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North American Collegiate Championship Set for January 20-21 in Conjunction with NAQP SSB


The Society of Midwest Contesters (SMC) invites college and university club stations to compete in the North American Collegiate Championship (NACC), which will take place from 1800 on Saturday, January 20, until 0600 UTC on Sunday, January 21, in conjunction with the North American QSO Party SSB (NAQP), sponsored byNCJ (National Contest Journal). This is a chance for collegiate club stations to compete with stations at other North American colleges and universities. Your school could win a national championship! The format is generally the same as that of the NAQP, but there are some differences.

“We will use a Live Online Scoreboard for the college competition,” the announcement states. “You will be able to watch all or some of the other colleges as you choose. You are encouraged to contact other colleges to challenge them…maybe your own school conference or other state schools. It is required that you use the Online Scoreboard for this contest. You must register your college and call sign.”

Registered schools will receive set-up instructions, which involve inserting and activating a link into your contest logging software. College stations will use their college club station’s call sign, and the station must be located on the college’s physical campus. There is a 100-W power limit. All operators must be enrolled students and members of the college club.

As in the NAQP, the exchange consists of name and state. “Your exchange name can be anything associated with the school — mascot, nickname, founder, Bob, etc., but it must be the same name throughout the contest.” The College Contest Class will be multioperator, single radio, but stations may use assistance similar to the M2 class.

Participating stations should submit their logs via the NCJ NAQP Log Submission page. College station scores will be published in NCJ in a separate class, and scores will be based on adjudicated logs and not the online finish. Awards will be given out for National Champion, Runner-up, and State Champions.

Contact Craig Thompson, K9CT, for more information.