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Hamvention® to Use AM Information Radio Station to Communicate with Inbound Traffic


To avoid a repeat of the first-day traffic tangles of its 2017 debut in Xenia, Ohio, Hamvention® 2018 will utilize a low-power Information Radio Station on 1620 kHz AM to get out the word on traffic, parking, and event details to visitors as they approach the city. The town is bracing to host an influx of some 25,000 Amateur Radio operators, exhibitors, and the curious, nearly doubling Xenia’s population while the event is under way, May 19 – 21. Hamvention sponsor, the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA) is hoping things will go more smoothly this year.

Due to the web of two-lane roads that serves the venue — the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center — Hamvention established shuttle-bus operation to alleviate traffic congestion. The hope is that the information station will persuade visitors to park at the shuttle lots, and take a shuttle to the venue.

According to the Michigan firm providing the Information Radio Station, its signal “will blanket Xenia and 3 – 5 miles into surrounding Greene County (see coverage map, attached), directing approaching motorists to the five special parking facilities.” The founder of Information Station Specialists, Bill Baker, hails from Xenia. His company also is broadcasting and exhibiting at Hamvention (Building 6, Booth 6503) to introduce visitors to Information Station technology, which is used nationwide.

Hamvention 2017 reported the second-largest attendance in its 67-year history.