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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 201 to 225 of 1404 listed

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201W6OAT125,28078380USCV5816 2911037421249Northern California Contest Club 
202W5UE125,26880378AMS7216 6131915419079599 DX Association 
203WY3A124,95680178AEPA6621 24726614312718  
204N1TO124,82079079USFL6220 24238422106 Florida Contest Group 
205W6SX124,48077880USJV5615 10617621120877Northern California Contest Club 
206W0UCE124,34678779UNC5221 14728121311234Potomac Valley Radio Club 
207K4RO124,03078579QTN7624 1672202468963Tennessee Contest Group 
208N4GI124,00077580AWCF9520 3933915319945Florida Contest Group 
209N4UA123,71478479AVA6221 2043971075025Potomac Valley Radio Club 
210W8CAR123,36077180AOH6020 241341735759North Coast Contesters 
211K7HP123,24079078AAZ5123 35145228169213Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
212K4GMH123,04076980UVA5319 684571703143Potomac Valley Radio Club 
213KJ9C122,72076780AIN6219 17921720812835Society of Midwest Contesters 
214N4FX121,76076180MVA6224 2301922227938Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ KC9PQO)
215W2TX121,68078078ASFL6721 5625921820542Florida Contest Group 
216K9UIY120,96075680AIL5924 267305246892Society of Midwest Contesters 
217N6NZ120,71276479USJV7222 5026029911738Northern California Contest Club 
218K8MP120,00075080BOH6215 244299783297Delara Contest Team 
219W6RGG119,65276778UEB5216 4398267214145Northern California Contest Club 
220W0MHS119,52074780QMO9823 7324227311742  
221K2PO119,49676678AOR7115 100100191230145Willamette Valley DX Club 
222W0PI119,36074680ULMN5822 312962015582Minnesota Wireless Assn 
223WE6Z119,29075579USV9422 43133157185237Northern California Contest Club 
224N2GA118,88074380ANLI9117 3519628316861Order of Boiled Owls of New York 
225N3UM117,46875378BMDC5220 209309193348Potomac Valley Radio Club 

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