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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 251 to 275 of 1404 listed

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251WA6KHK111,52069780BORG6024 3313935813631  
252WF7T111,36069680ATN7522 1542501877827Tennessee Contest Group 
253K3KU110,60070079AMDC6024 2671152067339Potomac Valley Radio Club 
254W5RQ110,56069180USTX5115 937730118139Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
255W5ASP109,81069579USTX6016  19225322921Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
256W1EBI109,66870378BEMA5515 9127029052 Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
257W1XX109,51270278QRI5424 12230812212525CTRI Contest Group 
258N5UM109,49469579AOK7615 2328414517170Edmond ARS 
259N7IR109,33669279QAZ6324 2018189247155Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
261N3KS109,28068380UMDC7511 122295184784Potomac Valley Radio Club 
262KO7X108,80068080UWY5612 835010020022Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
263K9ZO108,54668879QIL6924 21120011956101Society of Midwest Contesters 
264KI7Y108,48067880UOR5920 12151157251107Willamette Valley DX Club 
265W7YAQ107,84067480QOR5424 50140179175130Willamette Valley DX Club 
266W3SO (W3YOZ, op)107,79669178BWPA0021 2612558392 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
267N6CY107,12467879ASDG7513   259312107  
268K3IU107,04066980URI5617 9919015013595CTRI Contest Group 
269W6NL (N5KO, op)107,03069577BSCV528 1616611835837Northern California Contest Club 
270W6KC106,88066880ULAX5914 9102187209161  
271W5KFT (K5PI, op)106,86068578BSTX7710 52267183183 Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
272VE7YU106,54868378ABC5924 2687178128264  
273WA1UJU105,86067079AMI7419 10525818610318  
274W8IVF105,38666779AWV7422 2271878813233Potomac Valley Radio Club 
275K9MMS105,12065780UIL5814 213283725633Society of Midwest Contesters 

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The results from ARRL contests are available here. Items noted with the Members Only tag are the full expanded web results available to ARRL members. Adobe Acrobat files of the various QST results articles and a set of line scores will be made available to all amateurs when the issue of QST in which they appear is mailed to members.

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