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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 1 to 25 of 1404 listed

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1N2IC235,5201,47280BNM6824 96432322352270  
2N9RV232,0001,45080BMT6724 106471317211345Northern Rockies DX Association 
3VY2ZM (K1ZM, op)229,7601,43680BMAR5524 31649504104148  
4N0NI (AG9A, op)227,0401,41980BIA7724236439341816973  
5W6YI225,6001,41080MSDG5624 145354308396207Southern California Contest Club(+ K6AM, N6AN, N6MJ, N6KI)
6KH7X (KH6ND, op)219,3601,37180BPAC6624 47218243233630  
7N5RZ218,7201,36780BWTX6924 16531429952465  
8N2NT (N2NC, op)216,0001,35080BNNJ7224 18357118038729Frankford Radio Club 
9WD0T215,3601,34680BSD7724 23828446631840  
10W6YX213,6001,33580SSCV2424 155229388364199Northern California Contest Club(KB0VVT, NF1R, KZ2V, N7MH, ops)
11K6LA212,0001,32580BLAX6524 81327281403233Southern California Contest Club 
12W7RN (N6TV, op)210,7201,31780BNV5924 119316212385285Northern California Contest Club 
13N6RO210,5601,31680UEB5324 112306249243406Northern California Contest Club 
14K6LL210,0801,31380UAZ5924 9234128651579Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
15WX0B (K5GA, op)209,6001,31080BNTX6024 131580264335 North Texas Contest Club 
16K3MM209,1201,30780UMDC7324 23244238619849Potomac Valley Radio Club 
17W9RE209,1201,30780BIN6224 3225623594915Society of Midwest Contesters 
18W2FU208,8001,30580MWNY4424 37737821229642Rochester (NY) DX Assn(+ N2ZN & K2TJ)
19VE7CC206,8801,29380BBC6224 81294318426174BC DX Club 
20KP2M205,9201,28780MVI6524 220649192496 (N3XF, W1EQ, K1ZE, ops)
21K6XX205,6001,28580BSCV7424 95367208387228Northern California Contest Club 
22W4MR (AA4NC, op)204,1601,27680UNC7624 24858226614139Potomac Valley Radio Club 
23N3BB203,8401,27680BSTX5824 8633451525485Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
24AA3B203,6801,27380BEPA7024 19155221327641Frankford Radio Club 
25K5WA201,1201,25780BSTX6524 10749638322150Central Texas DX and Contest Club 

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 57

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