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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 76 to 100 of 1404 listed

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76K5TR (K5OT, op)172,6401,07980BSTX6523 10533847314914Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
77W2VJN172,1601,07680BOR4724 128217120292319  
78KM6I172,0001,07580USCV7524 104291161277242Northern California Contest Club 
79N6XI171,8401,07480USV6122 10825133331666Northern California Contest Club 
80K0LUZ171,5201,07280ANFL5724 3856617228610Florida Contest Group 
81W6XU170,8801,06880USF7224 45426183178236Northern California Contest Club 
82W0ZA170,4001,06580UCO7424 18112947726711Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
83NO3M169,9201,06280AWPA9524 21148620314715  
84W7WA169,7601,06180AWWA7024 54187365197258Western Washington DX Club 
85N6BV169,4401,05980BSCV5924 70209206351223Northern California Contest Club 
86NE0U169,2801,05880BMN7224 1624482811661Minnesota Wireless Assn 
87W4RM169,2801,05880MVA7624 29528330115722Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ W4NF, K5VG, K8EI)
88KE9I169,1201,05780BIN7524 298546131874Society of Midwest Contesters 
89K3WI168,8001,05580UVA6824 1505162796347Potomac Valley Radio Club 
90K0AD168,6401,05480AMN6124 20632028815684Minnesota Wireless Assn 
91KK7S168,4801,05380ULWWA7924 9620824844259Western Washington DX Club 
92VA2WA (VA2WDQ, op)167,8401,04980ULQC8624 25632722222123Contest Group du Quebec 
93N8NA167,6801,04880ADE6724 3433781428699Frankford Radio Club 
94KE7X167,3601,04680ULMT5924 11030921833871  
95K1KD167,3601,04680UMN8624 25129732515419Minnesota Wireless Assn 
96KT0R (K0OB, op)166,7201,04280UMN7724 1163754311155Minnesota Wireless Assn 
97N7XU (K4XU, op)166,2401,03980AOR6023 42231279267220Central Oregon DX Club 
98N0AT (N0KK, op)166,0801,03880AMN7724 19028434214676Minnesota Wireless Assn 
99K1BX165,7601,03680ANH7424 20335324015090Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
100K2NNY (K2DB, op)165,7601,03680ULNNY9524 43124417415730Rochester (NY) DX Assn 

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 57

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