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Hays Affinity Group Provides ARRL Members with Equipment Protection, Club Liability Insurance Plans


On May 1, 2011, the ARRL began a new partnership with Hays Affinity Group to provide its ARRL-sponsored Equipment Insurance and Club Liability Insurance plans. Hays -- who took over from Marsh Affinity Group Services -- serves as the program administrator to provide equipment insurance to ARRL members who choose to elect coverage. In addition, Hays will also provide club liability insurance to ARRL Affiliated Clubs for those clubs that wish to take advantage of that program. Hays has introduced new policies for both plans, underwritten by the Hanover Insurance Company.

Not only is equipment protection coverage through Hays Affinity Group slightly less expensive than it was with Marsh, it’s easier to enroll in the plans. You can sign up online and even schedule your equipment online, too. With Hays Affinity Group, you can have all your radio equipment covered, even the computers, hard drives and printers in your shack. You can also elect to have coverage for your towers and antennas, up to $15,000 of replacement cost. All losses are settled on the replacement cost value you have stated for your equipment. In addition, any newly acquired equipment during the policy term, up to a value of $2000, will be covered, once scheduled, until your next policy renewal without any additional premium. All this -- and more -- with only a $50 deductible ($25 for repair claims).

Marsh has been sending renewal notices to those ARRL members who have policies with them. Of course, you can renew your coverage through Marsh, but the ARRL will no longer be able to help you resolve any issues you may have with Marsh, the insurance company or their claims paying agent. Our contractual agreement with them has been terminated.

To have your equipment covered with Hays, you need to enroll with Hays to continue coverage under an ARRL-sponsored plan. If you wish to switch to either of the new insurance policies now, you can either cancel your policy with Marsh and sign up with Hays, or wait until your policy with Marsh is due for renewal and then sign up with Hays for coverage. If you choose to cancel with Marsh before renewal, you will receive a pro-rated refund of any unused premium you have paid.

The ARRL has been providing opportunities for equipment insurance to its members for more than 25 years. By choosing to let Hays Affinity Group cover your equipment, you are helping to support the ARRL; a portion of each premium comes back to the League to help fund programs that enable you to enjoy your on-air privileges.