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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 176 to 200 of 1404 listed

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176K9KM132,40484079AIL5924 3362171525677Society of Midwest Contesters 
177KV8Q132,16082680AOH6124 295272183706Delara Contest Team 
178K0MPH131,93083579ULMN5723 16932420810133Minnesota Wireless Assn 
179K4XD131,84082580ULNC0624 2372732058128Potomac Valley Radio Club 
180W2BC131,68082380BWNY5415 20130117810340Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
181N3JT131,36082180UVA6018117527218112567Potomac Valley Radio Club 
182K2PLF131,14083079UMDC5519 19128314896112Potomac Valley Radio Club 
183N1WR130,72081780UMDC6122 843432809515Potomac Valley Radio Club 
184N0SXX130,56081680ULSD6822 10814725325553  
185W0UO130,35082579ANTX5723 96262176179112North Texas Contest Club 
186K0EJ130,24081480BTN6816 34512418311547Tennessee Contest Group 
187N4DW129,92081280ULTN5822 18932613212144Bristol (TN) ARC 
188N3AM129,76081180UMDC6214 773922269125Potomac Valley Radio Club 
189W5JJ (K5DB, op)129,76081180UAR6916 88221478213  
190WA7LT129,76081180BEWA4824 4724824422250Spokane DX Association 
191K4PJ (K4LTA, op)129,28080880ATN2724 109382216101 Tennessee Contest Group 
192K7XC128,64080480BNV7915 7674271206177Northern California Contest Club 
193N6KI128,32080280MLSDG6323 108156119309110Southern California Contest Club(+ WB6NBU, W6RW, N6CY)
194N7IV127,29681678AND6315 7216137418029  
195K9JM127,20079580BSV6516 3821534017428Northern California Contest Club 
196AA6YX126,88079480BSF7222 2548319269132Northern California Contest Club 
197K5TA126,24078980ANM6619 7514017230597New Mexico Big River Contesters 
198N4EEB/KP4126,24078980APR7820  21916279329  
199K3TEJ125,73680678BEPA6220 23919420414722Frankford Radio Club 
200VE5SF125,60078580ASK9015 2118536014079Saskatchewan Contest Club 

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