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VP6R will be Call Sign for October DXpedition to Pitcairn Island


The multinational team heading to Pitcairn Island in October has been issued the call sign VP6R. Anticipated dates are October 18 – November 1. Organizers have promised an “exceptional and memorable” event.

“We are near the bottom of our solar cycle. This makes good, efficient low-band operation a must for every DXpedition,” team member Nodir Tursun-Zade, EY8MM, said. “The Pitcairn Island DXpedition team takes this very seriously, and we bring one of the most experienced teams to the island to meet this challenge.”

The team says it will have good antennas and high power, an excellent island location, and dedicated operators running all modes 24/7. Eleven of the operators are alumni of the unfortunate 3Y0Z DXpedition last year. In addition to EY8MM, the team roster of JR0OZR, K0IR, K0PC, K9CT, K9NW, N4GRN, N6HC, N9TK, W0GJ, W0VTT, W6IZT, W8HC, and WB9Z will have eight stations on 160 – 10 meters, with three-element monoband Yagis for 20 – 10, J-wave verticals for 80 – 30, and a 90-foot-tall vertical for 160.

The team had hoped to operate on 60 meters, but its “detailed application” to authorities to obtain operating privileges was denied. Donations are welcome.