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  H - Single Op Unlimited High

2009 ARRL 160 Meter Contest

Entries 26 to 50 of 1366 listed

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27NY3A415,8631,483123CEPAPotomac Valley Radio Club 
28K6ND411,4321,362124DWMAYankee Clipper Contest Club(+ K6NDV & N8BO)
29N2CU407,9241,362127CWNYWestern New York DX Assn 
30N2KW402,4631,267127CWMAYankee Clipper Contest Club 
31W8MJ397,8801,627116DMIMad River Radio Club(+ packet)
32K4TD394,5241,560117DALAlabama Contest Group(+ KY4F)
33W3BGN391,5001,292125CEPAFrankford Radio Club 
34N3UA387,0001,251125DVACentral Virginia Contest Club 
35K8QKY376,7361,404122DMIMad River Radio Club 
37W5TM367,6141,405117COKOklahoma DX Assn 
38K7RAT (N6TR, op)351,2161,480108COR  
39K9CT347,8721,429112CILSociety of Midwest Contesters 
40NX5M345,6951,365119DSTXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club(+ N5XJ & KU5B)
41K0RF (W0UA, op)345,6901,405115CCO  
43N4PN335,1241,345116DGASouth East Contest Club 
44K3ZO332,7481,330117CMDCPotomac Valley Radio Club 
45K1DG323,456940128CMEYankee Clipper Contest Club 
47W1MK316,1341,096117CEMAYankee Clipper Contest Club 
48VA3DX311,5621,237114DONContest Club Ontario 
49N5IA307,7181,303106CNMArizona Outlaws Contest Club 
50VE3RZ304,9801,213115DONContest Club Ontario 

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