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  M2X - Multi Two
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  C - High

2005 ARRL International DX Contest (CW)

Displaying entries for Class=M2X and Division=Non-W/VE

Entries 1 to 14 of 14 listed

#CallScoreClassOps160 QSO160 Mult80 QSO80 Mult40 QSO40 Mult20 QSO20 Mult15 QSO15 Mult10 QSO10 Mult
1PJ4R8,070,447M2X(W9RE, N5OT, N4GG, KU8E, ops)3515178856167159177859170159155459
2V47Z6,880,923M2X(K3TEJ, W2OX, ops)448537125574958164559177659135759
3CU2M6,672,960M2X(DL3OI, DL4LQM, DL5AXX, DL5LYM, DL8WAA, ops)490507775716125814255914005891654
4PS2T5,489,100M2X(PY2OMS, PY2NDX, OY2YU, N5ZO, OH2BH, OH2PM, ops)83372594989758150359156559139359
5VP5Y4,028,040M2X(AA2WN, W2YC, ops)3345140551650589435810435864558
6HG6N2,489,559M2X(HA3OV, HA6ND, HA6NQ, HA6NY, HA6ON, ops)131304854658252905561100582615
7RU1A2,399,310M2X(RU1AA, RW1AC, RV1AW, UA1ARX, UA1AKC, ops)143284454873058105557605554019
8YT6A2,373,750M2X(+S56A, YU7FU, YT6T)92293564178755821561063554614
9XE2AC2,085,060M2X(XE2AUB, XE2AGS, XE2AC, + ops)82321544143756517576125655453
10SQ6Z1,590,192M2X(SP5HNK, SQ9C, SQ9UM, SQ6MS, SP7NJX, ops)26172323664052825587315300
11LU3DY1,590,135M2X(LU2FLN, LU7EE, LU5FZ, LU6EF, LU6UO, LU1DZ, LW2DX, ops)00281912040616557825778956
12JA8RWU1,209,576M2X(+JH8SLS, JR8VSE, JE8KKX, JF1NHD, JO1DFG, JP1JFG)35121413451651797565074900
13JE1ZWT1,125,465M2X(JA1MML, JI1ALP, JI1FLB, ops)14914139472525545460450105

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