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  M2X - Multi Two
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  C - High

2016 ARRL International DX Contest (CW)

Displaying entries for Class=SAH and Power=C and Continent=EU

Entries 26 to 50 of 294 listed

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#CallScoreQSOsMultClassPower1-BandSectionUS Call AreaDXCC EntityContinentClub
26S54O659,4721,259176SAHC S55S5EU 
27ON6NL648,9001,039210SAHC ON16ON1EU 
28UW1M646,9441,206184SAHC UR1UREU 
29DJ7UC633,5551,091195SAHC DL7DLEU 
30ED2C (EA2CW, op)616,0801,225170SAHC EA32EA3EU 
31DL3DXX595,0561,134176SAHC DL3DLEU 
32OE2S577,0801,175168SAHC OE2OEEU 
33IR3C (I3VJW, op)560,8921,100172SAHC I3IEU 
34DK2OY543,5431,010181SAHC DL2DLEU 
35PA3AAV517,1041,028168SAHC PA3PAEU 
36HA7GN456,3961,059146SAHC HA7HAEU 
37PA0O439,128858171SAHC PA0PAEU 
38OG6N436,590948154SAHC OH16OH1EU 
39IK3ORD418,476816172SAHC I3IEU 
40S53F418,320845166SAHC S55S5EU 
41I2IFT414,816942149SAHC I2IEU 
42F5NBX412,896753184SAHC F5FEU 
43EA5DFV408,642813169SAHC EA35EA3EU 
44UT2II400,350876157SAHC UR2UREU 
45HA8JV394,764989134SAHC HA8HAEU 
46SM6BGG389,376856156SAHC SM6SMEU 
47YO9HP378,738798159SAHC YO9YOEU 
48SP2LNW370,617733169SAHC SP2SPEU 
49RL4A367,902778162SAHC UA34UA3EU 
50HA8VV (DH8VV, op)367,080671184SAHC HA8HAEU 

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