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Logs Received

The following is the list of Logs Received for the 2013 ARRL September VHF Contest.

This list includes all receipted electronic submissions and is automatically updated several times during the day. It is not "instantaneous" so it may be several hours before the list is next updated.

If you submitted your entry electronically and do not find your log listed, first please check to see that you received back a numbered receipt from the ARRL Contest Robot. If you have a numbered receipt and your log does not appear within several hours, please contact with your receipt number and they will look into the matter during regular ARRL business hours.

If you received a message with a subject line beginning "UNABLE TO PROCESS LOG SUBMISSION" there was a problem with your entry. Please refer to the text of that email and correct the problems found by the robot. Until you receive a numbered receipt, you do not have an entry in the contest log queue.

Please check your information carefully after it is posted on the Logs Received list. If you have received a numbered receipt, the robot is satisfied that all of the information you submitted is acceptable. The robot has no way of knowing if all of the information is correct, however. For example, you may have indicated a category the robot recognizes, but it may not be the category in which you participated. If you discover an error in your category or Section information after it is posted, you may simply correct your Cabrillo file header and re-submit the entry.

PAPER LOGS will only be added to the queue after the submission deadline has passed and they have been initialized into the database. This could be up to 4-6 weeks after the contest submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at 860-594-0232. Thanks and 73.

