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  SA - Single Assisted
  MS - Multi Single
  M2X - Multi Two
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  C - High

2006 ARRL International DX Contest (CW)

Displaying entries for Class=MS and Division=Non-W/VE

Entries 1 to 25 of 46 listed

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#CallScoreClassOps160 QSO160 Mult80 QSO80 Mult40 QSO40 Mult20 QSO20 Mult15 QSO15 Mult10 QSO10 Mult
1PJ4R5,105,100MS(KU8E, K4BAI, ops)394546195611495810625912145956754
2HQ9H4,313,190MS(N0STL, N0AT, ops)403556935710405911305810525714736
3V31TP4,001,637MS(WC0W, NS0B, ops)305546345690558990581358589727
4PS2T3,458,637MS(PY2NDX, PY2YU, PY2NA, ops)8534315548005610345811995829849
5LR2F3,186,000MS(LU1FZR, LU2FA, LU4FPZ, LU4FKB, LU5FF, LW8DQ, ops)602917645775557525610365974156
6F6KHM2,628,723MS(F5MUX, F8DBF, F1AKK, F5NGA, F5TTU, ops)14532386501070571175587155400
7IR2C2,230,560MS(IK2JUB, IK2NCJ, IK2PFL, IK2QEI, ops)1523242646804541095586215000
8IR4M2,226,546MS(I4DZ, I4FYF, IK3QAR, IK4HVR, IK4MGP, IK4MGX, IK4SXJ, IK4UNH, IK4WMH, ops)1513338450633531009588405200
9EA5RS2,174,130MS(+EA5BY, EA5FID)81263764887057802588295600
10HG1S1,889,784MS(HA1TJ, HA1DAI, HA1DAC, HA1DAE, ops)113303634590255873584414600
11ZK1NOU1,647,954MS(N7OU, W7YAQ, ops)112354575157288429795612430
12OM5M1,529,052MS 30203804476256833583334000
13YZ1U1,408,950MS(YU1XA, YU1WS, YT1UR, YU1ZZ, ops)112424474354966583734500
14IO4T1,383,105MS(IK4VET, IK4XCL, IK4ZHH, ops)29182313752850813585844800
15ZM1A1,380,456MS(ZL1AIH, ZL1BHQ, ZL1GO, ops)00188456555724444844606125
16CO8LY1,246,452MS 335463924949151280472184286
18JA2ZJW948,096MS(JH2CMI, JA2XYO, JH2SON, JA1EKT, JE2PCY, ops)321253645646584574785100
19OL3Z911,346MS(OK1FPS, OK1HMP, ops)18141773648248574543234100
217S2E821,040MS(SM2DMU, SM2LIY, ops)10111313927047108758572100
22F6KAR695,688MS(F6IFY, SV3SJ, ops)33142345045373757281700
23T40C525,828MS 000063255348765700
24PR7AA467,460MS(PR7HR, PR7AB, PR7ZAJ, PR7GY, PR7BCP, PR7AF, PV8DX, ops)0000833339250557542810
25DD4B415,944MS(DF4KV, DJ2VO, DK4MT, DL3PS, DL7KCM, DL7RBI, ops)87983024242421521032800

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