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Global Learn Day on the Air Aims to Shrink World One Contact at a Time


Global Learn Day on the Air (GLDOTA) is an extension of Global Learn Day, which celebrates learning and encourages everyone to recognize the importance of education. GLDOTA will start at 0001 UTC on October 5 and continue through 2359 UTC on October 8.

Individual radio amateurs and clubs are encouraged to exchange contacts with each other and to include children in this learning activity. “Each contact during GLDOTA is a celebration, reducing the distance between us as we shrink the planet one contact at a time,” the event announcement said. Suggested frequencies are 3.803, 7.187, 14.287, and 21.387 MHz. Contacts via satellite and with the International Space Station are also valid.

Submit CSV or TSV logs in the format <My Call Sign> <Contact Serial Number> <Date> <Time> <Band> <Mode> <Other Station’s Call Sign>. — Thanks to Terry Redding, W6LMJ