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

481 logs received

Call SignSectionCategoryTypeTransmittersClubDate ReceivedClaimed Score
AA1ARWMAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENone2013-09-16 04:05:09 UTC774
AA1IWMASingle Operator, High PowerPORTABLEONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-23 14:34:17 UTC7280
AA1OEMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-22 14:51:10 UTC671
AA3GMWPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-07 00:49:42 UTC740
AA4ZZNCLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDCarolina DX Association2013-09-17 17:09:03 UTC169043
AA5AMNTXSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEDFW Contest Group2013-09-17 14:47:55 UTC117
AB0RXMOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMississippi Valley DX/Contest Club2013-10-04 03:06:24 UTC17751
AB1NGCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 03:39:04 UTC336
AB2DENNJMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:10:00 UTC800
AB8OJMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEARROWCOM2013-09-26 01:01:52 UTC72
AC2FAWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENiagara Frontier RadioSport2013-09-16 01:50:35 UTC12
AC2GJWNYSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-09-24 01:21:05 UTC6
AC8HUOHSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-10-10 04:04:37 UTC4465
AD4TJVASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:09:33 UTC1782
AD5STNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEDFW Contest Group2013-09-17 04:09:43 UTC9
AD6AFLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-19 03:38:56 UTC
AE6YBSFSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONENorthern California Contest Club2013-09-16 05:11:15 UTC28
AE7ZLWWASingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONENone2013-09-17 04:09:07 UTC780
AF5CCOKSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONELawton Fort Sill ARC2013-09-23 15:01:37 UTC1071
AF5QOKLimited RoverROVERLIMITED2013-09-16 02:41:46 UTC2987
AF6O/RORGRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-10-15 17:06:15 UTC99204
AF6RRSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDUNLIMITED2013-09-17 05:23:36 UTC14014
AG4V/RTNRoverROVERONE2013-09-17 19:40:32 UTC36105
AG6AYSBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-28 03:31:06 UTC10
AI0QMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 04:58:13 UTC180
AI9QWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-09-16 02:27:44 UTC6
AJ3TWPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-16 03:49:48 UTC780
AJ6TSCVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern California Contest Club2013-10-03 11:42:15 UTC2000
AL1VE/RORLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-10-05 05:24:40 UTC25443
K0AWUMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-09-17 04:09:49 UTC5700
K0AZMOSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:08:58 UTC1232
K0BBC/RMNLimited RoverROVERLIMITEDNorthern Lights Radio Society2013-09-18 15:58:01 UTC6358
K0DAS/RIARoverROVERONE2013-09-19 02:17:31 UTC30430
K0GUCOLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2013-09-16 02:41:46 UTC735
K0JJORSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific NorthWest VHF Society2013-09-17 12:50:47 UTC3120
K0JQAIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-24 10:39:56 UTC620
K0KANKSMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-09-17 13:46:16 UTC31742
K0NRCOChecklogPORTABLEONEGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2013-09-17 04:26:25 UTC40
K0PGILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERZ2013-09-17 04:09:31 UTC2996
K0SIXMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-10-15 16:37:09 UTC2640
K0VHMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERochester (MN) ARC2013-09-17 13:33:09 UTC510
K0VXMSFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDFlorida Weak Signal Society2013-09-20 20:23:06 UTC3333
K1BVCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2013-09-17 04:08:51 UTC516
K1DQVMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-17 05:36:39 UTC17360
K1DS/REPARoverROVERONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-09-19 20:43:36 UTC12614
K1DSEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-09-17 04:09:40 UTC525
K1GQNHMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2013-09-17 20:22:02 UTC504
K1GXCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEnone2013-10-13 15:04:01 UTC45210
K1HCEMAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-19 02:57:42 UTC
K1IBVTSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2013-09-17 14:42:52 UTC160
K1KGEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-11 21:33:38 UTC35816
K1PTFWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-20 13:57:56 UTC925
K1PUCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMeriden ARC2013-09-16 00:26:24 UTC286
K1RZMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2013-09-23 01:47:42 UTC251979
K1TEOCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-10-01 14:07:31 UTC335901
K1TOWCFSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEFlorida Contest Group2013-10-04 00:50:05 UTC25
K1TRWMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2013-09-17 16:53:12 UTC158158
K1VONHSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEGranite State ARA2013-10-02 16:44:15 UTC1332
K1VUTEMASingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-09-19 00:59:46 UTC88
K1WHSMELimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2013-09-26 13:06:29 UTC217807
K1YAEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-18 15:22:47 UTC145
K1ZKVTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:10:18 UTC
K1ZZIGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEGeorgia Contest Group2013-09-15 21:06:29 UTC9
K2AMINNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBergen ARA2013-09-25 17:21:59 UTC3640
K2BARENYLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDBergen ARA2013-09-23 17:26:55 UTC73161
K2DRHILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-10-01 06:46:08 UTC138902
K2GMYEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-18 15:58:00 UTC6358
K2KIBNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-27 13:33:43 UTC58191
