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  C - High

2004 ARRL International DX Contest (CW)

Displaying entries for Class=M2X and Division=Non-W/VE

Entries 1 to 18 of 18 listed

#CallScoreClassOps160 QSO160 Mult80 QSO80 Mult40 QSO40 Mult20 QSO20 Mult15 QSO15 Mult10 QSO10 Mult
1PJ2T8,091,693M2X(N1ZZ, W8TK, W8AV, W0CG, W0NB, ops)5965696559160458149359172659138956
2FS5UQ8,084,736M2X(K3LP, N3KS, K4EU, N8II, W3ARS, N7DD, ops)5725689758143757148759184659150559
3J7OJ7,924,350M2X(K5KG, K3TEJ, W4IX, ops)47555100459138759151659163059153559
4PJ4R7,612,425M2X(KU8E, W9RE, N5OT, ops)4255384458170558129359155659153258
5DL1MGB3,333,876M2X(+DL4RDJ, DL6RAI)1313135538117459873599265645441
6HG6N2,726,346M2X(HA3OV, HA6ND, HA6ON, HA6PN, HA6NY, YO5BRZ, ops)118293864263650769578495651144
7OM0M2,624,760M2X(OM3BH, OM7ZZ, OM8AW, OM0WR, ops)133334044489854710598035122235
8DA0BCC2,549,337M2X(DF9LJ, DK2OY, DL9EE, ops)59215044574053900579335714526
9RU1A2,251,890M2X(RU1AA, RV1AW, UA1ARX, RA1AIP, ops)6126405447645796057602517327
10ES5Q2,047,407M2X(ES5TV, ES5RY, ES5MC, ES5QX, ES5JR, ops)54193474169956817566634813931
11RW2F1,975,248M2X(UA2FB, UA2FF, ops)103292333779855275488945224937
12RM6A1,753,956M2X(RN6BN, RN6AA, RA4LW, UA4LCH, RA6CM, RU6CQ, RA6CO, ops)91242293784155498544924419735
13OZ5W1,730,799M2X(OZ1FTU, OZ1KRF, OZ3W, ops)11928219375605077354548519829
14LY4A1,484,604M2X(LY2FY, LY2CO, LY3CI, LY4CW, ops)4123204433914964959573469833
15JA1ZLO424,872M2X(+JM7WXN, 7N3PZJ, JG1VGX, JI0VWL)00108331733495323484911920
16OH6NIO378,144M2X(+OH6CS, OH6LHB)0018101613925946356501411
18JA1YPA39,420M2X(+JA1PEJ, JH1FDP)0000762551224021135

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