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  A - Single Op QRP
  B - Single Op Low
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  D - Multioperator High Power
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  F - Single Op Unlimited QRP
  G - Singe Op Unlimited Low
  H - Single Op Unlimited High

2010 ARRL 160 Meter Contest

Entries 51 to 75 of 1305 listed

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51VE3MMQ278,4151,070115CONContest Club Ontario 
52N5WR276,6601,103116CTNTennessee Contest Group 
53WJ9B276,3201,172110CNFLFlorida Contest Group 
54N4PN272,7161,108116CGASouth East Contest Club 
55N2BA266,5321,046114DNNJFrankford Radio Club 
56N0TT264,2641,221104CMOKansas City DX Club 
57AA3B259,010937118DEPAFrankford Radio Club 
58N6ML258,5701,141102DEBNorthern California Contest Club(+ packet, @N6RO)
59W7RN (KY7M, op)256,4051,24695CNVNorthern California Contest Club 
60K7RL252,396991114CWWAWestern Washington DX Club 
62N2CU250,320863120CWNYWestern New York DX Assn 
64N4UA244,2811,056107CVAPotomac Valley Radio Club 
65K4RO243,1001,161100CTNTennessee Contest Group 
66W1QK240,9001,000110CCTYankee Clipper Contest Club 
68K0KX239,890960115DMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
69W4VIC239,772910116DWMA ( + packet)
70N1UR238,543962113BVTYankee Clipper Contest Club 
71NK7U237,6991,16899DORWillamette Valley DX Club(+ W7CT)
72N4WW235,724855124DNFLFlorida Contest Group 
73W4PK228,816933112CVAPotomac Valley Radio Club 
74K4AB228,1741,086102CALAlabama Contest Group 

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 53

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