K2LIMWNYMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-09-19 17:32:24 UTC203148
K2NVWNYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:09:47 UTC1200
K2OEQWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-24 14:46:30 UTC1650
K2OSWNYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONECold Brook Contest Club2013-09-27 22:26:21 UTC4320
K2SIWNYSingle Operator, VHF FM-onlyFIXEDONERochester (NY) DX Assn2013-09-17 04:10:14 UTC55
K2UFENYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-16 04:19:10 UTC1024
K2UNKNNJSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-09-25 22:03:31 UTC495
K2XCNNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 02:28:44 UTC54
K2YAZMISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-10-11 23:21:46 UTC7695
K2ZDENYMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONE2013-09-17 11:26:27 UTC5112
K3EODSNJMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-09-26 21:44:31 UTC40255
K3IBEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-09-17 04:09:22 UTC405
K3ISHEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 12:33:41 UTC2730
K3IURISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONECTRI Contest Group2013-09-17 04:09:15 UTC319
K3LABWPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-15 17:59:25 UTC20
K3MDEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMT AIRY VHF RADIO CLUB2013-09-15 23:24:47 UTC20493
K3TUFEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-09-19 00:59:41 UTC238878
K3YDXMDCSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2013-09-17 17:59:12 UTC2160
K3ZOMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-19 03:35:53 UTC6720
K4BGVTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-21 23:41:13 UTC16
K4BSKVASingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONENone2013-09-17 01:26:32 UTC165
K4EDITNMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-16 03:14:55 UTC98
K4EJQTNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-23 05:11:14 UTC1032
K4FJWVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-16 05:41:05 UTC5002
K4FTOVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-17 21:38:09 UTC2028
K4NRTTNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-17 04:57:32 UTC624
K4PGSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Contest Group2013-09-17 04:10:15 UTC4
K4QENCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-16 03:12:54 UTC180
K4QWZTNSingle Operator, VHF FM-onlyFIXEDONE2013-10-15 18:47:49 UTC56
K4YRKTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-22 11:24:05 UTC1800
K5CJBARSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-09 16:07:27 UTC12
K5EKNCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONECarolina DX Association2013-09-16 00:26:24 UTC165
K5GZRSTXLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2013-09-17 11:56:36 UTC209
K5QESTXLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDNacogdoches ARC2013-09-19 01:49:25 UTC85020
K5YMOKSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-09-16 02:27:44 UTC693
K5YPVMSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 02:58:52 UTC4732
K6AH/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-09-29 13:37:10 UTC183260
K6ATZSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-18 22:55:16 UTC5538
K6EUSCVLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDNorthern California Contest Club2013-09-17 16:05:07 UTC3103
K6FGV/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-09-25 03:11:01 UTC223020
K6KQVSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern California Contest Club2013-09-15 23:52:50 UTC462
K6PFAMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-27 00:23:05 UTC
K6TSKORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-21 21:27:01 UTC8487
K7AWBEWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-09-21 20:50:58 UTC1281
K7BWHWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-10-09 21:11:54 UTC784
K7CWWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-10-04 02:03:20 UTC1717
K7NDWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-09-30 15:28:57 UTC8580
K7SMAORSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEPacific NorthWest VHF Society2013-09-21 20:37:56 UTC910
K7VITORSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEWillamette Valley DX Club2013-09-19 00:59:47 UTC600
K8ABOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEWEST PARK RADIOPS2013-09-17 20:22:02 UTC420
K8DOGMIChecklogFIXEDONENONE2013-09-19 00:59:47 UTC920
K8EPWVLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDEastern Panhandle ARC2013-09-29 17:47:33 UTC171292
K8GDTOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDMedina 2 Meter Group2013-09-24 23:32:13 UTC12610
K8GPVAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-10-15 20:44:04 UTC577080
K8MROHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMad River Radio Club2013-09-17 13:16:53 UTC11993
K8OUXARSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-09 16:07:27 UTC12
K8TQKOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-19 05:53:24 UTC64220
K9CTILSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-09-19 01:12:22 UTC37375
K9EAINSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:09:36 UTC34352
K9JK/RILLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDLIMITEDBadger Contesters2013-09-19 22:55:00 UTC12528
K9MKNTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEDFW Contest Group2013-09-17 01:13:29 UTC9858
K9MUWISingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2013-09-17 16:53:12 UTC7336
K9OMWINSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-18 21:04:38 UTC286
K9PLS/RILRoverROVERONEStoned Monkey VHF ARC2013-10-15 22:37:18 UTC0
K9TMS/RILRoverROVERONEStoned Monkey VHF ARC2013-10-15 22:32:17 UTC2996
K9VSWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEbadger contesters2013-09-19 18:23:17 UTC384
KA0MYG/RMNLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDLIMITEDRochester (MN) ARC2013-10-15 13:24:33 UTC352
KA0RYTMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENORTHERN LIGHTS RADIO SOCIETY2013-09-20 03:48:47 UTC5512
KA1QBONHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-19 23:21:03 UTC415
KA1REMALimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDYankee Clipper Contest Club2013-10-16 02:33:43 UTC448
