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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 51 to 75 of 1404 listed

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51K0BJ182,8801,14380MKS6724 12740241795102 (+ K0WA, AB0S, W0NO)
52N4BP182,7201,14280USFL5523 17477200339109Florida Contest Group 
53WC6H182,5601,14180BSJV7124 103279246273240Northern California Contest Club 
54K9YC181,7601,13680USCV5524 90383281217165Northern California Contest Club 
55NP4DX181,7601,13680MLPR7724  141447361187 (N0AX & KX9X, ops)
56KE3X180,6401,12980UVA7425 2445342478519Potomac Valley Radio Club 
57W1UJ180,3201,12880BWMA8824 887072126951Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
58K8IA179,3601,12180BAZ5724 45375220333148Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
59W6PH179,2001,12080BORG5524 131281378176154Southern California Contest Club 
60K0HC179,0401,11980SKS9724 24729836213478 W0BH
61N9CK178,0661,12779AWI6724 22242831811247Society of Midwest Contesters 
62K9CT177,4401,10980BIL6724 2504907089210Society of Midwest Contesters 
63WX3B177,2801,10880UMDC7624 315426268981Potomac Valley Radio Club 
64W1VE176,6401,10480BVT7524 13065611542161Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
65K1LZ (N8BO, op)176,4801,10380BEMA6924 263230262182166  
66W0SD (W0DB, op)176,3281,11679BSD6220 24521729132340  
67AD4EB176,1601,10180UTN7224 20842234811112Tennessee Contest Group 
68N8OO175,0401,09480ALA7324 103307339126219  
69AB3CX174,8801,09380UNNY6323 8258923615036Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers 
70N7VM174,5601,09180AUT7624 173224292301101Utah DX Association 
71KL7AF (KH6SH, op)174,4001,09080BAK7724 4209214300363  
72WR3Z173,7601,08680UMDC7724 18740544153 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
73K1LT173,4401,08480BOH6923 33335612187187Mad River Radio Club 
74KL7RA (AL7IF, op)173,4401,08480BAK6024 23194219146502  
75K6YT (W0YK, op)172,9601,08180BSCV6223 135131193394228Northern California Contest Club 

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 57

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