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The May/June Issue of QEX is Hot Off the Press!


The May/June issue of QEX, ARRL’s bimonthly magazine for experimenters, is off the press and in the mail!

In this issue . . .

Michael Knitter, DG5MK, describes a complex-impedance analyzer that uses a heterodyning technique and high resolution ADCs to get good accuracy at low cost.

Robert H. Sternowski, WBØLBI, uncovers old measurements, which show that vertically and horizontally polarized noise can differ by tens of decibels in the lower HF bands.

Paulo Renato F. Ferreira, PY3PR, updates the Octopus V/I curve tracer by providing selectable scanning voltages for testing.

Maynard A. Wright, W6PAP, provides Octave software for computing the performance of transmission lines having a complex characteristic impedance.

Riccardo Gionetti, IØFDH, describes an automatic tracking filter for a DDS generator.

Euclides Lourenço Chuma, PY2EAJ, describes a modern RF power meter with accuracy that rivals the best commercial RF power meters.

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