KA2ANFNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE10-70 Repeater Assn2013-09-26 18:44:19 UTC70
KA2BPPNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:10:02 UTC420
KA2DRRNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-10-06 22:57:33 UTC2310
KA2KQMGASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-16 01:21:34 UTC3741
KA3EHLVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:09:11 UTC
KA3HEDDESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-05 17:29:59 UTC1952
KA3KSPWPALimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-09-24 01:08:03 UTC1000
KB0HHOKMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-09-19 02:04:30 UTC61308
KB0KBJSDLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-09-23 02:27:54 UTC14
KB1EKZ/RNHRoverROVERONE2013-10-13 22:12:51 UTC34858
KB3EXBEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBerks Amateur Radio club2013-09-16 02:43:47 UTC2139
KB3GJTEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 01:40:39 UTC
KB3LNMMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:08:45 UTC0
KB3MTWEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-10-05 16:00:51 UTC120
KB3ZOZMDCSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONENone2013-10-02 15:30:03 UTC448
KB5URQSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-19 08:59:47 UTC357
KB5WIAEBSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-09-20 22:08:16 UTC3016
KB8UUZOHSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEPortage County Amateur Radio Service2013-09-17 14:29:51 UTC510
KC0P/RMNRoverROVERONERochester (MN) ARC2013-10-07 22:07:29 UTC6633
KC0RQHMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-10-15 21:56:12 UTC480
KC0SKM/RIARoverROVERONE2013-10-15 03:18:14 UTC7748
KC2GLGNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE10-70 Repeater Assn2013-09-26 18:44:19 UTC70
KC2JRQNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 18:12:13 UTC286
KC2VLGEPASingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONENone2013-09-15 22:08:37 UTC2231
KC2WUFNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENew Providence ARC2013-09-16 04:32:10 UTC697
KC5FWEARSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-18 22:38:07 UTC
KC5MVVWTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-20 18:45:33 UTC252
KC5MVZWTXMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-09-17 21:07:09 UTC2170
KC6SEHAZSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-20 12:58:51 UTC1449
KC6ZWTSVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-26 17:02:02 UTC16665
KC7VAZSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB2013-09-17 20:09:01 UTC12
KC8KSKSCSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-09-26 10:40:15 UTC12
KC9ELUINSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:08:40 UTC2280
KD4UQYTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-21 15:21:30 UTC35
KD7TSWWARoverROVERONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-09-22 20:22:08 UTC11484
KD7UOWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-09-21 02:58:38 UTC3968
KE0COWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-24 16:44:44 UTC9847
KE4MFHSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 13:20:01 UTC4
KE5GFYOKSingle Operator, VHF FM-onlyFIXEDLIMITEDLawton Ft Sill ARC2013-09-24 19:51:33 UTC16
KE6QR/REBRoverROVERONENorthern California Contest Club2013-09-17 04:57:33 UTC719
KE7IHG/RORLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDLIMITED2013-09-23 04:29:10 UTC1840
KE7SWWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEpacific northwest vhf society2013-09-24 01:34:08 UTC11500
KE7TMAZSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEArizona Outlaws Contest Club2013-09-17 01:26:33 UTC8
KF0MKSSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-21 22:39:07 UTC14060
KF2YSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESouth Jersey Radio Assn2013-09-28 18:33:18 UTC1984
KF6CVAEBSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-09-16 04:06:08 UTC
KF7NFDWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEn/a2013-09-26 03:03:09 UTC33
KF7PCLWWAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENone2013-09-16 04:19:09 UTC406
KF8QL/RMIUnlimited RoverROVERUNLIMITED2013-09-28 01:59:47 UTC0
KG4KVZNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEn/a2013-09-17 04:09:36 UTC21
KG5MDARSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-23 18:25:13 UTC
KG7PWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEpacific northwest vhf society2013-09-17 20:35:04 UTC4350
KG9JPAZSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEArizona Outlaws Contest Club2013-09-19 13:18:24 UTC12
KG9ZOHSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-09-16 00:45:26 UTC1769
KI5YGSTXSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:09:46 UTC912
KI6ARWEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern California Contest Club2013-09-17 05:10:36 UTC1387
KI6CQTNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 03:20:00 UTC0
KI6QELSJVSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-09-30 02:18:27 UTC730
KI7JAORSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-09-17 04:10:10 UTC5184
KJ6CNO/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-09-19 01:12:21 UTC
KJ6HUPSJVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-29 20:34:46 UTC3120
KK6LEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-15 21:32:32 UTC280
KL3JI/RAKLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-09-17 09:41:18 UTC845
KL7XJAKSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEAlaska VHF-Up Group2013-09-30 20:47:48 UTC21
KM3GEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-15 05:15:26 UTC2590
KM4IDSCSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-09-19 00:59:48 UTC56
KN2GSPNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 11:42:33 UTC720
KQ2RPNNJSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-09-17 04:10:06 UTC392
KS1GVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-20 02:13:25 UTC700
KS5AAZSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEArizona Outlaws Contest Club2013-09-17 04:08:37 UTC10
KU7ZUTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-02 17:32:22 UTC
KV1JNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-19 00:59:48 UTC6123
