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Hundreds Report Hearing SAQ Alexanderson Alternator on Christmas Eve


Alexanderson Alternator transmissions on Christmas Eve 2018 from Sweden's SAQ drew more than 340 listener reports from 28 countries, including seven reports from the US.

“Many visitors had come to the transmission hall to enjoy coffee, cake, and Swedish ginger snaps as they were watching the activities with starting and running the old radio transmitter SAQ,” the report from Sweden said this week. “The ‘old lady’ was in a very good mood, and we had a flawless startup and transmission. The conditions were very good with the dry and cold weather, and the signal was strong.”

The nearly century-old electromechanical Alexanderson Alternator at SAQ transmits on CW at 17.2 kHz on special occasions. Amateur Radio station SK6SAQ was also active on Christmas Eve on 75, 40, and 20 meters, with two stations on the air from the SAQ site in Grimeton, Sweden.