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  3B - Single Op, 3-Band
  A - Single Op Low
  B - Single Op High
  FM - Single Op, FM Only
  Q - Single Op Portable
  L - Limited Multiop
  M - Multi Multi
  R - Rover
  RL - Limited Rover
  RU - Unlimited Rover

2010 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes

Entries 126 to 150 of 820 listed

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126W9SNR15,25417458BIL Badger Contesters 
127WA2IID/R15,15512635RNFL6Florida Weak Signal Society 
129K3JJZ14,80024140AEPA Mt Airy VHF Radio Club 
130WA3RLT14,04021739BEPA Mt Airy VHF Radio Club 
131WY3P13,92016458MVA Potomac Valley Radio Club(N3VOP & N3MK, ops)
132WK5F/R13,90813357RNTX9Nacogdoches ARC 
133W1FKF13,86015045AEMA North East Weak Signal Group 
135W8MIL13,11013369BMI Michigan VHF-UHF Society 
136K2QO12,76819057LWNY Rochester VHF Group(+ W2TAU)
137W8RU12,64814462MMI Mad River Radio Club(+ WA9WIX & KC8VGG)
139WB8BZK/R12,41026034RLIL4Badger Contesters 
141K2PLF12,28523845AMDC Potomac Valley Radio Club 
142N1GJ11,92017940BEMA North East Weak Signal Group 
143W9GA11,59216856BWI Badger Contesters 
144KB3BBR11,21119337BEPA Mt Airy VHF Radio Club 
145N1SV11,08823736AEMA Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
146WB1CMG11,07220632MNH  (+ KB1OIS, KB1OTB, KA1WJD)
147W6YX10,85716947MSCV  (AA6XV, AF6RR, AJ4EC, KG6NUB, K6PR, ops)
148N0AKC10,78811158BWI Chippewa Valley VHF Contesters 
150WA3SRU10,62620733AEPA Mt Airy VHF Radio Club 

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