KV2MSNJSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONESouth Jersey Radio Assn2013-09-27 18:25:28 UTC4012
KX4RGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 21:22:09 UTC26923
KX7LWWASingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEWestern Washington DX Club2013-09-16 04:19:10 UTC686
N0AKCWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2013-09-28 13:01:40 UTC7268
N0ATMNSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEMinnesota Wireless Assn2013-09-17 04:10:26 UTC153
N0HZO/RMNRoverROVERONEROCHESTER (MN) ARC2013-10-15 18:44:48 UTC1335
N0JKKSSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-09-17 04:10:02 UTC1
N0LLKSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-20 19:29:01 UTC9570
N0MAIAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONE2013-11-09 00:02:12 UTC1537
N1BACNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONECheshire County DX ARC2013-09-17 11:13:26 UTC266
N1GLTNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2013-09-18 22:05:06 UTC4488
N1GNNHMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2013-09-16 00:18:51 UTC95
N1IBMSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEfrankford radio club2013-10-01 17:07:03 UTC391
N1JWCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEYANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2013-09-23 22:26:54 UTC715
N1LFALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEAlabama Contest Group2013-09-18 15:58:06 UTC6
N1NKRISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2013-09-15 23:52:51 UTC468
N1PRWEMASingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-09-17 04:09:45 UTC532
N1VVVMESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-23 17:56:58 UTC336
N1WCSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 01:24:32 UTC
N1YKHCTSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-09-15 17:09:21 UTC442
N1ZNCTSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEMeriden ARC2013-09-17 04:10:19 UTC7462
N2BJILMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-09-17 04:10:19 UTC13020
N2CSPNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-19 13:31:29 UTC903
N2DCH/RWNYRoverROVERONE2013-09-18 22:55:20 UTC420
N2DCHWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 23:58:51 UTC624
N2GHRNLISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-17 23:36:17 UTC46920
N2GKMENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-02 13:52:50 UTC2668
N2NTNNJLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDFRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2013-10-11 01:19:21 UTC9447
N2RHLWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENiagara Frontier Radiosport2013-09-30 19:59:44 UTC28
N2SLN/RWNYUnlimited RoverROVER-UNLIMITEDONE2013-09-22 19:34:07 UTC46920
N2WKWNYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth Coast Contesters2013-09-19 00:59:19 UTC1764
N2ZBH/RENYLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-10-15 13:38:42 UTC
N3EMFWPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-20 00:22:12 UTC2840
N3JNXEPASingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-09-16 02:49:49 UTC792
N3LLWCFSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFLORIDA WEAK SIGNAL SOCIETY2013-09-19 11:49:07 UTC924
N3MKVAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-30 15:11:55 UTC26696
N3RNEPASingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEUNLIMITEDMurgas ARC2013-09-23 01:48:43 UTC50838
N3UMMDCSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-21 01:06:22 UTC2030
N4DBRNCUnlimited RoverROVERONE2013-09-19 01:49:24 UTC3584
N4DLAEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 04:05:08 UTC
N4DWTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-19 14:59:44 UTC1
N4HBVALimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2013-09-17 04:10:18 UTC10089
N4JQQTNMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-10-11 22:35:42 UTC11715
N4KZSTNSingle Operator, VHF FM-onlyFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-17 14:42:53 UTC6
N4QWZTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEtennessee contest group2013-10-14 04:07:29 UTC45780
N5BFLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-30 04:37:44 UTC1105
N5DRMARSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 11:56:36 UTC20
N5DTTSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:10:04 UTC2
N5ZPGOKSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-10-11 02:19:30 UTC24
N6DZRSVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern California Contest Club2013-09-17 02:58:49 UTC112
N6HD/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-10-16 23:02:12 UTC165066
N6KOGSJVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEnone2013-09-19 23:44:06 UTC3744
N6LBWWASingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-09-19 17:18:22 UTC1691
N6NBORGSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONESouthern California Contest Club2013-09-28 04:32:04 UTC
N6ORBEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern California Contest Club2013-09-22 03:28:40 UTC
N6ROEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern California Contest Club2013-10-04 00:10:00 UTC132
N6VHSDGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESouthern California Contest Club2013-09-19 00:59:37 UTC28
N6VI/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-09-24 21:29:42 UTC
N6ZE/RWWALimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-09-29 14:27:14 UTC1615
N7DBORSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-25 01:21:22 UTC168
N7EPDWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-10-14 03:52:25 UTC16400
N7IRAZSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEArizona Outlaws Contest Club2013-09-17 04:09:29 UTC114
N7NEVAZSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 03:17:57 UTC16
N7ZOORSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-16 03:11:52 UTC3094
N8IWOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEWayne Amateur Radio Club2013-09-23 00:36:35 UTC
N8OBOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-19 01:25:19 UTC308
N8ZMOHLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2013-09-30 21:11:56 UTC61686
N9DGWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-09-28 16:27:54 UTC23585
N9ISNWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2013-09-17 04:10:24 UTC3920
