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Welcome Mat Out for New Amateur Radio Licensees in Lebanon


The Ministry of Communications in Beirut, Lebanon, conducted the first Amateur Radio licensing exams in 13 years on October 16 at the offices of OGERO, a telecoms provider. Some 50 applicants sat for the exams; it's not yet known how many passed. Ghassan Afif Chammas, AC2RA, who posted the news to, credited OGERO Director General Abdul M. Youssef; engineer Toni Aoun; Hani Raad, OD5TE/AA3EI; Michel Homsi, OD5TX, and Elie el Kadi, OD5KU, for facilitating the test session.

"The ham community should expect a boost in ham activities from OD5 very soon," AC2RA said.

OD5TE once was very active in the Washington, DC area as N3IWM, and he served as the District's Emergency Coordinator. -- Thanks to Ken Claerbout, K4ZW