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  3B - Single Op, 3-Band
  A - Single Op Low
  B - Single Op High
  FM - Single Op, FM Only
  Q - Single Op Portable
  L - Limited Multiop
  M - Multi Multi
  R - Rover
  RL - Limited Rover
  RU - Unlimited Rover

2009 ARRL September VHF Contest

Entries 51 to 75 of 595 listed

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52K3EOD63,714336123MSNJ Mt Airy VHF Radio Club(+ WA3WUL)
53K6TI/R59,76835662RORG3Southern California Contest Club 
54W2SJ56,068258107BSNJ Mt Airy VHF Radio Club 
55W4RX54,463299107BVA Potomac Valley Radio Club 
56W6TE54,05442663MSJV  (+ K6MI & N6JMK)
57K4LY53,582250146ASC Carolina DX Association 
58KO4MA/R53,39239194RLWCF20 (+ AJ4LU)
59NN3Q/R52,97236976REPA6Mt Airy VHF Radio Club(+ K3WGR)
61W3KWH50,440251130MWPA Steel City ARC(KB3TEI, W3WTW, K3LAB, KR8Q, W3SVJ, WA3VXJ, WA3TTS, WB3HDI, ops)
63WA2IID/R47,09027285RENY5North East Weak Signal Group(+ KB2SSS)
67K6VCR44,64032760ASDG Southern California Contest Club 
68W0UC43,758247117AWI Northern Lights Radio Society 
70W1QK40,79444878LCT North East Weak Signal Group(+ KA1SYG, KB1RXA, N1ABY, W0BR, W1QH, ops)
71K3CB39,536184112BMDC Potomac Valley Radio Club 
72K2YAZ38,688162124BMI Badger Contesters 
73W1AUV/R38,61731973RWMA4North East Weak Signal Group 
74WO9S38,59229796LIL Society of Midwest Contesters 
75AE5P/R37,26019092RNTX10Nacogdoches ARC(+ KE5PQI)

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