N9LYEILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-09-27 00:36:05 UTC350
N9REPILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEStoned Monkey VHF ARC2013-10-15 22:37:18 UTC532
N9TZLKYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-12 15:24:47 UTC7006
N9VMSJVSingle Operator, VHF FM-onlyFIXEDONE2013-09-17 16:37:09 UTC75
N9YKINSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-19 00:59:49 UTC2204
NE1BNHMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2013-09-27 05:12:37 UTC3074
NE1FNHMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEgranite state ara2013-09-15 22:22:38 UTC952
NE5BOARLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2013-09-20 21:20:08 UTC16280
NF1ONHMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEGranite State ARA2013-09-15 22:22:38 UTC1206
NG7MUTSingle Operator, High PowerPORTABLEONE2013-09-16 02:52:50 UTC99
NG9RILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-09-19 00:59:32 UTC551
NI0WMNSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONENORTHERN LIGHTS RADIO SOCIETY2013-09-25 15:57:54 UTC1430
NL7B/RORLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-10-07 01:39:49 UTC12282
NL7CO/ROKLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONELawton Ft Sill ARC2013-09-24 19:49:30 UTC2040
NT0VNDSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-14 00:01:04 UTC1632
NT4RTSCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-25 21:50:30 UTC1755
NT9EILSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-09-18 12:04:50 UTC1875
NX8GOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONELouisiana Contest Club2013-09-19 00:59:34 UTC176
NY2NYNLIMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENORTH EAST WEAK SIGNAL GROUP2013-09-20 23:27:14 UTC8996
VA3KAONESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2013-09-21 00:30:17 UTC540
VA3ZVONSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2013-09-17 04:09:19 UTC10431
VA7MMBCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-22 22:40:23 UTC50
VE2HAYQCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Group du Quebec2013-09-17 11:39:33 UTC360
VE3EGONSSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONEContest Club Ontario2013-09-29 14:26:14 UTC1006
VE3JVGONSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEnone2013-09-19 00:59:45 UTC1856
VE3NYZONSSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2013-10-05 03:45:24 UTC
VE3OIL/RONSRoverROVERONEContest Club Ontario2013-10-16 03:00:44 UTC98600
VE3RBONELimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDPeterborough Amateur Radio Club2013-09-22 17:42:22 UTC714
VE3RCNONSSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2013-09-17 15:49:04 UTC6
VE3RKS/RONSLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONEContest Club Ontario2013-10-01 23:33:56 UTC44
VE3RXONNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2013-09-19 21:51:49 UTC1
VE3SMA/RONSRoverROVERONEContest Club Ontario2013-10-09 20:10:45 UTC99964
VE3ZVONSSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEcontest club ontario2013-10-04 18:24:07 UTC56875
VE4VTMBSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-02 04:13:33 UTC718
VE7DAYBCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 01:53:41 UTC1020
VE7JHBCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENone2013-10-02 15:05:01 UTC19893
VE7JRXBCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-15 04:04:18 UTC40
VE9AAMARSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMaritime Contest Club2013-09-15 00:54:05 UTC36
W0ETTCOSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2013-09-17 04:10:11 UTC592
W0FYMOSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDSociety of MIdwest Contesters2013-10-08 14:49:41 UTC0
W0GNIAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:08:47 UTC1
W0JTMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTHERN LIGHTS RADIO SOCIETY2013-10-11 17:15:16 UTC5640
W0KANKSMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEKansas City DX Club2013-09-23 23:02:55 UTC770
W0KTNESingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 02:27:45 UTC72
W0LGQIASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-15 01:39:59 UTC2772
W0LLNMNSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONEROCHESTER (MN) ARC2013-10-14 03:03:19 UTC180
W0PANAZSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEArizona Outlaws Contest Club2013-09-17 04:10:07 UTC1
W0UCWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-10-02 15:05:01 UTC
W0VANIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 03:35:05 UTC33
W0ZQMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2013-09-17 04:10:17 UTC4644
W1ANCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONECTRI Contest Group2013-10-09 13:54:57 UTC3366
W1AUV/RWMARoverROVERONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-20 20:27:07 UTC25418
W1CEKMESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-18 21:42:46 UTC133
W1DYJMESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-17 04:09:42 UTC20
W1FKFEMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-10-14 22:54:37 UTC10212
W1FPVTMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONE2013-09-26 01:54:00 UTC16
W1GHZVTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-10-07 22:07:21 UTC12444
W1PLEMALimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-10-03 23:20:55 UTC2728
W1TRCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-16 03:07:52 UTC5967
W1XMEMAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-09-17 04:26:25 UTC14924
W1ZCNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-29 13:50:11 UTC11556
W1ZFGCTLimited MultioperatorPORTABLELIMITEDInsurance City Repeater Club2013-09-18 22:55:19 UTC495
W2BTNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-19 13:31:28 UTC171
W2BVHNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-09-17 04:10:15 UTC1534
W2CCCWNYMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONECold Brook Contest Club2013-09-17 04:09:51 UTC8721
W2CHENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 03:16:57 UTC864
W2CSENYLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2013-09-17 18:12:14 UTC656
W2EAEPAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-10-04 22:39:43 UTC136948
