 02:22:58 UTC621
K5OLVMSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-02 21:13:22 UTC384
K6ATZSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-22 15:43:28 UTC1152
K6TSKORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-19 23:17:37 UTC3366
K6WCCSBMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLELIMITEDWasteland Communication Club2013-08-07 05:27:58 UTC
K8GDTOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDMedina 2 Meter Group2013-08-07 23:11:49 UTC6048
K8MMMISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMad River Radio Club2013-10-22 15:44:29 UTC510
K8TQKOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-08 07:43:04 UTC8241
K9JK/RILLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDLIMITEDBadger Contesters2013-08-05 18:43:37 UTC6696
K9JKILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-08-05 18:41:35 UTC12
KA0CROMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTHERN LIGHTS RADIO SOCIETY2013-09-02 06:26:03 UTC72
KA0PQWMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTHERN LIGHTS RADIO SOCIETY2013-08-12 14:02:14 UTC1680
KA3HEDDESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-16 03:11:38 UTC231
KB0HHOKMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-08-07 18:43:08 UTC2144
KB0HNNMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-06 02:51:01 UTC27
KB0MRKMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTHERN LIGHTS RADIO SOCIETY2013-09-02 06:26:04 UTC72
KB7MEWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-08-08 04:40:24 UTC3591
KC0RQHMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-08-19 19:06:08 UTC3
KC5MVZWTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-06 00:58:49 UTC720
KC6UQHSDGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-18 23:47:24 UTC75
KC6ZWTSVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-08 19:04:12 UTC4662
KD0VWTMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTHERN LIGHTS RADIO SOCIETY2013-09-02 13:40:40 UTC72
KD4NOQTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDLIMITED2013-08-11 01:14:24 UTC
KD4UQYTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-08-06 02:21:58 UTC6
KD7TSWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-08-20 06:56:46 UTC13206
KD7UOWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-08-12 17:23:27 UTC2028
KE0COWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPNWVHFS2013-10-22 15:47:38 UTC2091
KE7SWWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEpacific northwest vhf society2013-08-06 16:29:06 UTC9990
KF0MKSSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-13 02:00:08 UTC27
KG5MDARSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-07 18:26:04 UTC
KG7PWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEpacific northwest vhf society2013-08-06 22:34:26 UTC2244
KG9ZOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-08-05 21:34:03 UTC12
KH6TYSCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-22 16:00:45 UTC378
KI6FGVSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-08-11 09:20:59 UTC
KI6QEL/RSJVLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-08-06 01:34:53 UTC1053
KI7JAORSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-08-06 19:22:03 UTC1512
KJ4GGARoverROVERONEFlorida Weak Signal Society2013-08-22 02:08:15 UTC264
KJ6HUPSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-08-16 23:42:18 UTC600
KK0QCOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-19 01:12:34 UTC1152
KK6CORSJVMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONE2013-09-07 23:32:46 UTC90
KO5OK/ROKLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-08-19 03:30:00 UTC504
KO9AILMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDSociety of Midwest Contesters2013-08-14 02:25:52 UTC6630
KS1GVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONELoudoun Amateur Radio Group2013-08-27 00:50:58 UTC36
N0AKCWIMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEChippewa Valley VHF Contest Club2013-08-21 03:25:17 UTC8322
N0JCFMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-08-05 21:34:03 UTC
N0KPMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-08-22 17:07:45 UTC8364
N1DGFMEMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEUNLIMITED2013-08-05 22:01:08 UTC3477
N1GJEMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENORTH EAST WEAK SIGNAL GROUP2013-10-19 03:56:59 UTC2430
N1JHJNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONECONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB2013-10-19 03:56:58 UTC1512
N1PRWEMASingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2013-08-07 16:10:06 UTC24
N2BJILMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-08-07 14:46:48 UTC2040
N2DCH/RWNYLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-08-08 03:18:18 UTC231
N2DCHWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-08 03:15:18 UTC36
N2GKMENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-28 02:33:53 UTC
N4DLAEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-22 16:13:46 UTC
N4JQQTNMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-08-05 17:53:26 UTC5670
N4KZSTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-08-10 12:15:47 UTC18
N4QWZTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEtennessee contest group2013-09-01 04:04:39 UTC11844
N5BFLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-24 22:33:36 UTC288
N6EY/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-08-14 09:09:58 UTC
N6KYS/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-08-15 08:18:05 UTC
N6NB/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-08-11 02:45:33 UTC
N7DBORSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-06 00:08:20 UTC54
N7EPDWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-08-08 02:29:14 UTC15435
N7NEVAZSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-22 16:16:47 UTC6
N8AIAMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-19 03:56:58 UTC3870
N8ZMOHMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-08-08 23:04:15 UTC4410
N9DGWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-08-05 22:48:16 UTC12360
