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JK Antennas Donates 40-Meter Yagi to W1AW


JK Antennas’ Ken Garg, W3JK, has donated a second model JK402T antenna to Maxim Memorial Station W1AW. The antenna is a two-element Yagi on a 22-foot boom with capacitive loading. The JK402T replaces the old Cushcraft XM-240 40-meter Yagi that had been used for visitor operations. The donation included a new balun, donated via W3JK by Balun Designs LLC. The new antenna went up on the tower on October 30.

“W1AW extends heartfelt thanks to Ken Garg, W3JK, for a second donation to W1AW,” W1AW Station Manager Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, said. “Located at approximately 130 feet above ground, the new JK402T exhibits a nearly flat SWR across the entire 40-meter band. W1AW guest operators who may be active on 40 meters with this antenna should see improved performance over the old one, which was showing signs of aging.”