W2EVWNYSingle Operator, VHF FM-onlyFIXEDONERochester (NY) Amateur Radio Association2013-09-28 04:18:53 UTC
W2KVNNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEnone2013-09-17 04:10:08 UTC9943
W2LVNNJLimited MultioperatorPORTABLELIMITEDSussex County ARC2013-09-19 13:05:17 UTC123025
W2MRDENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-17 04:08:30 UTC48
W2OSRNLIMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENone2013-09-19 20:40:35 UTC560
W2OWWNYLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDBinghamton ARA2013-09-20 23:27:14 UTC4059
W2REAWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:10:08 UTC476
W2SJSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-09-23 02:01:46 UTC4256
W2SZWMAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-10-16 02:46:44 UTC942450
W2UADWNYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEROCHESTER VHF GROUP2013-09-25 19:04:12 UTC4644
W2VTVNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 13:16:52 UTC200
W2YXSFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 03:33:05 UTC50
W3DHJCOLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-10-04 17:18:55 UTC954
W3EKTMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-17 21:22:10 UTC21744
W3EPCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-24 21:16:41 UTC8188
W3GNQDESingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-21 19:24:52 UTC2485
W3HMSEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-09-17 04:09:54 UTC3388
W3IPVASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENone2013-10-13 03:01:58 UTC33294
W3JGEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMobile Sixers Radio Club2013-09-16 03:07:51 UTC1140
W3LLMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-17 04:10:22 UTC1512
W3MELEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBerks Amateur Radio Club2013-09-23 16:11:29 UTC7176
W3MEOMDCSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONE2013-09-16 00:44:25 UTC30
W3MTPEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDMurgas ARC2013-09-17 19:53:34 UTC600
W3PAWWPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEpotomac valley radio club2013-10-05 11:15:24 UTC155624
W3RFCMDCLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-24 10:26:53 UTC2160
W3SOWPALimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-22 12:58:12 UTC202594
W3SZEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-10-21 23:47:42 UTC21074
W4AMPGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 02:41:47 UTC1495
W4ATLGASingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-10-11 12:40:37 UTC49
W4ENNALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 01:24:32 UTC924
W4FRANCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 03:52:05 UTC99
W4IYVAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDWoodbridge Wireless2013-09-30 19:57:43 UTC185712
W4NHNCLimited MultioperatorPORTABLELIMITED2013-09-20 22:21:18 UTC166896
W4PFMVAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-27 22:12:17 UTC54
W4SSPNCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-14 15:53:40 UTC646
W4TTMTNSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-17 04:57:32 UTC253
W4WNT/RNCRoverROVERONECarolina DX Association2013-09-19 15:25:48 UTC56
W4WWQVASingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONEPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2013-09-19 01:12:19 UTC72
W4YCCSCMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2013-10-13 21:14:40 UTC1176
W5CSCOKLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2013-09-15 23:37:47 UTC4255
W5MMSLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITED2013-10-11 17:41:19 UTC1152
W5MRBARSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-24 22:12:09 UTC60131
W5ROKNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERockwell Collins ARC2013-09-17 04:09:47 UTC1012
W5SXDNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 03:13:54 UTC1824
W5VYARLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-10-08 08:03:55 UTC6156
W6AJFSFLimited MultioperatorPORTABLELIMITED2013-09-20 16:30:15 UTC8496
W6BXQSFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-01 16:27:52 UTC210
W6LLPEWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPACIFIC NORTHWEST VHF SOCIETY2013-09-17 17:46:10 UTC110
W6OALCOSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 16:37:09 UTC576
W6RKCSVLimited MultioperatorFIXEDLIMITEDMother Lode DX/Contest Club2013-10-03 06:15:34 UTC1254
W6RQRSVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-15 04:04:19 UTC2256
W6TAI/RORGRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2013-09-30 17:08:50 UTC
W6TAIORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESouthern California Contest Club2013-09-27 07:48:08 UTC
W6TESBMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEUNLIMITEDSouthern California Contest Club2013-10-04 05:45:44 UTC149710
W6VNQSVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 02:58:50 UTC4270
W7GLF/RWWARoverROVERONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-10-17 03:23:40 UTC5040
W7GLFWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-10-14 05:01:42 UTC14
W7LUDWWASingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-09-29 04:00:12 UTC12320
W7MEMIDSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEIDXA2013-09-16 03:07:52 UTC924
W7PTWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:09:59 UTC1600
W7VBWWAMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONENone2013-09-17 02:58:49 UTC1650
W8IDMOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEWest Park Radiops2013-09-17 04:09:48 UTC200
W8IJEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 01:37:33 UTC84
W8ISS/RMILimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDLIMITED2013-10-07 22:43:09 UTC969
W8KENOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth Coast Contesters2013-09-16 04:32:10 UTC5684
W8KHPKYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 21:41:10 UTC726
W8KNOOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPortage County Amateur Radio Service2013-09-17 07:04:00 UTC442
W8TNWVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-16 02:48:49 UTC154
W8TOMEMASingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEYANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2013-09-16 00:42:24 UTC1020