N9LBWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-08-07 15:40:56 UTC14835
N9TFILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-08-09 00:52:29 UTC660
ND9ZWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-08-25 12:43:20 UTC1260
NG9RILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-08-06 16:03:03 UTC27
NI0WMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-08-06 02:00:57 UTC360
NT0VNDSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-17 03:10:42 UTC900
VE3CRU/RONSRoverROVERONEContest Club Ontario2013-08-09 15:47:51 UTC2775
VE3NYZ/RONSRoverROVERONE2013-08-06 03:44:13 UTC216
VE3ZVONSSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2013-08-10 21:16:05 UTC6825
VE7FYCBCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-19 12:57:08 UTC2256
W0GHZMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-08-11 03:08:48 UTC46872
W0JTMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTHERN LIGHTS RADIO SOCIETY2013-08-06 21:54:40 UTC3933
W0NEMNMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDWINONA ARC2013-08-06 02:00:58 UTC11448
W0RTKSSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-15 01:20:10 UTC27
W0UCWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-08-07 12:35:22 UTC45540
W0VANIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-05 17:47:23 UTC18
W1AUV/RWMARoverROVERONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-08-16 14:15:59 UTC10890
W1FKFEMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-08-14 14:00:13 UTC10692
W1GHZVTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-03 12:27:20 UTC5406
W1OUNEMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-05 16:32:44 UTC210
W1TAIORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-10 08:32:18 UTC
W1ZCNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-08-11 12:50:13 UTC2496
W2BVHNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-10-22 16:29:48 UTC1344
W2SJSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-08-27 20:53:50 UTC966
W3MEOMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2013-10-22 16:31:51 UTC3
W3PAWWPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEpotomac valley radio club2013-08-07 11:03:14 UTC75330
W4FWSGAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDFlorida Weak Signal Society2013-08-06 23:55:51 UTC1443
W5MRBARSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-13 02:41:12 UTC12420
W6TAIORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESouthern California Contest Club2013-08-10 08:32:18 UTC
W6TTF/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-08-15 09:21:12 UTC
W6VNQSVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-06 03:14:04 UTC252
W7FIWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-10-22 16:36:52 UTC126
W7YOZWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-08-31 20:56:58 UTC2700
W9GAWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-09-03 15:18:42 UTC15696
W9IIXILSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEsociety of midwest contesters2013-10-22 16:38:52 UTC2376
W9SNR/RILRoverROVERONEBadger Contesters2013-08-05 23:55:19 UTC51255
W9SZ/RILRoverROVERONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-08-07 18:12:02 UTC10302
WA0VPJMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-08-05 15:37:02 UTC693
WA1GTPCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-19 22:36:55 UTC36
WA2FGKEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-08-20 23:36:44 UTC58734
WA3PTVWPAUnlimited RoverROVER-UNLIMITEDONE2013-08-11 21:42:24 UTC39114
WA6WTF/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-08-15 09:21:11 UTC
WA7TZYWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPACIFIC NORTHWEST VHF SOCIETY2013-08-05 19:53:54 UTC3111
WA8RJFOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-08-27 18:49:00 UTC1560
WB2JAYNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEnone2013-08-07 06:38:42 UTC17952
WB2SIHENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-08-15 12:44:39 UTC18819
WB3IGRMDCMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-08-05 18:10:31 UTC3978
WB4JGGTNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-19 21:35:51 UTC120
WB6PVUSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-22 16:41:52 UTC12
WB8BZKILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-08-06 19:15:01 UTC3528
WB9TFHWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-08-22 17:10:46 UTC45
WD0BQMNESingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDLIMITED2013-09-01 22:18:04 UTC180
WQ4MGARoverROVERONEFlorida Weak Signal Society2013-08-25 00:50:14 UTC324
WV9EWISingle Operator, High PowerPORTABLEONEBadger Contesters2013-08-07 03:21:42 UTC420
WW7D/RWWALimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-08-08 20:22:49 UTC11022
WX4ETTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol TN ARC2013-10-22 16:43:52 UTC24

Field Day Submissions Received

  • 2017 ARRL Field Day -

    This is a list of Field Day participant summaries received BY ALL METHODS (web app, email and mail) - for 2017 Field Day - as of the date and time indicated in the link name below:


    2017 Field Day summaries--as of  9am EDT August 28


    Several lines in the Summaries List have this statement in YELLOW highlight and we have assembled this list of Call-Signs at the bottom of the file:

    "Checklog - Contact ARRL Contest Branch - Email:"


    If your listing has this statement, we will have emailed you a request for missing documents (usually a missing 2-Page Summary Sheet). Be sure to follow up with us if your listing is so notated.


    DX stations (outside Region 2 {the Americas}) will not be included in the final published results (for Field Day, DX stations are categorized as checklogs).


    Only Class A and Class F club names will be published (names are matched against call sign data bases or the ARRL Club Affiliations Database, and/or are abbreviated to conserve space).


    The Field Day web app has been turned off for 2017 - contact the ARRL Contest Branch at  ASAP about any problems with an entry (as all published deadlines have now passed).