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More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio by Glen Popiel, KW5GP, Now Available


The new book More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio by popular author and experimenter Glen Popiel, KW5GP, builds on the success of his Arduino for Ham Radio. The new volume includes 15 completely new practical and functional Arduino projects for your station.

This time, Popiel branches out to use some of the newer Arduino variants and devices. Each project is complete and functional as-is, but the author leaves room for your personal touches and enhancements. That’s part of the fun of the Arduino and Open Source communities — building on the work of others, and then sharing your designs and innovations for others to learn, modify, and improve.

“When it comes to the Arduino, you’re only limited by your imagination,” Popiel said. More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio starts by building a solid foundation through descriptions of the many new Arduino boards and add-on components, followed by a collection of practical ham radio-related projects that showcase a wide variety of applications. There is something here for everyone.

More Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio is available from the ARRL Store or your ARRL Dealer. (ARRL Item No. 0703), ISBN: 978-62595-0703, $39.95 retail, special ARRL Member Price $34.95). Call (860) 594-0355 or, toll-free in the US, (888) 277-5289.