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  3B - Single Op, 3-Band
  A - Single Op Low
  B - Single Op High
  FM - Single Op, FM Only
  Q - Single Op Portable
  L - Limited Multiop
  M - Multi Multi
  R - Rover
  RL - Limited Rover
  RU - Unlimited Rover

2010 ARRL June VHF Contest

Entries 101 to 125 of 1200 listed

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101K5LLL112,968431216BSTXRoadrunners Microwave Group 
102K1IIG112,000525175BCTNorth East Weak Signal Group 
103N8RA111,517599179ACTYankee Clipper Contest Club 
104W0LSD109,998582189LCO (WD0BGZ & N0KIS, ops)
105N9UHF109,648535178MILStoned Monkey VHF ARC(K9TMS, K9BTW, N9REP, K9HA, KC9PPU, KC9NJZ, AA9IL, KC9LFP, KC9MKL, N9VN, N9YH, KC9MMM, KC9PJN, W1MRK, W9LGP, ops)
106W0GHZ108,240354176BMNNorthern Lights Radio Society 
107N4NX108,216501216AGASouth East Contest Club 
111W9RVG102,485493199LILSociety of Midwest Contesters(+ WD9EXD)
112VQ5M99,957699143MVP5 (KD2JA & WB2REM, ops)
113VE3SMA/R98,250296150RONContest Club Ontario 
114W1PM98,032433176AEMANorth East Weak Signal Group 
117K4ZGB96,068511188AALAlabama Contest Group 
119K6LRG93,684491148MEBNorthern California Contest Club(K6EWN, KG6C, N6SPP, N6WM, W6TCP, ops)
121W4YCC92,568440203MSC (KB4GFJ, N4UFP, W7LEE, WA2EMF, ops)
123N0AKC90,280414185BWIChippewa Valley VHF Contesters 
125W5HN/R88,500451177RLNTXNorth Texas Microwave Society(W5LUA & WA8RJF, ops)

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