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Indian Radio Amateurs Report More Mystery Signals


According to a Mumbai Mirror report, radio amateurs who have been hearing mysterious signals on 2 meters for the past 5 months have tracked them down to a source somewhere off the Maharashtra-Gujarat coast in the Arabian Sea. Ankur Puranik, VU2AXN, a spokesperson for a local Amateur Radio club, said the group had advised the Ministry of Telecommunications as well as defense and law enforcement officials to take note of the unknown signals and consider investigating them.

The newspaper account, attributed to the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS), said the club contacted authorities after using direction-finding techniques to determine that the signals were originating from somewhere around 100 nautical miles in the high seas. Puranik said those making the transmissions were speaking in a language the Mumbai hams did not understand. Radio amateurs in the Mumbai area have reported hearing the unknown signals at various times of day — although more frequently at night — and said they continue.

Earlier this year, radio amateurs along the Bengal-Bangladesh border reported hearing strange, unidentified VHF radio transmissions that one called “highly suspicious.” — Thanks to Southgate Amateur Radio News