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  3B - Single Op, 3-Band
  A - Single Op Low
  B - Single Op High
  FM - Single Op, FM Only
  Q - Single Op Portable
  L - Limited Multiop
  M - Multi Multi
  R - Rover
  RL - Limited Rover
  RU - Unlimited Rover

2010 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes

Entries 1 to 25 of 820 listed

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1N3NGE717,6761,577236MEPA Mt Airy VHF Radio Club(+ K9PW, K3EGE, K1WHS, W2PED, N2NRD, KB2AYU, N3EXA, N4HY, KB3MAW)
2N6NB/R591,300994135RORG8Southern California Contest Club(+ N6HC)
3N6TEB/R557,925980129RORG8Southern California Contest Club(+ K6WCI)
4W6XD/R556,660935130RORG8Southern California Contest Club 
5W6TAI/R553,926951129RORG8Southern California Contest Club 
6K9JK/R539,160957120RORG9Southern California Contest Club(+ N6MU)
7AF6O/R532,854910126RORG8Southern California Contest Club 
8KK6KK/R477,829861121RORG8Southern California Contest Club 
9N6VI/R472,125812125RORG8Southern California Contest Club 
10KJ6CNO/R467,728806124RORG8Southern California Contest Club 
11K1TEO415,4921,025209BCT North East Weak Signal Group 
12K1RZ222,772708166BMDC Potomac Valley Radio Club 
13W6TE/R212,81255083RUSJV6 (+ N6EY & WA6WTF)
14K3TUF194,183679139BEPA Mt Airy VHF Radio Club 
15W3SO174,564892156LWPA Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ W3BC, W3BTX, W3IDT, AI3M, WR3Z, K4VV)
16K0VXM171,000359125BSFL Florida Weak Signal Society 
17WB2WIK/R164,61943791RSJV6Southern California Contest Club 
18K5QE156,060468204MSTX Nacogdoches ARC(+ K5YG, K5MQ, K5AIH, N5NU, KN5O, N5YA, AF8Z)
19W6YLZ/R152,77243187RSJV8Southern California Contest Club 
20K1DS/R152,33459891REPA5Mt Airy VHF Radio Club 
21WB2RVX149,578578143BSNJ Mt Airy VHF Radio Club 
22W3SZ144,979506113AEPA Mt Airy VHF Radio Club 
23WJ9B141,120322126BNFL Florida Weak Signal Society 
24K2DRH139,671471189AIL Society of Midwest Contesters 
25WA3NUF138,810613105AEPA Mt Airy VHF Radio Club 

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