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EP6T Team Pleads for “More Respect” from Operators


The EP6T DXpedition team now on Iran’s Kish Island (IOTA AS-166) has implored operators hoping to work the rare DXCC entity to show more respect and exhibit better operating manners. The EP6T team said it’s aware that the balance of contacts have been with Europe, North America, Oceania, and Asia, and the operators are doing their best to work other regions, but that 10 days may not be long enough to satisfy the surging demand, and that “ham spirit” has been hard to find.

“Jammers calling with fake calls and disrespecting the operators, sending disgraceful e-mails, and calling us names is sometimes too much for us,” the EP6T team said. “Please, a little more respect is needed.”

The operators report that many stations from Japan have made it through on the low bands and some North American stations have gone into the log on 80 meters. So far, though, only KV4FZ and NP2X have been successful on 160, and even Europe has been hard to work at sunrise.

The team has four receive antennas and has intended to focus on 160 meters, but “when conditions are bad, there's nothing we can do.”

The Rockall DX Group is sponsoring the DXpedition to Iran, which is #33 on ClubLog’s DXCC Most Wanted List. — Thanks to The Daily DX




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