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2009 ARRL International DX Contest (Phone)

Entries 1 to 25 of 2668 listed

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#CallScoreQSOsMultClassPower1-BandSectionUS Call AreaDXCC EntityContinentClub
16Y1V9,015,13810,164297M2XC   6YNA 
2PJ2T8,113,7708,585318MMC   PJ2SA 
3W3LPL7,152,3274,835497MMC MDC3  Potomac Valley Radio Club
4K3LR6,718,4644,634486MMC WPA3  North Coast Contesters
5WE3C6,019,9924,167484M2XC EPA3  Frankford Radio Club
6P49Y5,771,0946,186313SC   P4SANorthern California Contest Club
7PJ4G (K2NG, op)5,663,1966,172308SAC   PJ2SAFrankford Radio Club
8P40A (KK9A, op)5,558,2356,052307SB   P4SA 
9V26F5,351,6165,889304MSC   V2NAYankee Clipper Contest Club
10VP5H5,027,7785,991282MSC   VP5NAMinnesota Wireless Assn
114B2S4,855,6805,851281MSC   XENA 
12KH7X (KH6ND, op)4,672,7645,348293SC   KH6OC 
13HI3K4,634,1005,476285MSC   HI8NA 
14VY2ZM (K1ZM, op)4,591,8753,908395SC MAR   Maritime Contest Club
15N3RS4,507,4613,461441M2XC EPA3  Frankford Radio Club
16KL7RA4,473,5885,645266MMC   KL7NA 
17KP2M (N2TK, op)4,390,1735,310277SC   KP2NAFrankford Radio Club
18W1FJ4,387,5003,286450MMC EMA1  Yankee Clipper Contest Club
19FS5KA (W1SJ, op)4,327,5995,393271SC   FSNAYankee Clipper Contest Club
20K1RX3,991,0443,251412MMC NH1  Yankee Clipper Contest Club
21K1LZ3,943,1643,102428MSC EMA1  Yankee Clipper Contest Club
22K1TTT3,831,6242,937438MMC WMA1  Yankee Clipper Contest Club
23TM6M3,828,2855,321241M2XC   FEU 
24CS2C3,777,9965,003254MMC   CT1EU 
25TI5N (W5AJ, op)3,691,8813,978311SB   TINA 

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 60 · 70 · 80 · 90 · 100 · 107

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