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Veteran DARC Monitoring System Coordinator Ulrich “Uli” Bihlmayer, DJ9KR, SK


Ulrich “Uli” Bihlmayer, DJ9KR, who was active in the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club’s (DARC) Band Watch program for more than 40 years, died on December 16 after a long illness.

Bihlmayer, who was 77, headed the DARC Band Watch from 1986 until 2012, and he served as Deputy Coordinator of the International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (IARU-R1) Monitoring System (Intruder Watch) (IARUMS) for 7 years.

The DARC recognized his contributions to promoting international goodwill through ham radio by conferring its Gold Badge of Honor. He received the IARU Region 1 medal in 2011, before he stepped down from the IARU Monitoring Service the following year.

Licensed in 1964, Bihlmayer was a top-tier DXer. -- Thanks to DARC, IARU Region 1