W9FZ/ROKRoverROVERONE2013-10-07 22:07:09 UTC38130
W9GAWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBadgercontesters2013-10-15 16:50:11 UTC10248
W9IIXILSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEsociety of midwest contesters2013-09-17 19:40:31 UTC5400
W9PAINSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS2013-09-16 05:44:19 UTC13770
W9SNR/RILRoverROVERONEBadger Contesters2013-10-05 23:42:25 UTC41118
W9SZILSingle Operator, PortablePORTABLEONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-09-17 04:04:12 UTC3162
W9ZBINSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:08:57 UTC204
WA0ARMKSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-27 21:10:12 UTC2673
WA0CNSMOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2013-09-27 02:25:23 UTC861
WA0RKQ/RKSUnlimited RoverROVERLIMITED2013-09-17 04:44:32 UTC990
WA2FGKEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-10-10 20:49:43 UTC266112
WA2IIDENYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDLIMITEDNorth East Weak Signal Group2013-10-06 17:36:05 UTC286
WA2MJPENYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:10:06 UTC2905
WA2NXKNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERaritan Bay Radio Amateurs2013-09-30 00:28:07 UTC65
WA2ONKSNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:09:58 UTC1245
WA2PNINNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBERGEN ARA2013-09-19 00:59:51 UTC231
WA2VNVNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2013-09-17 04:08:14 UTC35728
WA3DRCEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-10-10 02:51:33 UTC1978
WA3EOQMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-22 00:27:19 UTC31993
WA3PTVWPARoverROVERONE2013-10-13 20:15:36 UTC51975
WA3SRUEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-10-01 02:38:34 UTC22200
WA4GPMEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-28 12:00:26 UTC2880
WA5BUCSTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:09:59 UTC1
WA5LFDNTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONELone Star DX Assn2013-09-17 21:25:09 UTC1248
WA6EJOSBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-20 15:46:10 UTC418
WA7TOF/4VASingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-10-14 05:27:45 UTC2464
WA7TZYWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPACIFIC NORTHWEST VHF SOCIETY2013-09-17 20:51:05 UTC7708
WB0HHMSDSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:10:05 UTC3420
WB0ULXSDSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:09:38 UTC154
WB1GQRVTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONERadio Amateurs of Northern Vermont2013-10-10 05:55:01 UTC109440
WB2BYPWNYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDCold Brook Contest Club2013-10-01 03:15:40 UTC2805
WB2JAYNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEnone2013-09-17 02:58:52 UTC37350
WB2KLDNNYSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEHVCDXers2013-09-16 00:20:53 UTC108
WB2PJHNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-17 04:10:20 UTC2666
WB2RVXSNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2013-10-15 15:29:00 UTC26885
WB2SIH/RENYLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2013-10-07 02:08:50 UTC11872
WB2WPMWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-15 23:52:50 UTC544
WB3IGRMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2013-09-17 04:09:43 UTC5676
WB4OMGWCFSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society2013-09-17 12:19:39 UTC2025
WB4OMMNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Contest Group2013-09-17 04:09:53 UTC54
WB6HYHORGSingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONE2013-10-10 04:18:46 UTC546
WB8COXALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-06 19:48:14 UTC494
WB9HFKILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 04:09:57 UTC
WB9TFHWISingle Operator, VHF 3-bandFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-09-19 01:49:24 UTC2100
WD4JJTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-21 16:09:33 UTC48
WD5COVNMSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEArizona Outlaws Contest Club2013-10-12 00:13:50 UTC234
WD5USAOKSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONELawton Fort Sill ARC2013-10-10 03:14:34 UTC248
WE6CSVMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEONE2013-09-17 02:58:51 UTC
WO3XOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2013-10-14 02:50:18 UTC66
WO9UWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2013-09-17 04:10:07 UTC3
WS3CEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-17 05:49:51 UTC12348
WS7VEWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2013-09-20 02:26:26 UTC4
WS8KMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-25 17:21:59 UTC320
WW7D/RWWALimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2013-09-30 01:45:16 UTC27922
WX4ETTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2013-09-16 03:36:04 UTC264
WZ8TMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2013-09-19 00:59:51 UTC23904

Field Day Submissions Received

  • 2017 ARRL Field Day -

    This is a list of Field Day participant summaries received BY ALL METHODS (web app, email and mail) - for 2017 Field Day - as of the date and time indicated in the link name below:


    2017 Field Day summaries--as of  9am EDT August 28


    Several lines in the Summaries List have this statement in YELLOW highlight and we have assembled this list of Call-Signs at the bottom of the file:

    "Checklog - Contact ARRL Contest Branch - Email:"


    If your listing has this statement, we will have emailed you a request for missing documents (usually a missing 2-Page Summary Sheet). Be sure to follow up with us if your listing is so notated.


    DX stations (outside Region 2 {the Americas}) will not be included in the final published results (for Field Day, DX stations are categorized as checklogs).


    Only Class A and Class F club names will be published (names are matched against call sign data bases or the ARRL Club Affiliations Database, and/or are abbreviated to conserve space).


    The Field Day web app has been turned off for 2017 - contact the ARRL Contest Branch at  ASAP about any problems with an entry (as all published deadlines have now passed).