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2017 ARRL International DX Contest (CW)

Displaying entries for DXCC Entity=LY

Entries 1 to 24 of 24 listed

#CallScoreQSOsMultClassPower1-BandSectionUS Call AreaDXCC EntityContinentClub
1LY4A1,014,0001,667208M2X   4LYEU 
2LY2IJ805,8121,279212SAHC  2LYEU 
3LY5W645,3721,101197SAHC  5LYEU 
4LY2XW165,678523106SAHC  2LYEU 
5LY2J115,800393100SAHC  2LYEU 
6LY3DA88,12854854S 20 3LYEU 
7LY2MM57,34824281SC  2LYEU 
8LY2N45,54022069SB  2LYEU 
9LY5T18,2289862SALB  5LYEU 
10LY9Y15,60010450SC  9LYEU 
11LY5Q15,15010150SA  5LYEU 
12LY3CY13,86011142SAHC  3LYEU 
13LY2SA11,23210436S 20 2LYEU 
14LY1M7,2457035SB  1LYEU 
15LY4K4,9146326SALB  4LYEU 
16LY7Z3,6545821SALB  7LYEU 
17LY3BB3,3815123S 80 3LYEU 
18LY4BF (LY2BBF, op)2,5834221S 20 4LYEU 
19LY2BMX2,2444617S 80 2LYEU 
20LY3X1,0922614SAHC  3LYEU 
21LY2EN1,0502514SAHC  2LYEU 
22LY2BNL4201410SB  2LYEU 
23LY2OU252127S 160 2LYEU 
24LY4T4844S 160 4LYEU 

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